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    posted a message on United in Stormwind Standard Bundle Giveaway 4FREE!


    What the fuck is up Hearthpwn? You like free stuff? We all do, so let's get right down into this shit!


    Yo it's FU4FREE and I just wanted to start this by saying how much I actually respect small streamers that do giveaways and shit like that out of their own pockets. So I always told myself when I start streaming I would give that a shot and now is finally the time! All you need to do to enter the giveaway is do the gleam junk in the description of the video and leave a follow on twitch! Im constantly making content and constantly trying to make improvements to it so any feedback is appreciated! Besides that I hope yall enjoy the content if you give it a watch, and good luck!!

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    posted a message on Can a Hearthstone Stoner win a Duels Run??

    What the fuck is up Hearthpwn? It's ya boy FU4FREE, let's get right down into this shit.


    In this Video we try to answer the question can a Hearthstone Stoner actually win a Duels run while being high out of his mind? Probably not but let's see the fun along the way!

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    posted a message on How To Get Into Wild In Under 3 Minutes!

    What the fuck is up Hearthpwn? It's ya boy FU4FREE back again with some more quick guides for newer players, let's get right down into this shit.


    In this very short video I show what is in my opinion the best way to get into wild for very very cheap. Most seasoned players are aware of the efficiency of Genn and Baku however newer players often see wild as something unattainable/ some card fiesta fucking wasteland lol. Point is, this will get your ass right into wild without having to think too hard about how you're gonna do it. Genn and Baku are utilized in multiple strong decks, but for the sake of convenience I made a quick Odd Rogue and Even Shaman out of personal preference for those decks. There are definitely other ways Genn and Baku can be taken.


    Deck Codes:

    ODD 4FREE: AAEBAaIHAtHhAp74Ag7UBZsVpu8Cj5cDv64D/bADgrEDubgDm80DiNAD99QD890D/u4Dkp8EAA==

    EVEN 4FREE: AAEBAaoIAs30AqreAw6+BvAHsQjWD7IU+6oC9r0ClO8C9ooD2qUDrK0DieQDjJ8E5KAEAA==

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    posted a message on How To Increase Your Rank With 5 Easy Steps!

     What the fuck is up Hearthpwn! It's ya boy FU4FREE let's get right down into this shit. 


    This guide is perfect for newer players (and some seasoned players as well) it gets right down to the point and leaves you with 3 super cheap deck archtypes you can try out! I have a lot of friends that are finally trying this game for the first time, and I thought I would make this guide because they were having a lot of trouble ranking up and were wondering how they could do that. I am rather new at this, so this guide definitely ain't perfect. However I keep it real with my followers, ya'll can keep it real with me and let me know any feed back! and if you enjoyed there are plenty more videos on the channel!!

     Deck codes:

    AGGRO 4FREE: AAECAR8CnuoD5/ADDqK5A/+6A9zMA6LOA4LQA7nSA7ThA4biA8rjA9zqA9vtA6mfBKqfBLugBAA=



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