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    Mage looks very powerful and a blast to play. Haven't tried others yet, Warlock and Warrior are next on my to do list, but so far Warlock doesn't look promising.

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    Multiple time use. Realistically - you'll get 3-4 uses out of it. I got him once - went discover>tavern up (free tavern 6 on turn 9) > discover. Got quite lucky with rolls, got first place, don't think I'll pick him again any time soon - not that fun to play.

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    People are not happy because playing vs Priest will be uninteractive curvestone solitaire with a big FU in the end.


    Celestial Druid, lmao.

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    Battletag: Essavias#21916
    Region: EU
    Trade Only?: yes, you go first

    Online for next 45min.

    Done with guiltfeeder#2534

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    Quote from yepapapepeap >>

    playing tier 1 decks and getting legend is not impressive 

    Wasn't going for impressing anyone. It's a game - people play it to have fun in whatever way it's fun for them. If you think, that vast majority of people in high ranks do not play tier 1 decks - yeah, no. But you do you, buddyboo.


    You forgot to start your post with "Ackchyually".

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    Haven't played HS for about 2 years, after losing my original account to hackers. I never made legend back then, and usually stopped climbing at Rank 5. Came back exclusively for battlegrounds lately, but decided to try my hand in ranked. Took me about 5-6 days to climb from bronze 10 to legend over 152 matches total (I had no stars - spent them in standard).

    Tilt was real on D1, when several times in a row final boss was some bullshit deck like DarkGlare Lock or Big Priest. Luckily, one of those Big Priests had abysmal draws, while I had godly luck that match.

    What was weird to me, is that I ran into exactly one single mirror match. This deck is stronk - overall, I had 75% WR, closer to 85% before D5. Now it's time for a Dragon/Control/Big Paladin clown fiesta experiments!

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    BATTLETAG: CaptainWells#1349
    TRADE ONLY?  Yes, you go first

    Done with Fzoozle#1763

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    Only thing I liked in the finale is the "sit the fuck down, Edmur". That's it. 

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    Quote from EbonyMaw >>

    I know there is a section in the forums to talk about other things, and this thread is not breaking any site rules, but I am just so tired of coming onto hearthpwn and seeing this thread. it is taking up space and most people here don't come here to talk about game of thrones. so I would like to politely request that we close this thread. 

     Politely, you're taking up space.

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    Quote from robpcom3 >>
    Quote from YJHS2000 >>
    Quote from GetchX >>
      Except Dany would never do this, and was done for the sake of the plot and to be "shocking".


     Let's take a look at what Dany has done throughout the show, shall we?

    • Dany threatens to cut off her brother's hands if he hits her again
    • Dany watches without emotion as her older brother (heir to the throne over her) is melted to death by her husband
    • Knowing that the death of her Kahl husband will mean the end of her and her army, Dany sacrifices her unborn child to a witch in a misguided attempt to save him 
    • Thinking all is lost, Dany burns the witch, her semi-dead husband and herself alive, only to survive and get dragons, because magic
    • Dany threatens to raze Qarth when they don't let her in
    • Dany has her Dragons incinerate the Warlock Pyat Pree
    • Dany locks Xaro in his vault to die of starvation
    • Dany burns the slavemasters of Astapor and steals their army of unsullied
    • Dany orders the unsullied to sack astapor and leaves the city ungoverned and in shambles to march to Yunkai
    • Dany sacks the city of Yunkai and leaves the city ungoverned and in shambles to march to Mareen
    • Dany instigates a slave revolt to take Mareen, then crucifies 163 nobles from that city
    • Dany has a great master burned alive and eaten by her dragons as reprisal for Ser Barriston's death
    • Dany gathers all the Dothraki leaders together and burns them alive
    • Dany declares her intent to "return their [slaver's bay] cities to the dirt," but is persuaded to by Tyrion not to do it 
    • Dany burns the entire slavemaster's armada (what about the innocents?!)
    • Dany burns the Tarlys for not bending the knee

    Yes. Dany is was a totally kind a delightful ruler up until season 8 episode 5. If anything is clear, its that the only thing holding her back the entire time from not doing this earlier were here trusted advisers, who are now all dead or untrusted

    I stopped reading after the first two bullets. Viserys was basically Ramsay with platinum blond hair. If you take Dany threatening him or not being sad when he dies as forshadowing that she would commit mass murder, you are deranged. 

