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    WOWOW. I went from rank 21 to rank 13 in a day with this. Next day ran 13 to 9. Today I am at rank 5!! 3 days of like 1 hour of play a ay got me rank 5 with this deck. SO GOOD thanks man!!

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    I love how the author claims rank 5 on the first day of the new season within hours and doesn't post a pic.

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    The Arcane Giants are too clunky in this deck. They're good in decks like Maly Druid or Miracle Rogue where a lot of cheap 0-2 mana cost spells are used. In this deck the spells are just too expensive for Arcane Giants and really they aren't needed. I'd free up those 2 slots.

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    You can't play Miracle without 2 preps lol... Azure is also pretty damn important.

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    Claims and proves 67% Winrate , shows gameplay at rank 17.

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    Quote from Dallaen >>
    Quote from HenryBukowski >>
    Quote from SleepTurtle >>


     i also rather vs aggro and mid range deck rather than control deck or old cancer deck(secret paladin), control vs control like coin flip or see which deck is more greedy or good draw. 

    last games i play both player 4 card left. 25% by drawing key card. i win because i draw syvanas 1st  before opponent draw 25-25 cthun.  i will end up with loses if opponent draw cthun 1st.

    yeah . this meta is balance. 

    i face mostly mage 50% , 20% paladin, 10% random warrior, priest , warlock.

     shaman only 20% in my match up, 

    no idea why all complain about shaman. 

    OP can u tell us what deck you play? or rank? 

    are you playing incomplete deck or gimmick deck. every deck have at least 50% vs shaman

     Anyone saying stuff like this is flagrantly in disagreement with the experts and professionals
    Either you are so good at hearthstone that mid-range shaman poses no problem for you - in which case you should be at blizzcon right now, or you are playing at low ranks where idrange shamans are easier to pick off.
    Quote from Data Reaper #24:

    It’s impossible to ignore the dominance of Midrange Shaman throughout tournament and ladder play. Ever since the gift of Maelstrom Portal and Spirit Claws, Midrange Shaman has been a powerhouse within the class, overshadowing all other Shaman archetypes, especially with Aggro Shaman’s disappearance following the Rockbiter change.

    For the World Championship group stage, all of the competitors have brought a version of Midrange Shaman. It is the only archetype in the tournament that has a 100% representation rate. Most builds are very similar to each other but there are some interesting tech choices with the interest of gaining small advantages that can make a difference in particular matchups."

    If midrange shaman wasn't exceptionally strong, the meta wouldn't be 25% comprised of it and 100% of tournament players wouldn't be bringing it

     The only problem with your analysis is that ladder and competitive play HS are two VERY different beasts.  On the ladder sure mid range shaman is very dominant but it is beatable.  The problem is that the shaman deck has lots of good matchups while avoiding decks that can beat it because those decks aren't as well rounded.  However in competitive play there are MANY decks that beat mid range shaman and it comes down to how you pair your decks in the picks.  

    Ironically though on ladder one of the better decks to beat mid range shaman is the control shaman.  I spent a good portion of the early month of October grinding up on control and facing tons of mid shaman that were easily dispatched because their board clear is useless against it and control uses the same board clear plus more to shut them down.
     "However in competitive play there are MANY decks that beat mid range shaman and it comes down to how you pair your decks in the picks.  "
    Lol, right.... Then why is almost every single player at Blizzcon banning Shaman.
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    The problem with Beast Druid is that it's not consistent and it's not very fun to play. There's not nearly as many options as Maly Druid each turn and if you don't start strong you likely lose.

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    Why are none of the video's in the guide at a high rank?

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    Great deck but the mirror match up is just so damn awkward.

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    Rag is wayyyy too slow for this deck. Also way to RNG dependent.

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