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    posted a message on World's First Dungeon Run Completion?

    Hey guys, just seeing if I finished it first? https://twitter.com/Floodtcg/status/938838820560220160\

    Has anyone else done it?



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    posted a message on New Paladin Spell - Potion of Heroism

    I can't wait for aggro buff paladin, don't think that deck wants the quest tho. 

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary - The Darkness

    This card is strong in 2 ways. The actual 20/20 which takes hard removal to kill and the 3 candles which invade your opponent's deck preventing 1-of decks like Raza priest from activating their battlecries. A bonus is that either way you are happy if they draw no candles their cards don't work and if they draw them all you get a 20/20, meaning the card's worst case (against Raza priest or 1-of warlock which might be a deck later this expansion) is when they draw 2 candles and have 1 in the deck.

     Obviously, the worst part of the card, in general, is that you do nothing the turn you play it, meaning it is probably bad in tempo deck, midrange and aggro. The other bad part of the card is the fact that it's legendary and not searchable. This means that if the Raza Priest draws Raza before before you draw this card it doesn't even change their combo potential with the Death Knight. This makes it pretty weak in control decks which need a hard answer to the late game combo of Raza Priest.

    So for mill, which is not a deck and has never been a deck in standard, this card does not seem as strong as people think. the best mill deck has been a Rogue which uses N'zoth to resurrect deathlord and dancing blades(?) and would not need this. A few reasons why a 20/20 is not good in mill. 1) mill has no large minions so the hard removal would not be a useful card until you play this. You rarely have enough mana to play a 4 mana "do nothing" and if you do, it gains you nothing in the early game which is when mill loses. 

    To conclude, this card is not meta defining in any way. It's at its best against Raza Priest which requires luck to be drawn before the opponents Raza, and if you can win that coin flip, you might as well play Raza Priest. 

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    posted a message on New Warrior Spell - Unidentified Shield

    You can't compare a 6 mana card to six 1 mana cards. Saying this is "half as good" as Iron Hide is wrong. 1 mana cards are stronger per mana cost than 6 mana cards. Like a Mana Wyrm x6 would be a 6/18 that gained 6 attack when you cast a spell. Pretty strong 6 drop eh? Or Iron Hide x6 would give you 30 armor for 6 mana, also too strong. This is a fantastic card, the problem is the randomness making it worse than "very good". If control warrior is a deck, this card will be in the deck. 

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    posted a message on Frozen Throne Aggro Bubbledin

    Just play the murloc package its much better

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    posted a message on Has anyone beat Lady DeathWhisper yet?

    silence the dragon lol it wont die and wins in 4 turns

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    posted a message on Who are the best deckbuilders in HS?

    reynad - everyone hates him, but he is the best deck builder

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    posted a message on Rogue Death Knight Revealed - Valeera the Hollow

    I was pretty excited for the rogue card because I saw all of the other risks with design and I really think they gave rogue something awesome, will it be competitive at 9 mana? not sure, but if it is, rogue will be very good

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    posted a message on New Druid Card Revealed: Crypt Lord

    This card is very good in a slower token druid build it basically will need hard removal 

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    posted a message on New Card - Dinomancy

    So, this plus The Marsh Queen basically shuffles into your deck 15 3-mana Lost Tallstrider that each draw you a card.

     No because you cant buff each of them as you play them, only 1 hero power per turn
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    posted a message on New Mage Quest - Open the Waygate

    "All your minions may attack gain 5 mana" 

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    posted a message on #1 Legend Token Druid [MSG]

    the meta was to fast at the time 

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    posted a message on Leg EU Evolve-Devolve Shaman | Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

    Teammate got legend? you don't enter in legend at rank 3k... and it shows your rank before the game beside your name so that screenshot is someone just winning a game with shaman...


    Nice deck tho I saw the rank 10 legend evolve shaman, I just want to know why you would ever run devolve... seems like any anyone card that doesn't kill things is just worse than lighting storm, but maybe you need a 5th aoe. 

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    posted a message on Have you checked vS Data Reaper Report #29?

    In legend miracle is #1 lol

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    posted a message on Legendary Tier Crafting Guide
    Quote from robert_fanr >>

    Should I craft Patches the Pirate ?

    I have a lot of dust saved (>6000) but I'm not sure he's worth it . Is Pirate warrior so good ?

     This card is broken the reason why pirate warrior is so strong do not listen to bad kids that tell you otherwise if you want to play pirates it is a must craft
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