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    It doesn't make sense from a marketing perspective.  It detracts from the addictive quality of card reveals, which I thought they wanted.

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    I've just played three runs of Demon Hunter, and I don't understand how it ranks so highly.  I've got 2-4-1 wins.

    My average win over the last five years is 4.79 (according to my HearthArena stats).  I have plenty of 12-win runs recorded on this site.  That is above average, although I am obviously not a genius player.  

    My analysis is that value is winning games in this Arena meta, not aggro or tempo.  Most classes can easily deal with low-health minions, and DH's minions are all low-health.  DH cannot generate sufficient value to compete in the late game, and it can't produce enough damage to kill in the mid-game.  It is incredibly common for decks to drop large taunt minions every round starting at round seven.  Demon Hunter does not have the tools in its class to deal with unending high-health minions, or the refill to deal with unending board clears, and that is what I'm encountering.  

    In my last draft I took every scrap of card draw available to me, and I still couldn't compete on cards against my opponents.  My last Mage opponent in my last run cast three board clears while also generating six spells into her hand.    

    Card generation, high-health minions, removal: that is what's working, not spewing out a bunch of 2-3 health minions and a couple of weapons.  

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    How come the animation shuffles MY deck when my opponent plays it?

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    At Diamond 5 I won my first three games as the algorithm pitted me against other off-meta decks that i have not seen in a LONG time (Taunt Warrior (?), Cheap-Spell Mage, Resurrection Priest, Big Druid). However, after those wins, my MMR was readjusted, and I'm back to facing Highlander Mage, Aggro Demon Hunter, and Highlander Hunter, and this deck cannot maintain a 50+ win rate against them or other meta decks.  Nice effort, though.  

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    Thank goodness for the ladder floor at Diamond 5 - this deck is terrible.  Every other deck can EASILY handle your weak murlocs played on curve.

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    No, it's not good. 

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    I played 20 games at Platinum 4 (NA server).  My win rate was 50%.  I do not have Octosauri, and I decided not to craft it for this experiment.  At first I substituted Archmage Thalnos, but then I changed to Argent Commander.  I noticed in some of my earlier games that my opponent would sit at 1-4 health, and I couldn't kill him because Priest doesn't have any face damaging spells any more.  Maybe having Octosauri would have increased my win rate, but I can't imagine by much.  I also conceded early if my opponent had board control and overwhelming card advantage.  I have Siamat - maybe that would be a better substitution.

    The deck is clunky.  It requires the right cards in the right order, and your opponent can't have answers.  If you're playing against Rogue, she WILL have Flik in her first 12 cards.  You either get two to three of your chunky minions out fast and untouched, or you get a really good chain going with Veilweaver.  If neither of these things happen, you probably can't win. Dalaran Librarian is a dead card half the time.  I either felt starved for minions, or desperate to wring out tempo from awkwardly costed cards.  

    Unfortunately the deck is not viable for laddering to Legend, IMO  

    I would add the image from Deck Tracker, but I can't figure out how to add a picture to this reply.  My results for 18 matches I tracked:

    Paladin (0-2), Druid (2-0), Warrior (0-1), Mage (0-1), Hunter (3-1), Warlock (0-1), Demon Hunter (1-1), Rogue (1-3), Priest (1-0)




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    posted a message on Crusher Silent Priest (Updated Using HSReplay)

    I lost against this deck at Diamond 4 while playing Galakrond Priest.  I think most slower decks will struggle against it.  Of course, my opponent's first 10 cards were all perfect.  It's probably draw-dependent. 

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    posted a message on What aesthetic things would you change about Hearthstone?

    Lay the decks horizontally instead of vertically so we can see the card backs fully.  

    Blizzard offers card backs as rewards.  The card backs have beautiful artwork.  We can't admire the artwork during the game.  That makes no sense.

    Yes, it would throw off the symmetry of the game board.  They can sacrifice the symmetry or think of another solution.  

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    posted a message on Would you run Ysera Unleashed in a highlander druid deck?

    You have to.  You just have to realize that you may have to play Zephrys earlier than you want to.

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