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    Hey all;

    Feel free to ask questions here about how certain cards interact and some tips on how the brawl works.  Below is what I gathered so far:

    All cards that discard: Once discarded, they are out of your deck for good.  Cards that discard: Deathwing, Tracking, Felstalker (Succubus), etc.

    Cards Returned to hand: Whenever a card is returned to your hand, a second copy will be permanently added to your deck.  Cards that return to hand: Sap, Freezing Trap, Youthful Brewmaster, Shadowstep, etc.

    Cards Put in Play Other Than Normal Play: This works very similar to the discard function; once pulled from your hand or deck, it's gone.  Cards with that effect: Captain Hooktusk, Piloted Reaper, Duel!, Masked Contender, Flark's Boom-Zooka, Coffin Crasher, etc.

    Tokens: Tokens work the same way as cards being returned to hand; once added to your hand, they are permanently added to your deck.

    Cast When Drawn: Unless actually drawn from an effect that draws cards, these do not trigger.  They just float in your deck and hand.  Cards that add cards to your deck: Wrenchcaliber, Hakkar, The Soulflayer, etc.

    ...'s Scheme: Doesn't actually upgrade since it shuffles back into your deck.

    Lackeys and other card generators: Works the same as when a minion is returned to your hand; the card is permanently added to your deck.

    Handbuffs and Cost Reduction Cards: Unless the card was played the same turn the effect occurred, the effect does not remain.  Cards with these effects: Prismatic Lens, Ferraki Battleaxe, Far Sight, Luna's Pocket Galaxy, Glowstone Technichian, Call to Adventure, Predatory Instincts, Wing Blast, Soul Infusion, Jepetto Joybuzz, etc.  Cards that add cards to your hand will still be added, but won't be modified like they were unless played in the same turn.  Cards with these effects: Splintergraft, Academic Espionage, Dire Frenzy, Spirit of the Dead, Bog Slosher, etc.

    Echo effects, Twinspells, and cards that repeat themselves: A copy is added to your deck each time you play it plus the one in hand.  Formula: X echo cards played, X shuffled in your deck and 1 in hand which shuffles in at the end of the turn.  3 echo cards played, 4 cards shuffled back into the deck total. For Twinspells, a twinspell copy will be shuffled, and a non-twinspell copy will also be shuffled.

    Card Interactions:

    Unseen Saboteur: This will permanently remove the played spell from your opponent's deck.

    Dr. Morrigan: The minion swapped from your deck is gone from your deck permanently.  A second copy of Dr. Morrigan will stay in your deck.  This will repeat every time the deathrattle is triggered.

    The Soularium: This doesn't actually discard the cards.  For this brawl, it works as just a Draw 3 cards.

    Demonic Project and Prince Liam: The minion transformed is permanently changed and will remain in your deck.

    Archivist Elysiana: Other than the cards in your hand, this removes ALL cards in your deck including the Archivist Elysiana shuffled in after she was played.

    Dreampetal Florist: Her affect happens at the end of your turn, so the cost reduction will occur after you draw a fresh hand.

    Shirvallah and Grave Horror: Card works just like constructed.


    Please leave any questions, comments, or even how to play suggestions on the below thread.  As a courtesy, I ask that this be for people who want to learn how this brawl works.  Please leave any salty comments in the salt thread.  I personally enjoy this brawl, but I don't like the fact that all these interactions are kind of a trial-and-error system.

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    posted a message on May 14th Hearthstone Update - Dalaran Adventure Data

    Holy crap!  The spoils for clearing the single player mode!  There haven't been many occasions where a golden classic pack has been offered.

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    Not sure how good this will be on ladder, but I love the flavor of the battlecry with the fortune teller.  Very thematic.

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    posted a message on Esport Superstars 2018 Survival Guide & Decklists!

    Except for Warrior, apparently.

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    Love the flavor of the card! Maybe usable since Dire Mole is included in a couple Hunter decks, but I can't think of what would be replaced.

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    Don't think this will see a lot of serious play.  At least until Deathstalker Rexxar rotates out.

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    I personally hope to unpack this not because I think it will be great, but because I want to experiment with it.  This is bringing a new element to the game which I like.  I just hope it's not too weak to the point that it's disregarded.

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    This may see play in Shudderwock Shaman after the other cards rotate, but even that's a bit optimistic since there's still no way to duplicate Shudderwock without the Saronite Chain Gang .

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    I think this card is being overestimated.  I mean, pirates are for the most part aggressive and this costs 8...

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    Holy crap! I didn't think of that.  I was only thinking of big priest.  Nevermind; I'm using this!

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    I think this card just might have killed off Mecha'thun.  You would probably kill yourself before pulling off the Mecha'thun deathrattle.

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    Good setup with The Boomship.  A little early to say whether this is good or not, but I'm willing to bet that this will bring the new Dragon Warrior meta.

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    I think this will get played a lot since whenever it's resurrected, even though it will only have 1 health, it will reactivate stealth.

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    This is Madness!

    No.  This...is...Hakkar!

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    I think this is an okay card, might not see any meta/tournament play due to the RNG effect.  I personally will use it, but that's just because I'm Down with the Sickness!

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