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    FUCKING RETARDS PLAYING AGGRO META DECKS ON CASUAL.... this shitty assholes can't even play on ranked afraid of lossing stars or what? Just want to complete the fucking quests 

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    Hey guys. I don't play too much Hearthstone, just 4 or 3 matches a day, and I don't play it some days. The thing is, the first hour that the expansion came out, I created my Quest Warrior and I been playing it since then (improved by testing, f*ck netdeckers). The first days were fun, but now every day I play (rank 13/12), they put me against Rogue 2/3 times, and they always have the quest complete by turn 4, always. I don't know if i'm having bad luck or what, but it is so boring playing against that broken deck, and I never have Dirty Rat early turns, and when I have it, it puts the wrong minion. 

    Should I play more and things would be more fun? Because it's very difficult to want to play more by the things that been happening to me on ladder. I had more fun playing Renolock, even having to play against a lot of pirate warriors


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