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    posted a message on Let's guess what cards will be nerfed
    Quote from B0n3d4ddy >>

    Instead of crying for Embiggen nerfs why not pick Mech Paladin, Rez Priest or Zoolock and whoop their asses? Oh I forgot, it's easier to complain about the latest flavour of the month until it gets nerfed (only followed by complaints about <insert despicable deck of choice>)

    According to HSR the best performing Embiggen Druid lists deliver a 57-58% win rate. That's far from e.g. Control Warrior in its heyday and the worst offender isn't even Embiggen but Breath of Dreams. The card is #1, 1 and 2 when it comes to Mulligan, Drawn and Played win rate. Embiggen itself performs at the same level as Strength in Numbers which suggests that the combination of mana cheat and ramp is the actual problem, not a +2/+2 (+4/+4) buff on your remaining minions.


    Embiggen is 30% of the meta, if you dont see something wrong with it you are blinding yourself from the truth (most likely because you play it).

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    posted a message on Unpopular Opinion: Epics are way too expensive
    Quote from ByMelodyyyy >>

    Yeah I think I might just play this last expansion then quit I turn I'll be 18 next year anyways so probably time to move on from this game.

     Sweet summer child 

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    posted a message on Does this combo works?
    Quote from LxVaiN >>

    Well you need a way to kill off your Blatant Decoy first. So you need one more card for the combo.

     Can be done with grim rally

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    posted a message on Legendary Quest??
    Quote from FortyDust >>

    I can think of only two reasons you might not get your legendary quests:

    1. You didn't log in every day during the week they were offered.
    2. Your quest log was full of normal quests. The legendary cannot appear if you already have three quests.

    They did warn us that we should be sure to make room for the legendary quests. It's a shame if you didn't see that warning.

     That's bs you can get them it just replaces a Random one. This guy is trolling you

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    posted a message on Unpopular Opinion: Jaina was by far the unhealthiest DK in the meta.

    That's quite a statement, gul dan was staple in every warlock strategy and saw play even in zoolock, tyrion got equality nerfed, valeera got kingsbane nerfed, rexxar had 60% win rate when played post ww and anduin had raza nerfed and took away the meta for 4 months.

    Jaina on the other hand saw extremely mediocre play except in the last expansion cycle. 


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    posted a message on Funeral of the Priest of standart
    Dont worry pal they gave priest twisting nether on steroids, im pretty sure he's gonna come back in a way or the other 
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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Jar Dealer

    Maybe there is a quest revolving around playing minions that didn't start in your deck, in that case this could see play..

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    posted a message on Resurrection spells.. and new pile
    Quote from grokl77 >>


    Spell Resurrect: Summon a random minion that died this game

    Resurrection is the concept of coming back to life after death.

    How come that in hearthstone you can resurrect the same dead minion multiple times?

    Its does not make sense. A dead minion should only be able to be resurrected once after it is dead and then again, if it should die again.

    Hearthstone should have a dead minion pile or used card pile. When a spell is cast or a minion dies it goes to this pile.

    When casting resurrection spells the game should pull minions from this pile, if no minions left, then the spell is wasted.

    This pile would also add a whole new area of possibilities for the game:

    • Destroy opponents pile
    • Summon a random minion from opponents pile
    • Discover a card from pile and add it to deck (or hand)
    • Etc

    What are your thoughts?

     In yugioh, a game that has a graveyard slot, the graveyard is a gigantic pile of value and as the game progressed it got more and more a central part of the game, to the point you actually want monsters in your graveyard. It would make for a very different game if you added such a mechanic to hs so i'd rather if they didnt. 

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    posted a message on We Need Mech Tech?
    Quote from MurlocHolmes_HS >>

    I think because of Magnetize, any card that would eat a Mech needs to be a little over-costed.  Dropping a card like E.M.P. Operative that cost, say 2-mana, would feel pretty bad if it were killing 2-3 Mechs stuck together.

     2 mana 2/3-> set a target enemy mech attack and health to 2. 

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    posted a message on 10 New Classic Cards, Vanish & Mind Blast to Hall of Fame

    Rogue class identity is tempo over value, that's why sap and prep are the most iconic cards of the class in the game. I get hofing vanish because it's too strong, but dont say you are hofing it because of class identity because that's bullshit. 

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    posted a message on New Druid card - Gift of the Wild

    Its not very good per se but i think its gonna be pretty good with forest aid

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    posted a message on Best Card In Game History?

    Release version Mysterious challenger, followed closely by og dr boom and pre nerf undertaker. 

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    posted a message on Just lost from Countess Ashmore bug

    It looks like a bug honestly, try writing a ticket to blizzard support. 

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    posted a message on Undtakah + Recurring Villain Bug?

    Ok it's like how cube works, if you cube a cube with stuff inside the second cube just summons vanilla cubes. Its how the game works with minions that gain deathrattles via their battlecry 

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    posted a message on Where are golden cards in site's colletion?
    Quote from jmxd >>

    Unfortunately golden cards in your Hearthpwn collection was only supported by using the Innkeeper app to import them automatically. But since Innkeeper is not currently supported that means golden cards are also not currently supported.

    Is innkeeper or something of that sort ever coming back? Any plans in that regard? i wasnt really using it as a deck tracker but having a collection manager showing how many cards for a specific deck i was missing was pretty nice

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