     Sherman's gonna have a stroke if he sees this.

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    Long, but so worth it: https://imgur.com/a/CoyWKMP

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    Quote from jainaishot >>


    Every character was violated to oblivion.And do not bring the lack of time as an excuse.How many pointless scenes we had in the last 3 seasons?Fuck it!In this season alone the entire ep2 was a complete waste of screen time and budget.


    The only character that wasn't violated is... Tormund. He did what he came to do and fucked off back up north as he should have. Could argue about Davos not being ruined as well (yet, at least), but it's hard to ruin a character that done basically nothing this entire season.

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    Quote from Essavias >>
    Quote from Sebzero >>
    Quote from GetchX >>
    - snip -

     What you said about Dany is true at the same time it isn't. The rule in the show is that Targaryans are nutcases. Dany lost her mind because she has the Targaryan gen. She was a time bomb, wich exploded this episode.

     Except it isn't. In the show there are more perfectly sane Targaryens, than insane ones.

     wasn't the Mad KIng the only insane one...like...ever.

    Viserys wasn't insane, he was just kind of a dick with delusions of grandeur. Rhaegar was perfectly normal.

    Yeah there's really mostly sane targaryens and the entire point of Dany was to overcome the stigma of her heritage, but ofc she doesn't because "muh symbolism and reincorporation"

    I remember when Luke Skywalker turned evil at the end of Return of the Jedi because it was kind of implied.

    But hey, anything to get the plot going, even if it means having a character commit unnecessary war crimes that would make even Adolf HItler denounce you.

     In the show - yes, and I completely agree with you about Viserys. Let us also not forget Aemon.

    In the lore though: "some members are known to be perfectly normal psychologically-speaking, other Targaryens throughout history have displayed bizarre, erratic and sometimes violent behavior, succumbing to the so-called 'Targaryen madness'."

    Note though, that bizarre and erratic doesn't equal genocidal maniacs.

    Quote from robpcom3>>

    What about Varys? He spent all this time carefully maneuvering in service of the realm, just to launch a clumsy coup attempt while Cersei is still on the throne, sending out letters stating "Jon is a real boy" from underneath Dany's nose?

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    Quote from GerritDeMan >>

    Holy fucking shit what an absolute shitshow. I mean, I didn't expect much anymore and they still managed  to disappoint.

    How do you follow up episode 3 and manage to get even worse?

    So we start off by firing Varys because he is the last smart character left in the show and we can't have that. Everyone is surprisingly okay with this.

    Then we start the battle with some quick maths:

    1 Scorpion vs Drogon = taken out of combat with one hit, taking two shots

    about 5 scorpions vs Drogon & rhaegal = instant kill with triple bullseye

    ALL THE SCORPIONS vs Drogon = incapable of doing anything

    all the previous set up of "the odds are frighteningly even" are thrown out of the window. The entire Night King plot therefore had ABSOLUTELY NO POINT and if you ignored that it happened ABSOLUTELY NOTHING would change.

    Drogon has also upgraded his fire breath to a disintegration beam that explodes on impact. There is no explanation. MEanwhile the Dothraki have learned the power of mitosis and multiplied of screen. They still fail to factor into the battle except for one scene.

