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    Most fun I've had in hearthstone, setting up ass blade to poison, to greenskin, to blade fury is just awesome. Sick synergy in this deck.


    Weak to secret paly, but what isnt, and no leeroy does not replace the skycapn!

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    Confirmed. Gold cutpurse gives gold coins!


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    Does golden purse give golden coins?

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    Dragon wrecks against everything but secret paly and tempi mage, much the 2 decks you see the most at ranks 3 through 1. I've been stuck at r3s5 for the last 2 days w my varient, but I do love me some dragon priest. 

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    Need to carry a powermace to trigger the DR sooner.

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     Non-ramp, aggro druid?

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    I hope they change this to +2/+2 to a random totem....hey a guy can dream...

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    I think blizzard deliberately revealed a bunch of new shaman hotness before most everything else. They knew they'd be in trouble if they didn't come correct. Kudos to them, bc things are looking up w this fella alongside his soon to be usual suspects - tuskarr and golem.

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    High hopes for this one and the rest of the sham cards. Hopefully we see a real revitalization in competitive shaman class. Not just your textbook warrior, lock, mage, hunter.

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    This plus Warsong commander.

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