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    posted a message on So, it seems Druid got the shaft again?

    Quest Druid is my favorite deck right now. I think it is pretty strong, not crazy broken, but def. a strong tier 2. 

    I think the key is finding a version with an actual win condition. The just play strong cards and hope for the best versions seem bad. 

    Malygos version seems good 
    Nomi version seems ok 
    I play a heavy token version and I think it is pretty good 
    I have even seen an OTK APM infinite combo with gloops and bees, that one seems questionable but I think Druid has cool options to play

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    posted a message on The Numbers Tell the Truth, No Matter What We Say...

    Remember the Druids of Druidstone. When you could literally play 10 straight games of Druid. I think Warrior is pretty broken, but I don't think it is anywhere near as broken as Jade Druid at it's peak, Pirate Warrior, Aggro Shaman, Secret Paladin in it's day, they are def. getting better at balance. 

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    posted a message on Magic Carpet in Quest Shaman

    I have been playing 1 Magic Carpet in my Quest Shaman and I think it is AMAZING!!! 

    I thought it would be a fun idea because you naturally generate a TON of 1-mana lackeys. 

    But I think it is potentially a VERY good include because it helps against a weakness this deck has. Regaining a lost board. With a hand full of lackeys and a carpet you can clear pretty much any board your opponent can create without having to stuff spells, most of which are double-edged into a minion deck. 

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    posted a message on An Argument Against Nerfs

    I have been playing a free to play account in addition to my account I have most the cards on. If you do the daily challenges, even if you do not play arena you have more than 1 or 2 viable decks. You just do not realize it. If you think you need to play the best deck on HSreplay to be viable you are undervaluing skill on tier 2 or 3 decks. Look at any streamer. Most can hit legend with tier nowhere decks. You are unfairly judging the game based on an unnecessary box that you have created for yourself. 

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    posted a message on Nat Pagle has gotta be the worst Legendary in the game

    I got Harbinger Celestia that legendary that turns into a minion that your opponent plays. 

    I don't know, but I think that one is WAY worse than Nat Pagle. Nat is at least, rarely, but could be a strong tempo play on 2 when strong tempo plays matter.

    The new Legendary is total garbage. Its not that good on tempo is it doesn't change and there is no deck it is good against. 

    Against aggro obvious trash. 

    Against big Warlocks are you getting Voidlord no your getting a Kabal Lackey you can't use 

    Against Big Priest in Wild, they summon their minions they don't have to play them 

    Big Mages play Fire Fly. Big Druids? Your getting Hadronox you can't use. Your getting Dragon Caller or Oakenheart that pulls nothing. 

    No one just plays big minions anymore they cheat them out. Your getting the trash card they use to cheat out those big minions. 

    This has to be the worst Legendary ever printed.

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    posted a message on Best Legendary to Craft?

    Mecha Thun seems to have a few good decks forming around it, but you would have to like playing combo decks and have the cards to play the combo. 

    Dr. Boom is solid, but Mech Warrior hasn't been on ladder too much, or have you seen it more than me? 

    Zillax is already popping up in decks with no other mechs that is probably the safest craft especially if as it looks now Zoo decks like Heallock, and Odd Pally are going to be top tier. Zillax is going to be good. 

    Though Combo decks also seem to be on the rise. 

    Whizbang seems to have hype but I don't understand why. HS has a Tavern Brawl every year where you play their generally awful and often boring deck recipes. I never enjoy it. Seems like this is a less consistent version of that. If playing bad decks is your thing...you can just make a bad deck. Making bad decks is easy and doesn't require a big card pool or an expensive legendary. 

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    posted a message on Juicy Psychmelon Token Druid

    I Didn't buy the expansion. So I am running a version and it seems to be really good. 

    Juicy Psychmelon versus UI. I only run one cus the deck is kinda heavy and I never run out of cards. The main idea. The main benefit is the Corridor Creeper and Mulchmuncher or in my case Sea Giant since I don't have Mulchmuncher tutor. If you have a board you can sack you are getting a massive amount states, with decent consistency for very very little mana. 10/13 of stats for 4 mana with Sea Giant and theoretically for free with Mulchmuncher...plus rush. No, that is definitely good. There is definitely value in tutoring for that. 