    Arya is determined to killl Cersei despite it being pretty clear that Cersei will not survive anyways. She immediately gets talked out of it by the HOund, who for some reason is really determined to kill his brother. This has nothing to do with his arc. He goes on basically a suicide mission to get revenge, despite him barely even mentioning it before. His entire story was about changing him from a lonely nihilist to someone who actually cares about certain people...but no, Cleganebowl has to happen. It wouldn't make sense if he just followed Arya and 1v1d the mountain to let her follow Cersei or something...nnah he's just gonna do his Mortal Kombat shit, because fuck it, his character has been dead in the books for a long time so it really doesn't matter whether he has an actual consistent characterization or not.

    Also, for some reason the Mountain conveniently decides to have some desire to fight his brother despite being a braindead zombie. There is no reason for this other than Cleganebowl. Did they forgot that the Mountain doesn't actually hate his brother? He pushed him into the fire as a kid and is just a dick. He doesn't give a fuck about him otherwise. There's literally no reason why he would abandon his post just for a 1v1.

    Dany goes from 0 to insane for no reason at all. There's literally nothing to provoke her. She destroyed all the scorpions and all she has to do is burn down the Red Keep. Instead she decides to do a little Holocaust just because. After all, we only have one episode left and we need a reason for her to die. Also we conveniently never actually cut to her while genociding so we just have to assume she's laughing maniacally, her hair has turned green, she has the words "damaged" tatooted on her forehead and talks about how "all it takes is one bad day"....presumably

    we also get to follow some random orphans on their way to their extremely predictable death, because we have to manufacture drama somehow.

    Arya has upgraded her Faceless Man game and instead of stealing faces she stole Euron's plot armor. He still had enough to casually swim up to shore and run into Jaime only to attack him for no reason. What is Euron's motivation? Previously it was that he wants power...then it was that he just wants to bang the queen. HIs character is non-existent, but apparently he's still important enough to not just get axed by the dragon.

    Jon Snow continues to be useless as usual.For some reason all the Lannister soldiers still want to kill him though. His character at this point can be summed up by "I don't want to"

    We no longer like Grey Worm. the Northerners are apparently psychopaths who commit war crimes the instant they have the opportunity too. Nobody tell the writers that the main reason why raping and pillaging happens is because the soldiers basically went through hell and have lost their humanity. these soldiers barely even fought anyone, they steamrolled a few confused soldiers and that's it. There is literally no reason for them to do anything of the sort, but hey, the dickless man with a hatred for helmets threw a sword so I guess it's time to go berserk.

    Oh yeah and Tyrion again wanders around battlefields looking concerned

    Arya continues to be punished for Killstealing and is rendered useless the entire episode. Instead, the coldblooded, downright inhuman assassin gremlin now becomes the audience stand-in to showcase the horrors of war. As a parting gift from the lord of light for doing such a good job she gets a horse to ride into the sunset. There is no symbolism. It's just ********.

    Did I miss anything?



     You missed Cersei and Jaime dying in the most anti-climactic way possible, because D&D once again subverted our expectations by having them killed by none other than, wait for it... falling rocks! On top of that Jaime's entire character arc is now completely ruined because he has ended exactly where he started back in season 1 when he was a completely different person. I guess he was scared of having to fuck Brienne for the rest of his life instead of Cersei who was actually good at it?

    Other than that, great job, I agree with everything.

     I have to admit, I actually liked her ending, partly because no matter how it was set up there wouldn't have been a satisfying death for her. Arya killilng her? Cool, but ultimately boring, Dany roasting her? Same.

    I like that in the end it showed Cersei to still be human. I mean, she was basically sure she was going to win (and she would have if not for plot convenience) so having her witness her own downfall and realizing it was kind of poetic.

    On the other hand Jaime was completely ruined as a character, but hey, at least we know whoever wrote the prophecy was a dyslexic moron who can't tell the difference between "dies by her brother's hands" and "dies in her brother's arms"

    1. Would've been way more satisfying if she'd Tommen'ed out.

    2. Ackchyually, valonqar is ancient valiryan for a brick.

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