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    posted a message on Scholomance Academy: Card List, Release Date, & Expansion Details

    Why didn't Paladin get a new Libram? I understand it's part of the previous expansion, but this is about an Academy. Librams belong there.

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    Quote from Wonderwilly >>

    Based on my understanding of the card and hearthstone's mechanics, I would say that with Ossirian Tear, you would have to spend 8 mana; summon the first 4 treants without rush, then summon another 3 (maxing your board space) with rush. The wording isn't perfectly clear, but that's my best guess for how it will work. Cannot confirm.

     After reading it a couple more times and thinking about it.

    I think it does the following, as it's the best of both worlds: 6 mana summon 4 2/2 treants with rush.


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    With Ossirian Tear active, does this summon 4 treants?

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    posted a message on Your hobbies besides HS?

    Game design! I'm actually making a Pokemon fan-game at the moment, if anyone's interested, 

    If anyone wants to see what I currently got, I'm 3 months into making it on my own:

    Feel free to check my website, I'll put a first playable demo up there some time, hopefully august.

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    posted a message on Not being able to craft adventure cards is BS
    Quote from Fyrfytr998 >>
    Quote from TWOFEETUNDER_ >>

    I fucking hate when there's some random f2p player complaining when they have to buy something. Like holy shit they have to make money somehow. I'm guessing OP is 13 or so cuz a normal adult can see this

     Preach. Blizzard just gave a whole class that dominates the meta right now for free, yet they want more. I may not agree with a lot of things Blizzard does, but at least I'm adult enough to know that this is a business venture, not a charity.

    Screw it. Let's make more unreasonable requests. I wish Blizzard would let us dust all the free uncraftable stuff they have given us over the years. #mycardsmychoice.

     Some people don't solely play this game to have a high wr deck, but a fun deck.

    I'm not in the situation currently to purchase this adventure so I'll have to do without, but I'd love to have been able to have access to some of the cards from the adventure. Maybe they'll allow this when the expansion would go into wild?

    I think it's a legit question though.

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    posted a message on We Need a card Buff Patch

    Agree with the majority!

    The only ones I disagree with are Ysiel Windsinger, because that card can get really OP real fast (in particualar in wild).

    Waste Warden would require such a big rework including adding some card families which don't make sense lore-wise and it won't be done.


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    posted a message on DH it is balanced now or need next nerfs?
    Quote from krzychusz >>

    How do you think? Do you like actual DH power or you feel next nerfs are necessary?

     You're the kind of guy who asks for the gender of the child BEFORE conception.

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    posted a message on Zephrys Bug or Nerfed?

    It's because of the spaghetti.

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    posted a message on HSReplay: Zixor and Reliquary of Souls are UNDERwhelming ?!?!?!

    To be honest, I play a bunch of the Prime cards and so far I've been very rarely playing them as they only arrive pretty late in the game and it's usually over by then.

    I think in my 30+ games as mage so far I've played Solarian Prime once or maybe twice.

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    posted a message on How Blizzard Works

     I'll be paraphrasing one of the Diablo developers, I think this is relevant:

    It doesn't matter how long people played your game, it matters how much fun they had doing it.

    They respond extremely fast by nerfing four cards, I agree that Blightfiend must become a 2/1 at least, but at least they did something.

    But it's never enough here, is it? :)

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