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    It's like a completely new deck!

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    I think pirates might eat you alive.  Your plan against them is basically "Defile and hope", and you only run ONE taunt giver, so any aggo deck will look at your cheap giants and huge drakes with a mocking smile, before ignoring them and hitting you in the face.

    The control part seems fine, but you need to cut some of it or none of it will see the light of day because you'll die on turn 5.

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    Acherus Veteran is really good if you're running eggs; at bit like old Abusive Sergeant, but better when there's no immediate trades.

    You could also try Bonemare as a one of; bit expensive in terms of mana, but it does everything you want in a zoo/egg deck.

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    I really want this archetype to be viable.  I have hope, some day.

    Do we know for certain that the stitched beasts work properly with the graveyard?  If not, it might be worth cutting N'zoth for a second Bloodworm - If anything's gonna make control hunter good, it's a 4/4 lifesteal beast.



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    Hmmm.  Looks OK, and I agree that C'thun Rogue could definitely use the Reno healing, but you only have 4 card draw cards, and one is Thistle Tea (which is kinda not a card draw, for the purposes of finding specific cards, i.e. Reno or C'thun).  You also have two Taunts, and one is on turn 7.  And pretty weak Board Clear....

    Honestly?  I think Aggro will stomp you.  But when you do win, it will be awesome.

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    Why is that?  They're functionally identical EXCEPT one of them can do its 2 damage past taunt.

    If you had buffs to minion attack, then it's a different story, but that isn't the case in this deck; I'm pretty sure Disciple of C'thun is actually better here.

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    I feel like most of the people who are voicing the negative opinions have been losing.  I've been winning, and it's a pretty fun brawl. I like dominion.


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    Token Druid

    Reincarnate Shaman

    Warlock you say?

    Imma control bro



    Control (paladin)

    Mid-Early Priest

    Mill Mill Mill (rogue)

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    Quote from lexaduna >>
    Quote from Emmwat >>

    i think the best combo is Brann Bronzebeard and Vol'jin

     Isn't he will work like this?: lets say Vol'jin vs Ysera
    First battlecry: Vol'jins swaps hp with Ysera, Vol'jin now has 12 hp and Ysera 2
    Second battlecry: Vol'jin swaps his health again and and gets back his 2 hp, while give Ysera her 12 hp back?
    That makes that combo completely useless.
     That's the point.  Sarcasm is tricky over the internet.
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    Quote from Thornum >>

    Don't stop accepting people when they try adding you. When I try adding someone, win or loss, it's always to either talk about his deck, our matchup, or a possible rematch. When someone starts trashtalking you can simply remove them immediately and be done with it. When someone has good intentions, you will miss out on a possible good contact in your friend list.

    Maybe 20% of people respond to my genuine friend requests. Usually it's when the game was a bit silly in some way, or there was good emoting back and forth throughout the game.  But not always, which is a shame.
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    We need a return of miracle rogue.  Used to be Cold Blood on stealthed Gadgetzan Auctioneer was pretty common, so people had more examples of this kind of mechanic.

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    Zeth the Timeweaver is actually a really cool design; your opponent doesn't want to kill him off on their turn, because they lose that 10 mana card debuff.

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    Maybe this could fit into the new battlecry shaman archetype, with Rumbling Elemental?

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    I think the warlock discard synergy cards are done just right: they don't make the deck obviously better than existing warlock decks, but they make it so as it might be quite strong.  I like it.

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