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    posted a message on Heroic Brawliseum - Tavern Brawl #276
    Quote from JockyRhonson >>

    Used to hate these, but was always glad they gave you a free ticket for 1 try.

    Apparently not this time, what changed?

     That one is an arena run with standard decks. 12-win rewards are generally underwhelming.

    This one is a heroic brawliseum. 12 wins is 1.1k gold 1.1k dust, 50 packs and 3 golden legendaries. If you think Blizzard will give you a chance to win these for free, you are either delusional or started the game a month ago.

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Revealed - Mozaki, Master Duelist
    Quote from Loomineyes >>

    Y’all seem to be confusing this card with 400 dust. Where are all the Mage players at!? Maybe Mozaki doesn’t overtake the meta, but I’m not ready to dismiss this as a nothing card so easily.

    I’m climbing through diamond with a mage deck I built that runs Chenvalla, and I can easily conjure several 5/5’s in a single turn. Point being, playing loads of spells in a single turn, (and gaining 10 spell power on Mozaki) is very possible. (Mainly centered around Sorcerers Apprentice/Evocation, only a three card combo)


    For maximum effect let’s pretend we have ten mana. Spend 5 on Mozaki, then 2 on Sorcerers Apprentice, (I won’t even give us a coin in this scenario) then we rip a 1 mana copy of Ancient Mysteries in hand, play the 0 mana secret, 0 mana Evocation, from that we get, 0 mana Learn Draconic, 0 mana Magic Trick-> 0 mana Ray of Frost... and again, oh and Evocation generated another Evocation (happens plenty), another 1 mana Ancient Mysteries-> 0 mana secret, 1 mana Arcane Blast (deals 10 damage wipes board), 0 mana Arcane Missles (14 damage face).

    This isn’t even a pipe dream. I’m not saying it will happen every game, but if you build a deck looking to abuse her strength, and/or Chenvalla/Mana Cyclone/Mana Giants strengths, this type of combo is totally possible. 


     This is very different then Chenvaala (and Mountseller) though. You need expensive spells to take advantage of spellpower. Do you really think this will stay alive for more than one turn ( especially if it has +3 spell damage or so)? I wouldn't bet on it. Chenvaala is immediate board pressure, even if your opponent kills him, they are still looking at a couple 5/5s. If they kill this woman, what they are looking at? Nothing. What are YOU looking at? So many used spells for no effect. So it is super slow, and the only way I can see this working is coins and Ray of Frosts to freeze your opponents board, so they can't trade into this.

    With this being said, This, plus 2 Apprentice's, plus like 7 or 8 cheap spells plus 2 Frostbolts is serious damage. Thats one way that I can think of this being deadly.

    Also I've seen a comment on Maiev, either you play both in the same turn, and you have 1 mana to cast a spell, or you play Maiev one turn after and pray this doesn't die in that one turn.

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    posted a message on Scholomance Academy Release Date: August 6th - Card Reveal Stream Next Week
    Quote from ShadowAldrius >>

    AoO had a number of good legendaries. And the rest were at least somewhat playable.

     More than half the AoO legendaries never even saw play. What are you talking about? 

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    posted a message on Your favorite game of all time?

    Bioshock Infinite or Far Cry 3. Both are insane.

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    posted a message on 17.6 Balance Updates - Many Nerfs planned for July 14th!
    Quote from Skyfler >>

    Can't wait to draw my backstabs and shadowsteps with Galakrond again.

     Best way to nerf Rogue Galakrond is to specify the discount instead of the final cost. It can read like 'Draw 4 cards, they cost (3) less'. I made up the number, but you get the point. So if you draw a 0-mana card, it will still be 0 mana, but Kronx or Heistbaron will be 3 mana instead of 0.


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    posted a message on I try gonna quit BG.
    Quote from Geoff >>

    My god, you sir have some serious issues. You played the game a lot = you most likely enjoyed it. Now you are quitting it, because it's a fun mode with some randomness involved. It's still fun, but your elitist tryhard personality doesn't allow you to play it.

    You even mention "try" in the tittle, as if it was some guilty pleasure, some destroying addiction, to play it for such a tryhard competitive person like you.

    If only people dedicated so much effort, time and energy to tryhard in their actual lives, as they do to tryhard in the online games :D

     Some randomness is a bit of an understatement, don't you think? 

    RNG starts from the hero selection, sometimes you get the best heroes, sometimes you get bad ones. You have no control over that.

    Then the units offered, force you to play a bad comp.

    Even if you somehow get a good comp, attack order. 'If I attack first, I win, if not, I lose'. This is bullshit

    Even if that works out and you get the first attack, your minion on the left goes somewhere completely irrelevant. And you lose. Or, same thing happens to your opponent and you win. How many times this happened to you, to others?

