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    you sound really weird and cringe 

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    thanks bro! hopefully it'll be decent, but i also think it'll unfortunately probably just be a bit worse than standard Hollow Hound hunter

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    weird dog, why are you stealing oxygen from the world

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    great work i can tell you put a lot of thought into this! my only concern would be the power level of meditate, from the cards provided it seems like it might just be a bit too weak? losing an attack is a pretty big deal, especially for bigger minions

    but other than that it all seems really cool and i really love the flavor

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    immolate is not too slow against its niche specific use to counter combo decks, it's not for anything else 

    voidcaller package invalidates the malganis jailer combo as you said, which i then actually do believe will be worthwhile having against a very large number of decks, especially aggro/midrange which will almost always locked out of the game by it

    imp king rafaam and the other fatigue imp cards aim to put up tempo and board prescence, which will never be enough to keep up with what an opponents deck that is already 100% dedicated to doing that, but with 30 cards instead of 6 or 7

    and yeah i do also agree that the loss of bran and tamsin pretty much invalidates the curse package

    but so i just think that the deck already has a strong win condition for just about every match up-

    • against aggro you use efficient removal and healing to stall the game until you either exhaust resources or can play the jailer malganis
    • against control you use resources as efficiently as possible until you can safely play jailer malganis, or at least until you can outvalue with lord jaraxxus
    • against combo- you dig through your deck as fast as possible to find ETC band manager and pull immolate, which you then use when you know itll be the absolute most disruptive
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    oh do you think that Vexallus lasts the entire game lol? Its effect is only active while it it's on the board, which 99% of the time will only ever be one turn, meaning that even if you use a Lightshow and 2 Arcane Bolts with it on turn 10, it's actually not any more mana efficient at all than just using 2 Lightshows and 4 Arcane Bolts. 

    also I'm sorry but your appraisal of 5 Lightshows being "generous" made me laugh out loud hard, the deck can infinitely discover with Infinitize the Maxitude, and also literally go infinite with Grand Magister Rommath + Photographer Fizzle. Not to mention the other 13* discover/copy spell cards, many of which can do so multiple times. Absolutely no idea where you got 5 Lightshows being generous 

    I promise you control will not be a problem for this deck at all (Blood DK especially will be an auto-win) as was also seen during the theorycrafting stream, with lists that in my opinion were much less refined 

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Festival of Legends Decks - The Best New Decks for the Expansion!

    thank you so much for the features mr. xskarma! so incredibly hype for this expansion 

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    I feel like Ghostly Strike is a great card but I really wanna keep and try out at least one Disc Jockey, which will help charge up Record Scratcher, and Fan of Knives getting a -1 mana cost buff honestly seems crazy. For only 1 more mana it deals the 1 damage Ghostly Strike would do but to all minions, and doesn't require combo to draw the card. That being said, maybe we do just want to maximize the amount of combo cards for Record Scratcher in which case swapping out the Fan of Knives for Ghostly Strike might just be better!

    Also I completely forgot about Cheat Death and agree with it needing to make its way in

    Thank you for the suggestions homie! hopefully the archetype works out

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    honestly i completely agree, fk guff im glad its gonna be gone

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    posted a message on Festival of Legends Rewards Track Refresh

    does anybody know where we can find what the class skins are gonna look like? i really wanna see smooth jazz morgl

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