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    posted a message on Farewell HearthPwn...

    Realy sad to see this site go offline - always was and maybe still will be my favourite Hearthstone Site and Forum ...

    Gonna be hard to find a new one that´s even close the this one!

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    What? I realy love this forum and the time i had reading certain Posts - also found lots of friends and always enjoyed reading through the pages ...

    Realy sad to see HearthPWN go offline .... and now i have to look for another Hearthstone Forum that is as good and entertaining as HearthPWN was ... 

    Wish you all the best in your future endeavours !

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    posted a message on Do you accept friend requests?

    Well yes i always accept friend requests - even if i´m 100 % sure that the player who had sent the request is gonna rage or something like that. Stuff like that doesn't bother me - if he feels better after venting about something that happend in the game so be it. 

    But there are some people who just want to talk or chat about the deck etc. I personaly have found lots of nice people like that. Sure mostly it´s gonna be a rage message but not every time.


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    posted a message on Heroic Ungan Oddkind and Tala - how do you beat them??

    Well, i got lucky against Ungan because i shuffled the Kadoom-Bot in his deck which does 50 Damage as soon as he draws it - he drew it the next turn and with the minions and cards i had i could finish him off the next turn!

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist special interactions

    Well i guess there are lots of interactions in there i haven't discovered yet!

    That´s one thing i realy like about this game mode ;)

    Discovered some interactions but the only one i can remember right now :

    I played against the Pirate Boss and played an Amalgam and he went: "Ey, didn't i used to run with you Matey?" 

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer
    Quote from endlesstides >>

    It's really simple. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Some of you sound like the type of person who complains about a TV show they've seen....

    "It was disgusting. I sat through the whole hour and have never been so shocked" 

     Why? Change the damn channel. There is sooo much choice out there. 

     As for those of you saying "Scam!! Waaaahhhh" it's not. We all knew what it would be, we all knew we'd have to pay, either in Gold or Cash, if we wanted it. How the fuck is it a scam if we knew what we were getting? 

     So. Either buy it, play it and enjoy it. Or don't. The choice is almost certainly yours. 

     Couldn't agree more! Very well said!

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist is a bummer
    Quote from ItsATM >>
    Quote from agon_EU >>

    I was really excited to play this new game mode but I was really let down. The game mode is just a dungeon run 2.0 with very little innovation. 

    The money/gold requirement to buy the whole thing is not worth at all, it's essentially a dungeon run but with the cash grab.


    Little innovation? Cash grab? Lets take a look at what your $20 gets you:

    - 15 card packs
    - 1 Golden Legendary
    - 5 chapters of exclusive content
    - New deck-building feature (Tavern visits)
    - 9 Henchmen to play as.
    - Each of the henchmen have 4 different decks to choose from, and 4 different hero powers.
    - Dozens of unique bosses.
    - Even more new treasures added throughout each run.

    Learn some gratitude, or go complain elsewhere.  

     Exactly this!

    So far i realy enjoy it - and you do not have to spend any real money on it - and no one is forced to play it! But people (at least some) will always complain about everything!

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    posted a message on Mage is Expensive

     Well , it would help a lot if we would know which cards you have - and sadly you have no collection in your profile ..

    There are some mage lists that could work depending on your collection - right now im trying some sort of Freeze Mage but it also some Epics and Legendarys - i think Kibler played some sort of Tempo Mage with the New Dart Frog and it i think it was pretty cheap compared to other decks.

    Freeze Mage is back!
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    Minion (13) Ability (17)
    Loading Collection

    Found that one but it also uses lots of epics and 2 legendarys 

    kiblers mage deck
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    Minion (15) Ability (15)
    Loading Collection

    That´s the deck Kibler used - not that much epics and some legendarys like Luna are strong but i guess could be changed ...

    Mage is pretty decent right now and also fun to play - at least in my oppinion! 

    Good Luck and have fun!

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    posted a message on How much damage in one turn have you done?

    Well i do not remember the number exactly but it was around 800-1000 damage with Divine Spirit and Inner Fire combo - but i only stacked it up that high because i was playing a friend and we had a fun game - in ranked it was probably around 50-90 damage because i did not need more to kill the opponent :)

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    posted a message on Do you guys also find the meta insanely boring?

    Right now i kinda like the meta because there are lots of different decks that can be played - sure more rogues than any other classes but still lots of other decks out there.

    But it always will be boring for some players - depending if they can play stuff they like or not i guess ... 

    The same thing also applies to the classes and everyone crying for nerfs ! a few weeks ago people were crying about hunter, before that about druid, before that about warlock , ... i could go on but it always will be the same that people will cry because it does not go their way or at least in a direction they do not prefer!

    And it´s the same with the meta! It is impossible to create a Meta where everybody is happy and nobody is going to cry for a change or nerf!


    TL, DR: I like the meta right now but others not so much :) :) 


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    posted a message on paladin and warlock decks worth crafting
    Quote from Dendroid >>

    I've been having a ton of fun with Duel Big Paladin, throw in Prismatic lens, some secret package, then as man y big minions as you please.  My variant has Oondasta bear/grizzly package, which is great against early aggression.  Won more than I've lost so it has something.

     Like he said! Big Paladin is a lot of fun! I mean Secret/Mech Paladin is also pretty decent but i personaly prefer the Big Paladin. True no T1 deck but lots of fun!

    Warlock is pretty rough right now because the best deck right now is as you mentioned Zoo ! Somekind of Wall-Lock is also doing pretty decent and is more the controlish-type if you wanna play something like this. Portal-Lock is fun but way to weak for the ladder.

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    posted a message on Nerf this threads..

    Well i hope not (or at least i hope if they read stuff like that they can detect which one´s are realy problematic) because there are lot´s of people who will cry for a nerf because they just lost to a specific card that would not need a nerf!

    But i like to think that sometimes they look up stuff like this and maybe think about the "real" posts and not the salty i just lost to threats!

    But like i always said, they can't please everybody - if the would make a change there still will be someone who will complain about the change or that the change wasn't enough - so i guess i can quote you :


    Quote from grokl77 >>

    Vicious circle.



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    posted a message on Hero Cards Was A Mistake?

    Well so far i realy like the Idea behind the Hero Cards, and so far i think they are fine - but it would be cool if every class would have one available in standard :)

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    posted a message on How often you swap Decks while climbing Ladder?

    Well, normaly if i start the climb i stick to 1 deck. If i loose to much i sometimes change but it also depends on the mood and how good the climb is.

    I always rank up to 5 with 1 deck - mess around a little and if i have the time to start the legend grind i usualy stick to 1 deck.

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    posted a message on secret hunter a thing again

    Well, i personal saw only 1 so far and saw one streamer trying it out - it`s a pretty decent deck and mostly surprises your opponent because usualy if you`re up against a hunter its either Mech or AggroBeast. 

    I would say it´s a decent T2 deck and therefor not bad for the meta right now. But defenitely not as OP as before because as you mentioned the "real" secret Hunter lost his best tools

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