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    Why does your Discord account needs to be registered before November 4th? I didn’t have one, and now I’m not eligible?

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    So it took me a little over 3 years and about 6200 wins, but today I finally got my 9th golden hero! I never post anything on threads, I'm more of a lurker, but this I really wanted to share with the HScommunity.

    Unfortunately it was a bit of an anti-climax :s. As all of you know; you will get the same ''500 wins'' screen as with any other golden hero. Although I knew what to expect, it still felt really unsatisfying. For me this is a monumental milestone for which I have spent A LOT of my free time over the past three years. Blizzard should give you some more glitter and glamour for your ninth since you have basically mastered the game. To be honest, I just want to show off. I'm not the average HS player with two or three golden heroes. I have unlocked every single thing there is to unlock in the game and I want my opponent to know that. I know there are numerous threads of people complaining that there should be more achievements (which I reckon will be implemented next rotation at HS 5th year anniversary), but here is mine. 

    All in all, this is something I really wanted to achieve and I am proud that I finally did. I think I'm going to take a break till next expansion because the last 100 games felt like a never-ending grind, but I know I'll be back because I freaking love this game!

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