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    I’m begging for help here. I’ve made this deck and want to play it so badly, but I’ve lost the first 10 games playing with it and feel like I have absolutely no idea what to mulligan for, even after watching the video like 5 times. Can anyone out there help?

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    I’ve been having a lot of fun with an Albatross Rez C’Thun Priest deck I’m trying to make, but it also means I have all of the cards for this deck as well! Looks like fun, I’m gonna try it out. 

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    Damn, I still need to get Porcupines and the Crescent but this is the kind of hunter I’ve been wanting to make since pulling Shand’o and Zixor! Hoping I can make it sooner rather than later!

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    Thank you! I wish I could take credit for the idea, but the smart people mentioned in the post have tried and refined it even further than I have. I think it all comes from a deep desire to make Stelina playable because I love her mechanic and want more like it. Plus, when things are rolling well it does feel very nice to watch the opponent make very sub-optimal plays because you’ve boxed them in. Give it a try if you have the cards! If nothing else, it’s been very fun to play around with and a nice break from the same meta decks everyone else is playing. 

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