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    posted a message on I broke my TV

    I was playing hearthstone and i kept loosing while trying to be creative on my decks.

    After witnessing like over 98% of hs just being net decks, and kept loosing.

    my anger grew up and i yeeted a mini fan for a phone which ricocheted on my 42 inch tv in my living room.


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    posted a message on I broke my TV

    My wording was kinda pepega.

    But if you want anger point, just try enjoying something in your life and than it being ruined for about 100 times.

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    posted a message on I broke my TV

    Gaming is literally all i have.

    Only enjoyment i have.

    But yeah... It sucks allot.


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    posted a message on Balance Changes Coming Next Week - Mage, Paladin, Rogue & Neutral

    how are you going to play them?
    yshaar is 10 mana and the card cost reduction is for 1 turn.

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    posted a message on Core Set Has Been Released! - ALL Cards In the Database

    As a HUGE shaman main. im piling up the shaman cards that got thanos snapped.
    Earth Shock

    Forked Lightning I can see why, good choice

    Far Sight ummm...? the only way to draw is gone from core..ok blizzard.

    Ancestral Spirit Yeah its pointless

    Lava Burst -5 from burst potential

    Ancestral Healing Yup useless

    Totemic Might Useful for totem decks, useless when discovered.

    Frost Shock 50/50 but mostly unused

    Bloodlust WHYYYYYYYY, how are we going to do burst with burst class if it doesnt have bloodlust!?!?!?


    Dust Devil Useless when played. useful if summoned

    Flametongue Totem id would rather seen this been buffed but removed, i dont think anybody will shed a tear.

    Windspeaker this card existed?

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    posted a message on Last expansion was much funnier than this

    Im mostly playing because i want the rewards. 

    The fun isnt there anymore.

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    posted a message on Priests everywhere, why are they everywhere

    There is like 10 different classes and somehow majority are priests, i have seen soo many tyrandes that i need to check if i am facing my last opponent. 

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    posted a message on Priests everywhere, why are they everywhere

    been spinning in gold and there is allot of priests, i mean allot.

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    posted a message on Last shaman post (repost to the right thread section)

    Shaman feels like....If you were eating the same soup...forth 1000 time.
    thats how it feels like to make the shaman quest work.
    Like...im just getting tired of this...im...mind numingly tired of this, other classes get advances while shaman needs to setle with random garbage that blizzard offers.

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    posted a message on Last Shaman post (as last expansion)

    I will make a fair assumption about the new shaman cards without counting the new neutrals in because that would be too much of meta planning.
    (you can skip to end conclusion if you want to, which is at the bottom)

    Inara Stormcrash : Like one said, its a doomhammer on a stick basically, can work well with weapon synergy like Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer or Rockbiter Weapon and if you want to have fun, you can try Rune Dagger to gain 2 spell damage for free. Otherwise, nothing too impressive, you would need to run healing to medicate the damage you do yourself and the cheap healing components aren't good right now, probably or probably not sees play in a aggro deck, AGAIN, shaman needs more draw.

    Grand Totem Eys'or : 3 mana do nothing. for this to be good, we would need "Draw a totem" or "buff all totems" so it wouldnt be a 0/4 in bottom of your deck, but time will tell, its decent buff card as it buffs every totem, so will see play regardless in a totem deck. 

    Deathmatch Pavilion : If this works with Windfury, as the text is kinda hazy, you can get 3 of these and it would be pretty good value, as 2 mana get 6/4 worth of value, is too easy to remove but could be ok in a evolve or revolve deck. 

    Magicfin : There is allot of problems with random legendaries, because of the time, you like to build your deck around them, like Lothraxion the Redeemed or Zephrys the Great like this card can be more then useless, it can be absolutely devastating to your deck because, whats worse then random legendaries, random legendaries that cost allot and do nothing or harm you, speacily within this expansion when you have legendaries that need work arounds, i would literally suggest people to use The Fist of Ra-den than this! but... you can try and hope rng blesses you. Also, you want your murlocs to live....not die..i think that was obvious.

    Dunk Tank : Somebody already said that, its just worst Swipe Which i agree, but can be good if you are not dead in turn 5.

    Pit Master : worst version of Desert Hare this is desert hare with setup, NEXT. jk, this can be good filler with desert hare in a evolve or revolve deck, otherwise, its just sh*t.

    Cagematch Custodian only took em like.... 6 expansions to give shaman some draw again, but lets be honest, shaman wasnt this sh*t before either, but lests start. 
    Rune Dagger : Spell shaman
    Boggspine Knuckles : Evolve shaman
    Splitting Axe : Totem shaman
    The Fist of Ra-den : Reqrium Shaman
    and if you are nut, Doomhammer shaman. 
    This is good card, enough said, there is absolutely nothing bad i can say about this, its good and its something that shaman actually needed.

    Revolve : There are many angles you can go around this card, you can use this as worst devolve to screw resurrection priest or buffaladin, you can use it to change your useless 3/2 to maybe something else...ya know that this card still exists Doomsayer , this is why shaman doesnt evolve 1 mana minions. and now you can recycle 2 mana minions into doomsayers. 
    this card is good and bad, literally something that shaman didnt need, just give devolve number 2. 

    Stormstrike : this card could be better, but because it doesnt have overload, i will give 8 out 10,  could be good removal/aggro card. shaman just need a sticky board, for this to be aggro potential, in control potential, it might be good but again, shaman needs to heal in early game, that isnt Witches brew.


     As a whole, this set is pretty terrible compared to other classes, WE yet again are making a new type of shaman, like... we dont need a another shaman type, we dont need a weapon shaman becoming a thing when the weapons are split between other types of shaman,
    Do you want me to name the shamans that blizzard created?
    Dragon shaman
    Freeze shaman
    totem shaman
    battlecry shaman
    elemental shaman
    murloc shaman
    spell shaman
    galagrond shaman
    highlander shaman
    aggro shaman
    overload shaman
    jade shaman
    big shaman
    evolve shaman
    and probably windfury shaman
    The amount of types of shaman is ridiculous, i want them to make 1 or 2 type of shaman that works, NOT 16!!! THAT DONT WORK.
    Shaman is the genuie pig of testing of new arc types, like jesus. This set has about 3 cards that good from class perspective, but testing must be done of course, otherwise, there is high chance of shaman getting ran over for another expansion, unless there is a power creep that i havent realized yet [regrium shaman maybe becoming a thing?]
    Have a great day.

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