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    posted a message on The Standard Brawliseum Has Taken Over Tavern Brawl This Week!

    Because the meta hasn't settled yet, so now you'll see a lot more diversity in this brawl. The other brawls i were pretty much 2-3 decks that you kept seeing over and over.

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    posted a message on Rastakhan's Rumble - Complete Card Reveal Schedule


    Here are the CET times for all Europeans on here :) Hopefully this looks good.

    Kick off card reveal livestream: 19. November 19:00

    Final card reveal livestream: 28. November 19:00

     19. Nov. 21:00     20. Nov. 08:00    20. Nov. 11:00 

      20. Nov. 13:00    20. Nov. 14:00    20. Nov. 16:00
      20. Nov. 17:00    20. Nov. 18:00    20. Nov. 20:00 
      21. Nov. 05:00    21. Nov. 11:00    21. Nov. 13:00
      21. Nov. 16:00    21. Nov. 20:00    21. Nov. 22:00
      22. Nov. 03:00    22. Nov. 08:00    22. Nov. 10:00
      22. Nov. 13:00    22. Nov. 16:00    22. Nov. 19:00
      23. Nov. 08:00    23. Nov. 13:00    23. Nov. 15:00
      23. Nov. 16:00                (whoops, only notice now here's an empty space, well, no more :))
      23. Nov. 20:00    23. Nov. 23:00    24. Nov. 07:00
      24. Nov. 08:00    24. Nov. 10:00    24. Nov. 16:00
      24. Nov. 20:00    24. Nov. 22:00    25. Nov. 08:00
      25. Nov. 13:00    25. Nov. 16:00    25. Nov. 20:00
      26. Nov. 04:00    26. Nov. 08:00    26. Nov. 11:00
      26. Nov. 13:00    26. Nov. 16:00    26. Nov. 17:00
      26. Nov. 20:00    27. Nov. 06:00    27. Nov. 08:00
      27. Nov. 10:00    27. Nov. 13:00    Nov 27 16:00
      Nov 27 20:00    Nov 28 03:00    Nov 28 08:00

     EDITs: Changed it to a spoiler so this isn't as big when you’re not interested :) and typo

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    posted a message on Do You Remember When...

    Remember when people played Shrinkmeister into Cabal Shadow Priest to steal your opponents Ysera.

    Or shortly after Medivh got released, when you could tell by which hero your opponent was using whether he was playing Freeze Mage (Medivhs), or Tempo Mage (Jainas)

    and of course old Yogg-Saron, Hope's End :P

    Also, I haven't seen a Control Priest playing Wild Pyromancer -> spell -> Circle of Healing with an Auchenai Soulpriest on the board.

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    posted a message on Mechatron , Climbing Rank 5 to legend

    If you are looking for solid decks to spend your hard-earned dust on, you shouldn't go to Hearthpwn in the first place.

    Because unless it's a new archetype (but then you still don't know whether it's really that good), you'll find very little 'basic decks'. And with this I mean the most basic forms of decks, so decks without any tech cards or other cards that make you wonder why they're included, decks you would want to spend your dust on, because these are the most solid versions with the most solid cards, what makes every crafted card well spent.

    Instead of the weird, wacky cards you find here that might've worked for the one person on that specific time, but might not work for you when you try the deck a week later.

    Now I'm not saying decks here are bad. The 'basic decks' are usually not the best, so often decks here are better of more fun. But I'm saying you shouldn't blindly craft a deck whit a supposed good winrate, without first looking at which cards are really mandatory in order to play the deck. So you should first find the core of the deck, the 'basic deck', and craft that, and then decide whether you really want to craft the rest. This way you don't waste dust on cards that turn out bad, unless you actively choose to take the risk. And if you're very low on dust you shouldn't craft decks like this one that are still very new.

    This is of course only if you have little to no dust, if you have spare dust, you still shouldn't blindly craft decks, but you have to think a bit less and can take more risks.

    So yes, if there's no proof, you have to think for yourself, but it that really that hard. I think it's peoples own fault if they blindly invest into a deck they find here. And even if there's proof that doesn't say the deck is good and worth your hard-earned dust.

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    posted a message on How many total wins would you consider to be a lot in HS ?

    Been playing since season 2 and I have about 7250 wins. Still only 4 golden heroes though.

    Reading through here it seems like 7-8k wins is pretty common if you're playing since the start.

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    posted a message on Initial Crafting Advice For Legendary Cards In The Boomsday Project

    These tier lists are for now indeed. The meta hasn’t stabilizied and people are still not done experimenting with cards.

    cards that might seem bad at first glance, like Zerek, Master Cloner could very well be good in a week or two, or at least not utter trash. And vice versa of course.

    so it’s good you didn’t put anything in tier 1, because there are no clearly must-have cards like Baku and Genn, as the article says. But it’s really bad that you’re advising to dust cards that just haven’t been experimented with enough. 

    Also I played the Zerek deck recipe, and while it might never become a competitive deck, it’s at the very least a very fun deck and it’s definitely worth keeping Zerek.

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    posted a message on So Far Hearthstone still #1 P4P DTCG king ? Which card games do u think is a threat to hearthstone domination ?

    None of them really have a chance I think.

    Artifact looks promising, but it‘s not really something for casusl players, and these cadual playerd are thr majority of Hearthstone players. Also many people don‘t want to pay 20$ just to be able to play Artifact.

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    posted a message on Future Feature Funhouse
    Quote from beyblade904 >>

    Can the Innkeeper please be updated for Mac OS systems. It would be really amazing. :)

     This has been asked a thousand times including people offering to help, but there has always either been a bad/vague answer and reason to why it's not coming, or no answer at all from the devs. :(

    Though it of course would be really amazing and a very nice surprise if they suddenly said it's coming and they're working on it. But don't put your hopes too high.

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    posted a message on Second 2 Legendary Pack in awhile... FeelsBadMan

    At least you won't get those 2 legendaries ever again :P. Unless you DE them of course, which you should not do for exactly this reason.

    Double legendary packs, no matter which legendaries are in there, are really lucky.

    I've only ever opened one, but it was a reeeaaaallly good one: 

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    posted a message on Is anyone else disappointed with this expansion so far?

    I have to disagree here. I think this is a very good expanion, not in term of power level, though on the other side, right because of the power level.

    It is lower than lther expansions, so indeed not many new cards are played, but there are  also no new broken combos which are simply unfun (except Shudderwock, which was just dumb). Especially as there are no infinite value cards (except Shudderwock), Classic Control decks might have a chance again, and if that happens also classid Midrange.

    so I do really like this expasion, also playing now is really fun, but we‘ll see how the meta evolves.

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