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    posted a message on Naga Sea Witch needs to be fixed asap, it is becoming extremely toxic for Wild.

    Oppressive, unfun uninteractive =/= good  deck

    It's just oppressive and unfun.

    Turn 4 Coin Sea Witch Clockwork Giant Clockwork Giant Sea Giant...

    That's more oppressive than handlock ever was.

    I mean:
    We need a turn 4 neutral Wrath of God-like card to deal with 3-4 turn 4 giants.

    It's just a really bad idea.

    Hunter has Tracking, King's Elekk and Stitched Tracker to dig for answers, giants or nagas -- and Explosive Trap, Freezing Trap, Deadly Shot and Animal Companion.

    Warlock can play giants unironically if they don't draw Naga.

    Druid can ramp and has natural affinity for Arcane Giants if they don't draw Naga.

    Mage has duplicate effects abound to resummon free giants or the nagas.

    Priests can eternal servitude and ressurect naga or giants.

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    posted a message on What do you like to lose to?

    Opponent's skill.
    My own mistakes.

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    posted a message on Rate the upcoming balance changes


    Pirates are a problem.
    Nerf a weapon and make it strictly worse than Eaglehorn Bow.
    Sure. Pirate warrior may be better balanced now. But...

    Jade and Ultimate Infestation are problems.
    Nerf Innervate to match Counterfeit Coin exactly and nerf Spreading Plague.
    What? Blizzard..? I get that Spreading Plague ALLOWS Druid to use Ultimate Infestation...
    But Jade cards are going to be a problem forever. Skulking Geist won't be playable forever in Wild -- while Jade may.
    I'd rather see Innervate enter Hall of Fame than have it nerfed to Counterfeit Coin v2.
    Or "Refresh 2 mana crystals". Or 1 mana gain 3 mana this turn. OR 0 mana gain 2 mana NEXT turn only.
    Spreading Plague wasn't oppressive. It just help oppressive cards be oppressive.

    I'd rather see it have a cost or health limit. From the start of Hearthstone -- it's been "Silence and destroy target minion" -- putting Assassinate to shame, forcing control to play the "Get Shaman to play two Hex before playing your win condition" game.
    Predictability like that is boring. But costing 4 mana doesn't change the fact that it's still "Silence and destroy target minion" -- far more powerful than Assassinate or Siphon Soul. And there's nothing you can do.
    It will silence and destroy your 8-10 drop.


    It's like they analyzed statistics, and... failed to take the heart of the game into account when nerfing.
    Just like the Keeper of the Grove and Ancient of Lore nerfs.
    I mean:
    Ancient of Lore
    Ultimate Infestation
    Ancient of Lore
    Ultimate Infestation

    I liked Keeper of the Grove.
    It was a very iconic Druid card.
    Now Druids just use Spellbreaker.
    And 2/2 deal 2 damage for 4 mana..? Compare to Ultimate Infestation, again.

    "People played those basic and core set cards."
    Because they were good, but more importantly:
    My god. Warriors don't get good 2-drops.
    So they nerf the only good 2-drop that exist.

    Druids don't have defensive measures or sustainability, because those were nerfed -- Keeper of the Grove and Ancient of Lore.
    Print new blatantly overpowered cards instead to fill in the gaps that were nerfed.

    Go home, Blizzard. You're drunk:
    Class identities are being erased for a version of the game where all the cards might as well be neutral.
    Both Druid and Rogue now have Counterfeit Coin.
    Warrior got Eaglehorn Bow -- except they don't have secrets.     

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    posted a message on Discuss the Nerf - Fiery War Axe

    Eaglehorn Bow


    Good =/= overpowered
    Overused =/= overpowered
    Overpowered == overpowered

    Fiery War Axe could be fair if Warrior didn't get aggressive low cost minions that buff or gets buffs based on weapon.

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    posted a message on Discuss the Nerf - Innervate

    Fail to balance a ramp class around ramp.
    Nerf ramp.


    No, Blizzard.
    You're doing "variety" wrong.

    The problem was Jade, Ultimate Infestation and Spreading Plague -- all along.

    You can take the statistics and shove it.
    Problems with druid:

    1: Jade as a mechanic: First card played gives below average returns for mana. Second card gives average returns for mana. THEN they start to become not only good, but also OPPRESSIVE.
    Compare to the Kabal mechanic.

    2: Jade Idol: Too high value: Could've been made to "shuffle 3 jade idols" into your deck, that simply read "Summon a X/X jade idol" -- with the cost X.

    3: Ultimate Infestation: Waaaaay too high value:
    I mean..: Could've been:
    Summon 5/5 then pick one: 5 damage get 5 armor, or; draw 5 cards.
    ...and that'd be playable. That'd literally be playable.

