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    posted a message on Turbo Aggro is the Solution to the Rogue/Druid/Hunter Problem

    DK shouldn't be able to discover 3 rune cards outside it's own class at the very least, and Druid shouldn't have many discover cards at all. 

    Magic learned well enough not to give ramp, card draw, and tutoring all to the same color combination. 

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    posted a message on The worst part about the new expansion...

    I just find it hard to believe there's THAT many players running around with T1 decks fully built with no gold OR dust saved up considering I haven't spent a cent on this game and I had 3000 gold to start the expac...

    But also, I just don't play decks I know already work the first week of a new set; I don't get it. Just playing 'what works' from months ago seems so boring to me. 

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    posted a message on The worst part about the new expansion...

    ...which I'm having a ton of fun with overall, btw! 

    ...But there's nothing more infuriating than playing the fourth imp warlock player in a row that has literally not put a single new card in their deck. That deck was obnoxious last expac. Now it's just getting old. It makes me want to play 40 card reno blood DK and rope every turn I see one. 

    Like, I don't have an issue playing an old, proven T1 deck and seeing how it's improved/changed with new cards, fine. But I've literally seen ONE new card from about 12 imp warlock decks in diamond 5-2 lmao. 

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    posted a message on Mill Hunter or: How I Learned to Stop Caring and Love the Clam

    Super fun, I'd replace the Ooze with Rustrot Viper though - having trade is really nice when you don't run into anything that runs weapons. 

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    posted a message on Scorpyon's Rank #1 Natural Shaman

    Gonna be honest, fun deck in theory, but the top 3 seem to just run it over by turn 7-8. Rush warrior just creates minions that are too big to remove. Paladin forces you to use your lethal tools to remove the board, especially because of Oh My Yogg. Hunter is so hyperaggressive that the Tidal Waves are too slow. 

    It also runs into issues against Warlock where they can just infinitely remove your board (and deck lol) and heal to full + armor gain to get past the not-quite-OTK. 

    More a commentary on the state of the meta only allowing 5 or so decks to exist than on this deck itself. 

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    posted a message on The lack of of conversation in this sub says everything you need to know about the state of Duels

    Duels is fun but there are some broken interactions with it. It's bar none the easiest way to make money in the game right now imo so I'd really love to see some balance improvements to the weaker classes. 

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    posted a message on Did they kill FTP completely or is it even better now?

    As a control player and a college student who hasn't spent a cent on the game since starting in 2016, I like the new system at first glance. I don't play enough to get the max amount of money each month. 

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    posted a message on So no nerf to Paladin or Hunter?

    Druid was tier 1, but that wasn't the issue. The issue were the games where it did win, they were so swingingly in the Druid's direction unfun that the game just ground to a halt and became a "oh guardian animals turn 3 GG" fest. 

    Why hunter has been allowed to be tier 0 for so long I have no idea. 

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    posted a message on spell power shaman (from thijs)

    Played a variant of this for a while and it feels... weird. I know he went 6-0 in the streamer event but there's just something off about it. You draw both your lightning blooms late game and die. You don't draw Arcane Watcher within the first four turns and die. The game goes past turn 7 in general and you die. Your opponent has any healing? Probably dead. 

    Sometimes your opponent also just plays better aggro than you and you die because you have no board wipes. 

    Idk, there are some games where you go crazy and win turn 5 but... it seems like it needs a board-wipe and more consistency. I don't know how much I like two Lightning Blooms. 

    *Edit* I have won five straight games from Diamond 4 to Diamond 3. Maybe I was SUPER unlucky for the rest of the day lol. seems insane sometimes.

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    posted a message on [+70% WR] Pure Libram Paladin

    Just hit legend before the new season started with a variant of this - very very strong in the post DH nerf meta because of the prevalence of, well, DH and Hunter lol. The deck is insanely good against most of the top decks rn, struggling a bit in the fringe matchups (I played against a Spell Druid and just didn't have enough removal but that was one game from Plat 2 to Legend). 

    Very excited to see what comes of the new expac with Paladin. 

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