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    So are they gonna remove the beast tag? Seeing as how Darkmire Moonkin is a thing, and it shouldn't have had it in the first place.

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    So satisfying getting lethal with my golden Krush. None of my opponents expect it when I play him.

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    I don't regret crafting her at all. Such a fun card!

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    So he is definitely a worgen, so why the beast tag? Neither form should have it, as they are categorized as humanoids, and this can be seen in all other worgen cards.

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    huh, isn't this a better Spider Tank...

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    I'm really not a fan of these Hearthstone exclusive legendaries, especially another copy of one. It's waste a chance to pull from the vast characters of Warcraft universe. On top of that, they have no real relation to the thematic zones of the expansions. Her and Hemet, Jungle Hunter, could have been any number of characters from Un'Goro. I particularly like replacing her with A-Me 01, being a 5 mana 5/5 mech with the same battlecry.

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    So, they could change it? Those changes may be impossible for a physical card game, but this is a digital card game. I think it would significantly improve the card, and it sounds like a reasonable change to me.

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    Wait why didn't they change it to Echo? It's the exact same mechanic, how bizarre.

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    I had to get her as my free Legendary :( We already had an okay Aviana, they didn't have to go and print this bootleg version of her. They could have printed a different effect, and or used a different character instead of dragging her name through the mud. She'll be the fist thing to go if I want an epic.

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    Wait what is he? He looks like he should have either the dragon, or maybe beast tag. I'm guessing dragon considering the name? There's no consistency to their tags anymore, cards will just get a tag if the the developers desire it regardless of the precedent or lore. I'm guessing they did it so it wouldn't conflict with his effect, but hes a card you'd build your deck around anyway so you'd avoid that already. It would be really fun to get him from some of the random generation, like Bone Drake, I think it'd be worth it to give him the dragon tag.

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