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    Imo the best way to nerf quest rogue is to make the quest more of a buff instead of an aura. This would limit how much power quest rogue could bring since buffs wouldn't be copied by cards like zola, sonya, or bounce effects. Namely I would make it say something along the lines of "Give all your minions on the battlefield, in your hand, and in your deck +4/+4". The deck would still have the power of playing cheap giant minions but with that change alot of what makes quest rogue unfair isn't there anymore since you can't bounce the minions anymore (at least if you want them to be big).

    On a side note even though quest rogue isn't top tier it's still a problem deck due to how polarized the deck is in its matchups. A deck shouldn't have 20/80 and 80/20 matchups because it turns hearthstone games into a coin flip because the deck either loses or wins depending on what it queue'd into and not based on more skill testing factors. In fact several decks are like this currently with the other big culprit being odd warrior who also is very polarized in it's matchup spread.

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    >Day 2 of expansion
    >Aggro is op

    Seriously it's been less then 48 hours since boomsday came out. Zoo has been figured out and punishes greedy unrefined lists which is common place since the expansion just dropped and people are trying out different decks. Like others have said control lock can preform quite well against zoo and there will surely be other decks that can deal with zoo as time goes on.

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    There is also Shield Slam which is fantastic alongside the 7 armor boom grants and at 10 mana you can go boom, new hero power, Shield Slam which should be enough so that you don't fall behind that much from getting boom online. You can also hold this card until you find Scourgelord Garrosh, play him, and then play boom so you still have Shadowmourne to remove stuff on the board the turn you play boom (and yes I think you run both hero cards very much like how quest warrior is currently running scourgelord even though you never play him after you complete the quest).

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    Quote from Draco_Cracona >>
    Quote from Fierytear >>

    The thing about this card is that it's good at any stage of the game, you can play it early to fill the mana gap, and if you draw it late it's an hand refill. Definitely bananas in arena, still pretty good in standard depending on the average quality of mechs (which seems pretty good so far)

     Has to be said, I'm unconvinced so far. In part because a lot of the pre-boomsday mechs are just so overpriced it's abysmal, and there's exactly one warrior mech so far, which is a 3/8 untargettable. Has potential, but needs good warr mechs. 

     We still have quite a few warrior cards to go so hopefully we get a really good mech that this can pull. Even if we don't get a good mech 1 mana to get 3 mechs is pretty strong value wise especially if you have Dr. Boom, Mad Genius in play since those mechs will have rush and a higher immediate impact. I think this is a nice value card for control warrior that in emergencies can be used to get mech for you to play (something like Zilliax is pretty nice to get vs aggro).

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    Quote from Xel562 >>

    Wouldn't Upgradeable Framebot be a power creep? he's definitely a better version of Am'gam Rager (which, surprisingly enough, isn't even an elemental). Or is it that because it's now in wild only it doesn't count?

     iirc team 5 stated that useless cards are alright to power creep because well... they're useless. Booty Bay Bodygaurd and Evil Heckler are examples of this philosophy and yet neither really affected any format as they were both still just weak options. So yes it is powercreep but the card is so bad does it really matter if a better version comes out?

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    Throughout witchwood and kobolds and catacombs alot of South American (mostly brazilian but others as well) card reveals were late to the point of frustration for many. You have that one group of streamers which in all honesty was probably a way to drive up their views but another example was a publisher website that didn't post the card for nearly 2 whole days after it was meant to be revealed. It's very hard to find any info on this but with how repeatedly for 2 expansion now South Americans have messed up card reveals they now have a poor reputation with card reveals in general.

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    Quote from 1xbenx1 >>

    Starting Point: Lone Champion is a good card.
    This costs 1 more, that's pretty bad.
    It doesn't have the summoning condition, that's good.
    It has magnetic synergy, that's probably pretty good.

    I'd say this is an above average card.

     Assuming we're talking about constructed I would say lone champion is a pretty bad card based on the fact it pretty much hasn't seen any play since it's release (and I know recruit hunter runs a single copy but it's a tier 2 deck and only runs a single copy anyway). On top of that it's a paladin card and paladin has a super heavily contested 4 drop slot (Truesilver, Concencrate, BoK, even Saronite kinda) and this doesn't seem like it does enough. A 2/4 statline is awful for 4 mana (even with divine shield and taunt) as it kills practically nothing at that point in the game. Of course magnetic might have some utility but that also means you're running other mechs and to me it seems as though magnetic is a mechanic that cares about tempo not defensive power which this card has the latter but not the former.

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    Have people forgotten about Divine Spirit + Inner Fire? This seems super powerful in priest and in any mech deck that relies on magnetic as it's cheap, and difficult to kill. Also pretty decent if Paladin uses Call to Arms in the mech deck they are getting.

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    I personally think Barnes should have had something like "Battlecry: Copy the text of a minion in your deck." and then probably buff him to a 4/4 or 4/5. That way he still imitates a minion in your deck but also works better with a wider variety of cards. For example Vicious Scalehide an other minions with keywords are some examples of what could work with Barnes if he had this text. As Barnes is right now he works with deathrattles, Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound and big minions (and only because priest can resurrect them).

    Something like this would hopefully make Barnes a card that can be played in more decks without destroying his uses while removing the insane highroll he has on games right now (Just look at how much he can affect winrates on some decks). As even though Big Priest doesn't rule the meta, it is never enjoyable to lose to any deck because they drew a card and highrolled with it early in the game.

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    >Complains about meta being stale
    >Proceeds to list 5 of 9 classes that supposedly have made the game stale 
    >A month ago it was 2 classes with all the others being shit
    >Then complains about rng

    Even though I'm not a fan of climbing ladder in this meta your post doesn't make since and is contradicting itself. 
    Also bye, hope when/if you come back you can make a more coherent thought to complain about the meta.

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