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    You could also consider Knights of the Throzen Throne if you're willing to move one zone down from Icecrown to Dragonblight. Though that's just an idea since I do think the others might be more interesting.

     As for my class, I'm currently between Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and Saviors of Uldum. The prior would fit into the outlaw theme, especially since my class is based partially in Tanaris and by extension Gadgetzan, one of my basic cards is even called Gadgetzan Bodyguard. Saviors of Uldum would also work since my class was only -partially- based in Tanaris. The other 2-3 zones I considered to expand it to are Uldum, Vol'dun and Westfall.

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    The Bounty Hunter

     Hailing from the outlaw region of Westfall and the hot deserts of Tanaris, our Bounty Hunter: Jack Rayes.

    This class features a unique keyword in the form of Bounty: X. In the future it will be used in both offensive and defensive ways. Offensively on ally minions and defensively on enemy minions in most cases.


    • Rush is a prevelant theme in the class as a bounty hunter must always be on their toes and ready to attack their target faster than they can react.
    • Taunt is another important aspect as it is one of the two survivability options available to the class. The other one is healing.
    • Weapons are the last and the most important theme of the class. It will have multiple weapons and weapon interactions the first of many being the Hero Power.

    Showcase Cards

    • Tricks of the Trade - The name completes the 3rd Challenge as it is a rogue spell in the WoW game. Mechanically it is meant to use your Hero Power weapon or a deathrattle weapon (from later sets) for cheap and efficient board clear.
    • Scorpid Duneburrower - This also completes the 3rd Challenge as it is an enemy mob in Tanaris, the main region this class is based in and a real location in WoW. Mechanically this can combo with your Hero Power for board clear. It also combos with another card in the basic set: S.A Crossbow. Since the poisonous will kill, the weapon will proc it's mechanic.
    • Difficult Bounty - This is just an example of a token that the class will have called Bounty Hunter. It also showcases the ability of this class to go slightly wide and displays some of it's Rush capabilities.

    The rest of the Basic Set:

     The Tokens:

     Edit: Adjusted sizing.

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    Alright so with the feedback I got so far most of it was pretty streamlined with the same concerns being pointed out.

    Bounty Hunter v1.1 changes:

    Carrier Camel - Changed Art due to the other one already being in use in Hearthstone.
    Known Fugitive - 5/2/4 Taunt -> 3/0/4 Taunt. Name changed to Bulletin Board.
    Silk Bandages - 2 Mana Restore 2 to all friendly -> 1 Mana Restore 3 to all friendly.
    Tanarian Scorpid - Wording fix.

    Balance changed cards:

     The crossbow was the other point of concern for people and I got some mixxed opinions on it's powerlevel. I personally thought it was on the strongside since compared to Stormhammer it did not require you to have any board whatsoever. It also curved out really well with Tanarian Scorpid since no matter what minion you attack that turn it always kills. I made some variations of the weapon, don't know if any of these are balanced enough so if you have any suggestions please do tell.

    Mostly just played around with stats/Mana, with the last one being the exception. The last one is by far my least favorite since it wouldn't feel as fluid to play and has quite a bit of text for a basic card. It also doesn't really fit the flavor I wanted for the card which was that you have a single arrow left and if you kill with it you can collect the arrow to use it again but if you don't, it's gone.

    Quote from Laurendor >>



    Also the token are inconsistent at the moment.

     Also, could you please clarify what you meant with this, since I didn't see any inconsistencies but maybe I'm missing something.

    Thanks to everyone who gave me some feedback, much appreciated. Will try give feedback of my own later in the day.

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    Alright so despite going out due it being summer, I finally got the first idea for my basic set ready:

    The Bounty Hunter

    So firstly to reply to the comment that said the Hero Power wasn't really fitting to the gunslinger class, I kinda agree. The idea behind the flavor as it stands is that as a Bounty Hunter you hop towns often while hunting your target, leaving you limited time to rest up and restock your inventory in each town.

    With some help on the wording, I think this is the final variant of it, though I'm also considering making it 'when it attacks' but that isn't quite as flavorful.

