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    posted a message on How to disrespect Demonhunters ?

    I always get the feeling that the people who do this are the same ones who flip their shit like a 2000s German kid whenever they lose a Silver 10 game, and then probably make a salt thread about RNG or something.

    Just don't be an ass.

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    Woah, everyone received a full deck of cards complete with Epics and Legendaries for the first new class ever, and people are actually playing it less than two weeks after release? Truly extraordianry.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2
    Quote from EternalHS >>

    I don't get salty and I never post here other than to laugh at regular bads but this time the game broke me and after years of it, spending money equal to student loans of several people on the game to maintain a dozen accounts since closed beta, I'm done.

    It isn't even DH. I love it or better said I would love it if the ladder revamp wasn't complete bullshit. High legend player since closed beta, wild player only, my MMR is fuciking insane after years of high legend play. What happens now? I get so many stars that the bonus won't end until Diamond 5 and every matched I'm paired with the top wild players like myself. Every. Single. Match.

    Do you want to try to ladder with DH? Nope, fuck you, here is Dane with Quest Mage. Do you want to rank with Quest Mage? Nope, fuck you, here is RenoJackson with Cubelock. If you bads can imagine what top 100 legend games look like then just imagibe every single game when you click play being like that. No more room for exoerimentation, no room for mistakes, just S tier decks and gameplay over and over again endlessly.

    But it ends when you reach Diamond 5, right? Wrong! What is there left to do after Diamond 5? You go to legend and the same matches continue. Regardless of if you stop playing then or continue to clomb at the end of the month MMR matchmaker and 10x star bonus come back and then it is the entire bullshit all over again because of your stupid high MMR.



    This is the biggest and most hilarious cope post in a hundred pages at least.

    Guys I swear, I'm not salty usually, I just come here to laugh at you bads, btw I can't get past Diamond because the game is rigged against me and I only play against the top 0.1% of all Legend players (who are just like me) every time. I swear I'm leabing this game for real finally.

    I mean, holy cope, being a paypig and complaining about not being able to ladder with DH before the first nerfs even hit is just the cherry on top.

    Just get gud bud.

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    It's good as is, there's especially no need to touch Altruis and Kayn, they're not broken they're just powerful, and rightfully so, Kayn and Altruis make up 2/3 of the class exclusive legendaries for DH, while Glaivebound should maybe be reduced to three damage, he's not really too powerful, not alone and not in any deck really.

    Priestess is perhaps the last card that needs some touch up but they gotta be careful with it, it shouldn't be Rare Ragnaros but it also shouldn't become useless.

    The meta is strong with not much place for new decks among the top, and DH has only a few archetypes since they're brand new, but they should still be able to contend with the best. The class may have started out of the gates as something too broken, but we shouldn't be doing a complete 180 by making it worse than Shaman or Paladin.

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    You're the man now dog.

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    posted a message on DH your impressions

    Please direct yourselves to the salt thread.

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    posted a message on Ashes of Outland Waiting Room

    All tables full!

    There should be an empty seat in about: TEN. THOUSAND. YEARS.

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    Demon Hunter is in charge of this meta now.

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    posted a message on Is Hearthstone worth getting back into?

    ITT: Salt and Runeterra shills.

    But for real OP, it's a great time to return, just do yourself a favour and don't invest too heavily into the game and you should be able to enjoy it plenty. It comes down mostly to personal philosophy on this but I would also advise you not to invest huge sums of cash either, because then, anything that happens to the game affects you that much more, at that point, they're not just changing up their F2P game that you enjoy, they're touching your investment in ways you might not like. 
    Play for the fun mostly and don't get too invested, if you do that I would say it's a very enjoyable game still and there's certainly much to look forward to.

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