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    posted a message on Tavern Brawl Free Pack

    finally! though its tinkmaster .... but it maybe viable against deathrattles

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    posted a message on Curious Glimmerroot


    No kidding ... Mr. Yagut did it twice

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    posted a message on Card Draw with Priest?

    Northshire Cleric and Power Word shields are one of the core cards of any priest deck

    Power word shield is great because of ur hero power... While an opponent plays two minions ... with proper shield u get to kill one of those minions, heal up ur minion and cycle a card. And u call this card bad?

    Priest is a generally a reactive class, since the beginning. Its class cards act as utility based on the cards that opponents have/plays.

    If you are looking for simple-fast-cycle, then my friend priest is not the class for you.

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    posted a message on New player - The grind is hard even if you play well

    - About seasons: In end of the month the season ends right? At the end of it, will any classic cards be transfered to Wild? My fear is to invest in classic cards and lose it in the end of a season. I wont play Wild anytime soon because it looks like you need alot more cards/investment.


    - When you sign for Arena, does the classes you get to pick are random or they change every hour/day/week....?

    Standard mode has all basic cards, classic cards, and latest 2 years expansion cards

    Generally Classic Cards doest rotates out, but if it does u will get full dust back even if you didnt craft it


    Classes you pick in Arena are always random


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    posted a message on Ben Brode: "Keeping Hearthstone Spicy is Important" - More Events Being Planned

    ELO mode instead of challenge mode ---- where 2 cards from each class are banned as per community pick by fair voting.

    new votes happen every month?

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    posted a message on Why do you play Hearthstone?

    it's collectable ---- everyone likes to collect

    its popular ---- good community and made some friends

    it's not that boring ---- reason is RNG (you never know what's gonna happen)

    its Ftp, calculative, n has decision making... what I like about it

    then again I only play 1-2 hr a day... to open a pack per day and climb a bit

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    posted a message on Legend Jade Rogue (Dog's)

    use dirty rat .... its quest rogue nightmare

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    posted a message on What competitive deck are YOU enjoying?

    Jade N'zoth rogue 

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    posted a message on Dirty Rat

    Soooo good against Quest Rogue!!

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    posted a message on Why Envenom + Blade Flurry Doesnt Work?

    It just takes the numerical value of your weapons attack and deals it to enemy minions.


    Why it just does that?

    If you hit all minions with poisoned weapon, they all should die because poison kills minions in hearthstone

    its logical reasoning is more justifiable than that of Wild Pyromancer

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