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    You should play your account on a new region, I just started playing in NA and was surprised about how annoying the grind was to unlock the basic cards. Also I just got a friend to start playing and he experienced the same. You have to play around 50-100 games against the AI until you finally unlock all classes basic cards. It's repetitive and NOT fun. If they would guide the players through a couple of these matches and explain the importance of mulligan, curve, board control and game plan, then I'm sure more players would stick to the game and not quit frustrated.

    btw: when you are done grinding the basic cards, the fun begins in the ladder at rank 20, facing razakus priests and tempo rogues.


     100% agree with you on this one. I've also had friends that tried HS out but the amount of games they had to play just to get an OK collection was insane so they stopped. HS is not "new player" friendly or F2P friendly in anyway
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    Quote from Neon2015 >>


    just read on the data. Seems more like you have not played the game in a long time

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    Of course I'm excited but I'm also scared off a new "patches" or something along those lines. We'll see though, it mighth just be great

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    Quote from Hooghout >>

    By Robert_fanR:

    I just don't get why most people here consider meta decks "unfun" .

    For me personally winning is fun in itself . I don't need to do crazy combos or play with wacky cards to feel good . I just enjoy making my 1 mana 10 10 jades, killing people with savage roar on turn 4 , out armoring raza priest damage by just malfurion hp every turn and so on .

    Why can't people enjoy simple but effective mechanics ? Someone please answer as I am genuinely curious to see what other people think about the game .

    You are the quintessential fanboy who Brode focusses on. The guy that is remodeled to crave for an easy winfix, don't mind how he wins as long as it is fast. The burger-boy who doesn't like quality slow food. The largest faction within the HS-community. Your kind is so numerous that it is the sole reason why the meta, is unbalanced, not diverse and aggressive. Thumbs up for Brode who successfully sells a lot of packs to the ********.

    You must be a very intelligent person. Still you have fun with mindless, skilless archetypes. It puzzles me, it really does: how can an intelligent being have 'fun' playing mindlessness? That you feel fun in being dumb down and ********.  I just can't understand that. Probably it goes beyond my intelligence. Don't come with: it is just a game. You are what you play as much as you are what you eat.

    You know, card design by Brode and consort is in a certain sense a crime against humanity. How so? Well if you look at crimes against humanity what is paramount is taking away the (intellectual) dignity of the victims. Dehumanizing them. Making them objects, things that you use, can dispose of. Well Brode prints cards that results in skilless archetypes that gives you the rush of an easy winfix... and you will as a drug addict love him for that. That rush dehumanizes you as it clearly is below the abilities of your intelligence; as such below your dignity.

    Dignity means that you as a human being can aspire in a accordance to your abilities in the fullest sense of the word. Willfully letting people take away that dignity makes you a subhuman. Only those who have no self-respect and self-worth will let that happen.

    Of course crimes against humanity is punishable by international law. Being likewise dehumanized, taken away self-respect by Brode and consort is not. In the end it is all about ethics. It is your own choice, but you should really reconsider.

    That brings me to a conclusion to my response to you mr. Robert_fanR. Why do you think Brode himself has so much fun? His silly faces, ridiculous laughs, raps, acting like a fool. He is celebrating the successful endeavor of dumbing you down, that you buy his packs, play his game, making you an easy winfix addict. And how do you think he looks upon you? Do you think he considers you with respect? How do you think we look upon people who willfully let themselves be dumbed down? With no respect sir. Brode looks at you with the greatest contempt while he's laughing his ass off as he successfully made you an addict to mindlessness, and notably let you buy his packs for that. What a succes! I leave you at that.

    Good day sir.


     Best comment I’ve read on Hearthpwn so far :D
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    Finally!! It started to become a bit frustrating you know

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    Quote from RygaUK >>

    the crowd at blizzcon picked so badley there were much better options but they were casuals who wanted fun

     Your spelling is badley
    And I don't mind some fun for once ;)
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    Quote from Thonson >>

    Just a thought... what if they add a new game mode that has a ladder system like now (one win = one star) but the deck you use to climb is an Arena style draft?  And they could even make it where you draft a deck and play ten games with it, then you can choose to drop and redraft 5 cards or change class and completely redraft if you think what you got is just completely terrible.  Regardless of your choice you continue climbing at the rank you've reached so far.

    It's almost like a competitive ladder dungeon run type of game (with out the crazy treasures or super high health totals, and not against a computer).  Could be fun!  Not saying replace the current ladder with this because people will want a place to play purely constructed decks, but this theorized new game mode could spark the bit of creativity you think the game is lacking.  Sure, someone could get lucky and end up with a meta net deck if given the right choices, but it's a lower chance as they have to build off the choices they are given.

    I feel like this mode would probably have a Gold cost to it though as Blizzard wouldn't want to give players a way to play any card in a ranked mode without having to buy packs.

     Love the idea (like legit, it sounds amazing), but, I can't see how within a month there would be very clear guidelines on how to get a good draft (Rough example: Pick jades every time if you get Rouge because Jade Rouge is very strong and easy to get all the cards for). When climbing in ladder, consistency is key so people would only draft decks that might not be tier 1 since they can't get it everytime but almost always tier 2 and climb with that. Ofc we will see some odd decks here and there but we also see that in both Arena and Competitive. Cards like Bonmare would also suddenly become a HUGE problem. Played in every deck. So now we have the ladder problem with a stale meta and lots of grinding + the salt from arena with RnG drafts, Bonmares and Cobalt Scalebanes everywhere.
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    Quote from Ehronatha >>

    I played some of the agro paladin deck because I had almost all the cards.  It just gets slaughtered by everything.  No value whatsoever, its minions are too weak to win a fight for the board, and it dies to the smallest of board clears or any half-decent taunt.  I mean, are you just supposed to go face?  Murlocs are a bit better, but not by much. 

    At least in Wild you're buffing your guys; in standard you're just spewing out lots of weak dudes. 

     You are playing the deck wrong if you can't win with it. It's easily one of the best 3 decks atm. All the stats and meta reports are against you too. My winrate against paladin is against you too :((
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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place!

    Dev team is stoooopid

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    posted a message on i can't win against aggro as a razakus

    I do Hope Aggro beats you down, you disgusting priest. 

    Seriously though, the best 5 decks to climb to legend with are ALL different versions of Razakus Priest so maybe it's more about your skill than the deck? Razakus priest is so OP you should climb with it if you don't play a too greedy deck and have some skill to make the right decisions.

    Suggestions to tech against paladin: pintsize potion and shadow word:Horror. Shadow word:Horror Wipes the entire board and pintsize potion is just a great combo with Horror in other matchups.

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