    4: Spreading Plague: Too high value. Compare to force of nature.

    5: Innervate: Only a problem if there's super-high value to gain from it

    Ultimate Infestation

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!
    Quote from mysticsnake >>

    Someone please explain to me how Bonemare is even remotely balanced? ffs

     It's perfectly balanced.

    It's neutral Blessing of Kings.
    That summons an additional 5/5 for 3 more mana.

    It's especially well-balanced in Arena, where games totally aren't won based on who got Bonemare on turn 7.
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    posted a message on The Worst Feeling in Hearthstone (In My Opinion)

    Worst feeling:

    Being unable to affect the outcome of a game, from turn 1 to your loss. 

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    posted a message on Let's talk about online Hearthstone community!

    He doesn't like tryhards.

    In fact, tryhards killed his family.

    And he wants vengeance.

    He wants them to suffer. 

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    posted a message on We still have broken 1-mana spells in Standard
    Quote from terobero >>
    Quote from Xaos73 >>

    There are five 1-mana spells that IMO are broken.  I have no problem with good, powerful cards. Living Roots and Power Word: Shield are both incredible, but there is a limit to their power.  The five cards I list below can create back-breaking situations - all for just 1 mana.

    Earthen Scales - We've all seen it.  Opponent plays a card that summons a 10/10 Jade Golem, then plays this on the Golem for 11 armor.  Not even Warrior stacks armor so cheaply (Iron Hide = 5 armor).

    Jade Idol - Infinite value in long games.  Should be "Summon a Jade Golem; or Shuffle 3 cards that summon a Jade Golem for 1 mana into your deck".  Even that would be broken, but not like this.

    Inner Fire - Should have been sent to Hall of Fame with the other three Classic spells (Ice Lance, Conceal, Power Overwhelming).  No other card in the game can buff a minion's attack as much as this card, and only 1 mana?.  Sure, to get the crazy 40/40 minions (or more) you need to combo with Divine Spirit, but even putting this alone on a Deathlord or Mogu'shan Warden is insane.  Yes, this cheese has always been around and wasn't abused much before, but it sure is being abused now.

    Potion of Madness - For just 1 mana, you can clear 2 minions in the early game.  What?  This one isn't the worst of this bunch, but it is the card that tilts me the most when it is played.

    Upgrade! - If you put this on an Arcanite Reaper, this is essentially a 6/1 weapon for 1 mana.  If you had to have an active weapon to play this card, it would be balanced.  But what makes it insane is the fact that you can create a 1/3 weapon if you don't have one to buff - no downside to this card at all.  Yes, Patches is strong, but IMO the real power behind Pirate Warrior is the weapon buff mechanic from this card and Bloodsail Cultist.

     Inner Fire is one of the reasons Priest is "playable".
     One card is necessary to make priest PLAYABLE.

    This reminds me of the "only Auctioneer makes Rogue playable" argument.

    If so -- then perhaps Blizzard should balance the core set better.

    Oh. They don't buff cards -- the only obvious way to make future card design EASIER?
    Without a balanced core set -- Priests, Druids and Rogues must always get great class cards in expansions, or linger behind.
    Warrior, Warlock, Hunter and Paladin must always be held back in expansions.

    A balanced core set would make card design so much easier for them.
    But they keep on dropping the balls!

    Divine Spirit is kind of fine.
    A 4/40 minion needs 14-15 turns to singlehandedly kill a Warrior who armors up every turn.
    The problem occurs when that 4/40 becomes a 40/40.

    Combos like that are simply not fun.
    And I'm a priest "main".
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    posted a message on A Mage Dealing 35 damage in one turn. Fair?
    Quote from 1xbenx1 >>
    Quote from Frostraven >>
    Quote from potato_beleren >>

    If you're salty about a certain class, then play the direct counter to that class. Every single class in the game has a meta deck that makes it difficult to win or serves as a hard counter. Wanting to win against Mage? Then play Control Warrior or Jade Druid. Can't beat Druid or Warrior? Then play Rogue. There's not even an excuse in Wild, where Warrior has enough armor gain to fatigue themselves for ten turns. The format is literally supposed to be filled with ostentatious OTK combos and all the cost-reduction shenanigans that can no longer be done in standard. 

     What if you're salty about YOUR CLASS being ineffective, and the cards you WANT TO PLAY being underpowered?

    I switched to Pirate Warrior.
    Thanks for making me see the light.

    Now I'm helping spread the joy and diversity you all crave.

    Look at my opponent: He was so happy from effectively losing the game on turn 3 that he couldn't even contain his excitement, and had to leave his computer!
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