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    Why does it beat these decks. How do i mulligan, etc.? Looks great based on the current meta, and I might try it out. But could you run me through how I should play it against each of these 2 decks it "beats"(Zoolock, Huntard)

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    Cabal Shadow Priest is actually quite good, all things consdered. Think about it this way: for 6 mana you get a Yeti, and at the very least to destroy one of their minions. I say this because you can trade the stolen minion with another one of you opponents minions. For example: You board is empty,  Cabal Shadow Priest in hand. On their side of the field they have a Reckless Rocketeer and an Abusive Sergeant. You take control of their Abusive Sergeant with your Cabal Shadow Priest. You attack their Reckless Rocketeer with the stolen Abusive Sergeant. Boom! 2 of their minions gone and you get a Yeti-sized body, all for the cost of 6 mana. This is what Cabal Shadow Priest is meant to be used for, and this is why it is so good.

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