    The other benefit is with Wispering Woods. Draw 4 for 4 can be played alongside Whispering Woods on 8 boosting its power level if your gassing. 

    Haven't tried Floop since I don't have it. 

    The Mechs are powerful but they are pretty easily beaten with silence and big removal. I started teaching BGH in. Token Druid was tier one in the last meta and will be tier one or two likely in the next meta. 

    Lich King is actually a very common include in token druid lists. The reason why it is in this list is, pretty obvious, you want an 8-drop to maximize your Psychmelon pull.

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    posted a message on Juicy Psychmelon Token Druid

    WR: 7-2
    Taunt Druid is the only match that feels un-win-able to me 

    Why this could work?

    If you can get the cost reduction on Creeper and Muncher to near 0 fairly fast, and that doest seem impossible then I think this deck could REALLY work. 10/13 stats for basically nothing by turn 6 works...probably.

     With only 1 9-drop and 1 8-drop only the first Psychmelon is good. Maybe you only run one Psychmelon or maybe it is so good, you risk the dead card to run two. I don't know.

    Although, if the reduction on Creeper, and Muncher is significant enough maybe you only need to draw those two cards. At some point it is almost 4 mana draw and play for free 10/13 worth of minions. 

    I didn't buy the expansion so this the version I am running. I want to move to a more Treant heavy version with Mulchmuncher as I get more cards 

    Juicy Psychmelon Token Druid
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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - Mecha'thun

    So HS is actively trying to not be fun now? I hear the MTG online is pretty good, I guess I should slide over cus there is more than enough auto win decks already. 

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    posted a message on The State of the Boomsday Meta

    I agree. This is the worst meta EVER!!!

    I can not BELIEVE Blizzard has not nerfed Mech Warrior yet!!! 

    Trash game! Terrible expansion! 

    The only deck that beats it. 30 legendary Rogue is way too expensive too!!! Good job Blizztards. 

    on second though maybe it is a little too early to complain about the meta. Remember Shudderwock Shaman, that worked itself out.

    Let us give it some time...maybe we can wait for it to come out...

    For now though, should you drop $80 on preorder. NO!

    Wait, do you make money, I mean more money than you know what to do with and or live with your parents than sure, who cares, why not. 

    Otherwise. OMG!!! Stop giving HS money!!! What you are you doing!

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    posted a message on Mulchmuncher

    Yah, I forget Charged Devilsaur was a proto rush card so it is worded differently. 

    The full board of treants is actually VERY easy to achieve. Play Token Druid. You pull that combo off one way or another every game, and there are more Treant cards. 

    The OTK dream is dead, but I think the reduction on this card is still good enough to play in every token druid 

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    posted a message on So Druids a God now???

    Duid has been God Tier since beta...

    Force/Roar op op 
    nerf nerf nerf
    Jade Idol op op 
    UI op 

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    posted a message on New Rogue Legendary Minion - Myra Rotspring

    Look at the deathrattles in standard. 

    This is probably option a: Gain 3 armor, option b: Deal 5 dmg to your side of the board, or option c Summon a 2/2 on death 

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    posted a message on Boommaster Flark

    Im glad Blizzard agrees Face Hunter should be trash

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    posted a message on Mulchmuncher

    I think this is a tier 1 deck 

    Cube/Mulchmuncher is prolly OTK in the same way it works with Cube/Devilsaur

    Whispering Woods/Spreading Plague/Soul of the Forest is already a thing.

    That combo once could reduce the cost of this to 3, and that is with no other synergy card, and you would run other cards

    Whispering Woods works well with draw, OTK combos work with draw, and Druid has Ultimate draw 

    So you have a Tier 1ish deck. Token Druid. With an OTK from hand finisher. It could be pretty oppressive. 

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