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    Yeah I know what you gonna say "Quit if you hate the game". Just let me say some words about it please, as a 4-year player.

    This game is gone way too far from a skilled card game. The only thing left is "card", you don't need brain or skill to play now. Expansion came out few weeks now, let's have a look of the top tier decks: Trent Druid, Control/Bomb Warrior, Discover Mage, BrokeBack Rouge (I mean Lackey), Big Priest. All these decks have some similarity: you have no way to interact with them. They just play their cards, you either clear it or you dead. Okay you clear it, and then he play another ONE card that put multiple threads on board at the same time.
    Here's some examples:
    Priest Mass Resurrection with Catrina Murete,
    Druid Forest's Aid, Crystalsong Portal
    Warrior Two Doctor sevens
    Mage Khadgar Power of Creation/ Khadgar-Giant-Calling
    Rouge infinite Lackeyssssss

    I have a solution of all these: play aggro, hit their face hard to zero before turn 6. But what if I don't like aggro decks?

    Maybe it's the life of a game, 5 years is too much for a card game? 

    Last word, "Discover" actually kills HearthStone. I wish Discover was never been released, maybe HS will still be a good card game.

     Right no skill needed...That's why a large percent of the population playing the game never achieved single digit rank- let alone legend. 


    This graphic is HORRIBLY outdated, but I'm going to safely assume ranks 25-10 still have an overwhelmingly large amount of players. Yeah more people are probably making it to rank 5 or greater nowadays. It's almost like they've been playing for years and one way or another are finally learning? I still think at LEAST 75% of the player base is not rank 5 or greater. The best part of anyone who makes a thread about the game in this manner are the following usual points:

    1. The game isn't fun anymore- subjective. You don't like it and that's fine. Leave? I know you're saying that's the response you expect, but come on...why make a post? Do you want attention? Someone to talk you down from the ledge you want to jump from? If you prefer another game go ahead. No one cares if you leave. They care when you waste space on this forum doomsaying.

    2. Old Hearthstone was better- jesus what an elitist way of thinking... Not only do you have to bad-talk a game on it's forum dedicated site, but you want to go the extra mile to make people think your opinion matters more because you've been there longer. As if when your favorite diner that you've frequented for years makes a change and you think standing up and walking is going to make them care the least bit.

    3. Here's a change- Bravo. You've used that big brain you say you need to play this game to offer a change to the carefully developed, brain tank of hundreds of employees who came together to weigh the options of mechanics in their game. Yeah I'm gonna slightly agree that RnG can definitely be a bit overwhelming pretty often. I've complained about it often. NEVER have I said remove a mechanic from the game just because it bothers me. You wanna know what takes away from fun games? The internet. Either people complain and fight, or they borrow ideas from one-another and ideas get stale fast (netdecking). It is simply a factor of life. Learn to accept that in the day of the internet you are a click away from seeing the cheat, what works, the best of something, the path to take, the order, the correct synergy. 

    Get with the times or get out. You're flooding the frontpage Forum preview with your negativity...

     Most of the HS players are just casuals that dont try to climb. Reaching legend is about farming using the right deck (to minimize the number of games needed) skill does not play a significant role on It


     Let's agree to disagree. If you really believe a game with a competitive mode doesn't require skill in the game as a primary catalyst to growth there is probably little ground we are going to cover discussing it. Knowledge is skill, counter-queue logic is skill, deck navigation is skill. Pretty new looking account... strong opinion for being relatively new to the forums to this game...

     I think you definitely have a different definition of what skill is compared to most humans on earth. You're basically saying wearing running shoes instead of sandals to run long distance is "skill".

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    If you can't win with murloc paladin and razakus priest against all the meme decks everyone is playing right now, I don't think the cost of the game is the problem.

     not everybody's life is so pathetic that the #1 thing they want to do with a new set is take advantage of the people having fun.
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    I feel your pain op. and everybody mentioning "there are still old deck types you can win with" that is not the point, i can get legend any month i wish if i want to, but hearthstone doesnt fill the competitive niche for me because imo it just isnt very competitive compared to other card games. I prepurchased the set, and what I am wanting is to be able to experiment with fun and new decks, and even with my 50+ packs, I cannot do that.

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    I first want to say I myself play "Big Priest"(I don't know why it's not called reanimator or something), been playing it since day 1. This deck is so unhealthy for a game that wants to be seen as a "esport". Is it as good as druid? Probably not. But it's games have NOTHING to do with decision making, it's all about whether they draw barnes or not.

    I  don't want to make this very long because I should be asleep actually lol, but I do find it concerning that everybody is complaining about druid, when this priest deck is complete garbage if you're wanting to play a competitive card game.

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    posted a message on Have you ever beat a Pro Hearthstone player and captured it?? If yes post it here and share your satisfaction with us!!!

    do people think beating a pro in a game of hearthstone is as hard as beating a pro athlete in their sport 1 on 1 or something?

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    i dont know why you would want to make a guide for such a cancer deck. like do you really want to play against this deck often? i play it myself since expansion release, hit rank 5 and decided to quit since i really cant make anything else i'd rather play. This should be the LAST deck you want people to netdeck and play against all day.

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    these 1 whole pack rewards are hilariously bad lol.

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    The meta was tarnished by Gadgetzan, and all the innovative and skill-rich decks that are being pushed into the meta, I feel, will always be flushed out by the wildly powerful decks Gadgetzan brought into the mix (namely Jade Druid and Pirate Warrior). So as long as Gadgetzan remains in standard, I feel that the meta will always be entirely matchup dependent, which speaks nothing but poor health for the general state of constructed Hearthstone. We must wait until the next few standard years, it seems.

    On the bright side, KotFT did not bring to fruition any notably skill-less decks at the level Gadgetzan did, so hopefully, Hearthstone will turn to a healthy future soon enough.

     to be fair, i dont think hearthstone ever was a game or will ever be a game that is mostly about skill. 
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    most players are unimaginative sheep

    news at 11.

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    what in this list makes it beat quest rogue outside of luck? did you just dodge it miraculously to hit legend?

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