    BG is 75% RNG, its everywhere. HS is RNG too, a lot of it, but at least you pick your own class and deck, then clown fiesta happens. In BG, game is like 'I feel like you should have Eudora this game and roll everyone with it', or 'You know what, fuck you and all your loved ones, no win for you in this lobby'

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    posted a message on Felfire Festival Battlegrounds Brawl - With Twitch Drops!

    No disrespect to whoever playing BG, hope you enjoy it, but I absolutely have no idea how this game mode got popular in the first place. It is like autochess games and hearthstone have a really ugly kid. 

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    posted a message on Crazy Cross-Class card synergies

    I am suprised to not see this;

    Moorabi + Frost Nova.

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    posted a message on Want to craft raza priest, is it fun/good?

    Good? Not bad, not tier 1, not bottom tier. I think it is far from how oppressive it was back in the day.

    Fun? Depends on what you like, it is slightly draw, dependent. It is not hard to pilot. But it is annoying for the opponent for sure.

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    posted a message on Twitch chat gets on my nerves

    This is only an issue for me when there is something I have to ask or say to streamer. It is not nice to see that my message gets lost among 100s of spam. Other than that, I hide the chat because it is pretty much unbearable, especially if the streamer is somewhat big. Like Thijs or Kripp.

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    posted a message on Why Spell Druid Is Not Tier 0, God Tier?
    Quote from Reinan23 >>

    Quote from Poghy >>
    Quote from Reinan23 >>

     That doesnt do anything against them, treant is not a tribe.

     Lmao, have you even tried the card to say such bs? It kills the 5 mana swarm and beasts from Mountseller.

    If it kills the treants aswell, it would be absolutely bonkers non-sense, imagine one card (you can play 2x) destroys an entire archetype...

     Skulking Geist, anyone? Killed Jade Druid and Evolve Shaman together. And deeply hurted control/cube warlock.

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    posted a message on Why? Just Why?

    Demon Hunter does damage based on board, they have minion after minion after minion after minion after... Rogue never has too much problem with gaining tempo back, I mean, you got Stab, Lackeys and etc. So while you can clear your opponents board, you make one for yourself. 

    Face hunter at the moment plays burn spells like KC and Corrosive Breath,  and they have a good hero power for keeping rogue under pressure. And they sometimes play those deathrattle minions like Sandtrooper and Gnome. So while you are gaining tempo, you are hurting yourself. Toxic Reinforcements can take half of your health by itself. 

    This is general outline of what's going on.

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    posted a message on Silence in Standard

    By playing rogue, simple as that.

    Joke aside though, silencing isn't the way to beat res priest anyway, since those annoying minions come back 50 more times anyway. It is to put constant pressure on them and if you are DH, play Kayn smartly.

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    posted a message on Should lackeys be nerfed?

    I am a rogue main (clearly), and I am enjoying secret galakrond rogue way too much at the moment. 

    With this being said, I can't wait for Galakronds and Lackeys to rotate out.

    I am a big believer in class identities. Rogues shouldn't be outvaluing control warrior or control priest. I think playing zero mana cards is more fitting for rogue than any other class, but one third of your deck (2xStab, 3 from Wand, 4 from Galakrond) is an overkill. 

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    posted a message on Priests are killing the game for me more than Demons hunters.
    Quote from Mot1ons >>

    Priest does not have card draw. Blizzard made very sure, priest is not allowed to draw. In order to keep up with all the card draw from DH and all the discovering from Rogue, Priest needs at least something. If you take away resurrection from priest at this point, you are killing the entire class. Besides, Priest is not even tier 1. 

    So stop your rant here and move yourself to the salty forum.

     If priest needs at least something, design good dragons. Dragon priest has been a deck different times of the meta and there were times when it was quite good too, K&C for example.

    If they need something, give them good control tools, like lot of healing, taunt, board clears, late game value cards. I think this new 7 mana dragon is a step in the right direction. 

    What Team 5 can do the best when it comes to priest is to make them uninteractive. So they either make Combo Priest, which is finally out of the game, Raza Priest, which is quite good in wild atm, but I don't play it much, or any form of res priest, could be with mid sized minions or large ones.

    They have a chance with this rotation in around a year. Galakrond is out, Resurrect cards are out, Lackeys are out, no more Zeph, no more Dragonqueen. They can easily revert priest back to its original control priest form and make it the class with value instead of giving rogue fuck ton of lackeys to make sure they destroy any control decks. 

    So, stop saying that Priest needs something. Team 5 can design shiny murlocs for priest if they want, but they insist on making the class unbearable every time they come up with something 'good'. 

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