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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Freezer#22820 is blacklisted !

    Be aware!

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    posted a message on April Ranked Ladder Changes - All the Details!

    I am a long time HS player (since Beta) and I have almost all cards - just a few legendaries/epics missing.
    I want golden cards .... I don't really care for packs/lonely cards - so I want the 3 common gold + 1 golden epic card back, which i earned at the end of the season (Rank 5 old ladder system!).

    Besides that good changes I guess...

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    posted a message on Blizzard Adjusts and Explains Decision on Blitzchung Affair - With Blitzchung's Reaction


    Directed to Blizzard -->
    "Cooled down greetings to my longtime favourite games-forge,
    I am a German Blizzard fan for over 20 years now (still no good English - sorry °_°).
    Since 1998 I played Starcraft and later was one of the influential mass and semi-pro gamers for WarCraft 3 (even 2on2 2nd National Team).
    I did not play WoW much (need this 1on1 competetive style), but I liked Overwatch, loved StarCraft 2's epic story and playstyle (anyhow only master league with race random) and until now I paid at least 2000$ for Hearthstone with over 16k games done.
    Blizzard was always an island for me.
    A place of fantasy, competition, friendship and freedom.
    A place like the real world should be in many ways.
    It started to crush a bit, as Vivendi bought Blizzard.
    There were many little steps, where the true root spirit was damaged in some ways sometimes.
    But in the case Blitzchung there is a frontier, that cannot be stepped over.
    It’s a chimera, that you think, that the problems of real live has not to affect the game.
    We cant’t live and play in a spirit of freedom, when you act in this way.
    Sure he had broken the rules… but for what reason?
    Isn’t there a reason whey there are rules?
    The meta reason is to guarantee a free and enjoyable enviroment.
    Blitzchung protested against forces, that want to destroy this spirit of freedom and free speech and you Blizzard kill him for that like Grommash Hellscream tortured Mannoroth the Destructor.
    That is simply wrong.
    Blitzchung is no demon - he behaved like we all should at the turn of the tides.
    Even now with the reduction of the penalty to “just” 6 (instead of 12) month and giving him his tournament money back, you showed no attitude to honor a brave heart who stands in for freedom of speech and a protest for human rights.
    Right now in my country everything also collapses - I am a resistance fighter under an every day more totalitary system, which wants to control all German people by censorship, tax slavery, political correctness and pseudomoral laws (truely hypocrits everywhere) - destroying german industry and freedom (which was never given since Versaillies 1919) and primary killing the Spirit of ‘Schiller’ it seems as main goal with a lot of pure lies.

    I cannot proceed even paying you for this behaviour - you as big company have a responsibility, when you remember your root spirit/goals.
    If I as player and part of a great community accept/tolerate your behaviour, other companies will act as long arm of lobbyists/oligarchs too and think they can create just gamerzombies, who forget, what this world is all about and for what it is a passion and reasonable to fight.
    Ask yourself if you love a community more, that withstands the torture of human rights or just being some ghuls without any vision to live and love for.

    I expect a statemet of you at the latest to BlizzCon, that in regards to the great spirit of you community you “free” Blitzchung as a fighter for freedom, like we all should be.
    Otherwise I will stop paying any more money for this company, which just seem to be a system w.h.o.r.e like so many others to money and power of politicians/lobbyists.
    Your lobby are your gamers.
    You spirit is (was?) freedom!

    Act so!"

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    posted a message on Krag'wa the Evolving Frog

    Gruul is needed in a Shudderwock Deck ... - cut on fungal maybe

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    posted a message on Community Choice Awards: Year of the Mammoth Results

    A quick link in the article to the last years

    Community Choice Awards: Year of the Craken Results

    would have been nice !

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    posted a message on Wacky Waxy Winter's Veil is This Week's Brawl!

     Thanks for Christmas gift Blizzard - will be my only one this year.

    Because to massive lies of my former wife, the court has taken away my daughter and i will be alone Christmas :,( !

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    posted a message on Upcoming Changes to HearthPwn Accounts & Community Card Pack Giveaway

    My favorite Hearthstone moment was simply --> The first time I reached legend in Sep. 2015
    Anyhow there was at least another one, as I opened packs in GvG and if you asked me before of all cards I would like to receive, it would have been GOLDEN DR. Bumm.
    Guess which I opened, right after I thought about it?

    In both above written cases you could have heared my happy scream almost to Blizzard I guess.

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    posted a message on The All Golden Classic Pack - Now Available for Free to Twitch Prime Members

    Wtf °_o - This must be the best pack here I guess - did you fucked a luckpig ? °_°


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    posted a message on New Warlock Hero Coming Soon - Nemsy Necrofizzle, the Gnome!

    When will the Patch 9.2 with the new skin hit the servers?
    I thought it would be the 17th ...

    EDIT : 10:30 P.m. CES => Patch online

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