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    The Movements should be at least 4-5 mana, Pride and Desire are the only ones I can kinda see at 3 mana.

    If I were rebalancing it, you would only reshuffle the other two you didn't pick from the discover. All six of them is pretty crazy.

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    It'll probably be some FoL-flavoured annoy-o-trons. The card already has a lot of text and I think just saying "Mech" saves them some space.

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    posted a message on Casual Mode Etiquette.

    I like to play most of my games in casual mode, climbing ladder just doesn't interest me. I know there are lots of ways skilled players can climb with non-meta decks but whenever I play ladder I usually just end up playing the decks I'm already accustomed to. That can get boring sometimes. 

    I love casual mode so that I can just craft goofy decks and mess around. Lately I've been having fun with Zin-Azshari Warrior, and a deck that is just Roll the Bones and a bunch of deathrattles. My problem is that I find casual mode is just stuffed with Secret Mage, Rez Priest and extremely streamlined and competitive decks. Maybe it's just me but I think it's kinda bad manners to go into casual with decks that aren't...casual? 

    The most enjoyable games are when I find somebody else just trying something weird and we have a unique match. It's fun playing the odd game where the stars align and the meme works and gifts you some crazy outcome but if I'm constantly running against competitive decks then I never really get that chance, which kinda sucks.

    I'm not saying Blizzard should do anything about this, banning anything from Casual mode would be dumb. I just think that it should just be good etiquette to reserve your strongest decks for ladder and to approach Casual mode more casually.

    It's a small nitpick really, maybe I'm in the minority on this one. Would love to hear what other people think!


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    Pretty good! It's been fun to play! I've Captured Coldtooth Mine so many times I basically live there. The only card that seems to clutter up my hand a few times has been Heart of the Wild. It hasn't been too useful.

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    posted a message on Why there is so much hate on Mercenary mode or on Hearthstone in general?

    Blizzard bombarded us with information without any access to a demo or beta. The most heavily promoted thing we know for sure about Mercenaries are those pricey pre-orders. Monetisation is fine in a free game, but when that's what you put your emphasis on, gamers (that were already complaining about prices earlier this year because of battle passes) are not going to trust you.

    I want to be excited for a new mode, I want to be able to enjoy hearthstone without having to worry about skinner-box bullshit. Blizzard just mangled this announcement.

    They should have built a working demo or beta, released it, and then the pre-orders after a week or so. It certainly might've prevented people from worrying about hearthstone turning into Raid Shadow Legends...which it still might do.

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    posted a message on Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Is he a problem?

    This is not the first time Gadgetzan Auctioneer has been under this kind of scrutiny. He's caused problems in the past and will continue to do so. Whenever he has a slot in the meta it's always to increase the pace of decks that aren't fun to play against or to facilitate some obscure combo.

    I love obscure combos, but maybe it's time he should be retooled.

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    posted a message on Quest Mage is unstoppable.

    I've got no stats or anything and I'm a pretty average player, but can say I've had favourable (not massively favourable but pretty positive) matchups when playing Token Druid and Rat Hunter against Quest Mage.

    In Token Druid, if I can play a decent Composting on 2-3 minions before the mage plays their first aoe, then I'll usually have the gas to win outright. It has enough mid-game value from Oracle of Elune to keep you going, I find.

    With Rat Hunter, if I can play Stormwind Piper and Rodent Nest on curve then that will go a long way too. Just endless deathrattles and a decent Devouring Swarm usually keep enough pressure for me to win.

    Don't get me wrong though, Quest Mage is not a fun deck to play against at all. My eyes glaze over on my opponent's turn because I know whatever it is they're doing it's not something I can change. It's amazing to me that Incanter's Flow has been untouched by the devs this whole time. I've given up on playing Quest Priest, which I was really excited for.

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    So, what is Warrior’s flavor this expansion? Stormwind soldiers? Pirates? Mechs?

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    posted a message on Return of Mind Shatter?

    The new Benedictus card includes Mind Shatter as a "related card". Currently playing a second Shadowform just refreshes your Hero Power instead of giving you Mind Shatter which deals 3.

    If they're pushing Shadowform as a strategy in United in Stormwind, maybe Mind Shatter will return?


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    Soul Rend is gonna destroy this 99% of the time. Guaranteed. 

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