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    posted a message on Am'gam Rager

    At this point they should outright remove this card. There was never any merit to it getting printed, and they've seemingly forgotten about it. I seriously doubt they'll change it considering their track record. It was always poor joke, a testament to their failure to act. Instead of devaluing their customers packs with this pack filler, along with Ice Rager, it could have been put up on the Hearthstone website to be laughed at harmlessly. The best it can do now, is repay people with some of the dust it robbed them of.

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    So are they gonna remove the beast tag? Seeing as how Darkmire Moonkin is a thing, and it shouldn't have had it in the first place.

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    posted a message on Prince Malchezaar

    I always found it surprising that they gave him such premium stats, ignoring the usual 5/5 standard. Possibly to out way the variance of his effect, though it still carries its own benefits. As it stands it's an objectively better Pit Fighter, which I find troubling.

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    posted a message on King Krush

    So satisfying getting lethal with my golden Krush. None of my opponents expect it when I play him.

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    posted a message on Gahz'rilla

    I don't regret crafting her at all. Such a fun card!

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    posted a message on Kindly Grandmother

    So he is definitely a worgen, so why the beast tag? Neither form should have it, as they are categorized as humanoids, and this can be seen in all other worgen cards.

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    huh, isn't this a better Spider Tank...

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    posted a message on Grand Crusader

    So, they could change it? Those changes may be impossible for a physical card game, but this is a digital card game. I think it would significantly improve the card, and it sounds like a reasonable change to me.

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    The nerf seems to have gone a bit far, they could at least bring down the mana cost to maybe 5 mana. It cost too much as it is, 7 mana just seems like too much for what you're getting. I'd prefer if it had been a nerf to its survivability rather than its attack, maybe 4 or 3 health instead.

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    posted a message on Patches the Pirate Loses Charge - Four Card Nerfs Coming in February

    That's a bit too severe on the creeper nerf, they could at least bring down the mana cost to maybe 5. 7 mana just seems like too much for what you're getting, it kinda kills the card.

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    posted a message on Magma Rager

    Yeah most likely they would have to change their stats to accommodate these changes. Ice Rager maybe being a 1/3-4, I just see freeze as a fitting mechanic for it, While I don't quite agree with the change to Magma Rager making him that good, as he'd have penalty of friendly fire, a possible reduction to his attack might suffice. This would change his role as a glass canon vanilla minion, to a more utility role providing a board clear with a body as has been seen with a few other minions. In the end I'd just like to see them have their own place in the game, if not by these changes then maybe something more fitting.

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    posted a message on Ixlid, Fungal Lord

    Wait he's a bog beast why did he get the elemental tag? No other bog beast got the elemental tag, Loatheb, Fen Creeper, Bog Creeper, if he gets it they should get it too.

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    posted a message on Majordomo Executus

    If only he were playable. Maybe if Ragnaros had 8 armor or 16 health instead...

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    posted a message on Bearshark

    That's a very arbitrary reason... its a mangled shark's head strapped onto the decapitated body of bear, and it gets to keep the beast tag?

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    posted a message on Murloc Tinyfin

    Why would you power creep Wisp?

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