    So first thing in the basic set, the minions:

    One thing you can already see just from the first two cards is that weapons are a large part of this class and it will become even more solidified in the spells and future expansions. The Known Fugitive card shows the other side of the bounty hunt, the hunted. The flavor behind it is pretty obvious, there are two mechanical ideas behind it. The first is that this class will have an archetype that can go wide and fight for board. The second is one that is not yet seen in the basic set due to lack of the keyword. There will be ways to give enemy minions the Bounty keyword with negative effects attached to them. An example being: Bounty: Taunt - Deal 2 damage to adjacent allied minions.

    These two spells are the main card draw for the class. The first one is meant to synergies with your hero power, though not exclusively and if in the future the class gets a weapon with a deathrattle effect, this would gain some more value. As it stands, according to my calculations it's about the same power level as Arcane Intellect since your HP costs 2 and the weapon you get from it is around 1 mana. The second card is simpler in the fact that it's your standard Draw 2 cards + an affect. Thematically, these cards are meant to show the bustling night market life of areas such as Gadgetzan which are often found in deserts.

    These are some pretty self explanatory cards. Difficult Bounty is used to go wider or trade. Empty the Chambers is just  board clear that could be manipulated into your favor with some spell damage. Claim the Bounty is your standard 5 Mana Destroy a minion, with the addition of a Coin which could be saved for a later turn or used immediately.

    Pretty boring survivability card. Probably the one I'm least happy with from the basic set.

    Pretty simple weapon, not sure of the balance given it could be pretty sticky.


     Edit: Card Sizes


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    'Okay so with some help, I'm able to post the initial class idea. Full disclosure, I'm pretty wasted right now so I hope this post is somewhat well written. The Class I am considering for the competiton is Bounty Hunter though the unique keyword I made for the class needs some 'help as it doesn't exactly achieve what is intended of it.

    So what the keyword aims to achieve is when the card with Bounty kills the minion that meets the criteria the effect triggers rather than when the minion dies in general, if I could get feedback or help with wording, I'd very much appreciate it.

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    Been a minute since I last joined a card creation comp, so I could be misremembering the steps as to how to do it but I seem to be unable to upload images. What I did:

    - Created them in hearthcards, saved to PC.
    - Uploaded to Imgur, (hidden)
    - Then tried every single link provided and all of them give me a blank square.

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm gonna upload one of the blank squares with this post incase it works and in which case this whole post would be null and void.

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    Really depends in what sence you're Soulbinding. Warlocks in wow have several references to souls in their spells and lore, the most obvious example being soulstones where they 'bind' souls. If this is what you're looking for I'd say Fel and Shadow are your two best bets, atleast from the ones that exist in hearthstone. Another example of this is the fact that some Demon Hunter souls are bound to the twisting nether due to excess use of Fel.

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    Full disclosure, I'm a returning player so I started playing from Bronze 10 today, but decided to share stats anyway since I got to Gold with it, will update them if I keep playing.

    So far I'm at 43W-11L (80%)
    Specific win rates against classes are:

    DH - 6-0; Druid - 2-0; Hunter - 3-3; Mage - 13-2; Paladin - 3-0; Priest - 4-1; Rogue - 1-0; Shaman - 4-3; Warlock - 3-0; Warrior - 4-2

    Think my biggest issue is with Control Shammy/Less bursty Elemental Shammy, though given it's only been 7 games it could just be draw dependant, the rest of the losses are largely just bad draws against mage and priest and getting out damaged vs Face Hunter and Rush Warrior.

    The DH match-up, despite being 6-0 had some close games but was generally pretty smooth. Warlock does infact feel like an autowin soon as you get your Doomhammer, I got Hysteriad 2 turns in a row right after building elementals on board and still didn't break a sweat to win. Mage is by far the most common class I faced and while their secrets are -very- annoying, that's all they are.

    This isn't meant as a flex or whatever by any means since it's at low ranks but hope the data helps someone somewhere in deciding to play the deck.

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    Pretty nice deck. Returned to hearthstone a couple days ago and decided to craft a few decks to try climbing, this was one of them and so far one of my favorites. Since I just came back my stats are from somewhat low elo (climbed from B10 to G6 so far). Before my deck tracker stopped working I had 74% wr (25W - 9L) and managed to bump it up to 75% since (30W - 10L).

    Had pretty much positive wr against all classes apart from hunter and druid (low sample size). My 2 most played against classes were priests (6-1) and DH (6-3).

    Thanks for the deck ^^

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