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    posted a message on Mini set bugged for mobile players????

    still doesnt work for me on a fire tablet or an andriod phone.   Its 24 hours later.  Unreal.

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    posted a message on Why wasn't pen flinger nerfed?

    I have to say this might be my most hated card of HS ever.  It just boring takes forever and is far too powerful. If you want to give every class lots of healing a card like PF is fine.  But it seems like a card that should be nerfed instead of rebalancing the rest of the game around it.   When you queue into ladder and 5 straight decks with different classes are playing it makes me not want to queue up for another one.

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    posted a message on Even Reno Handlock

    Did you forget Greymane?  lol

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    posted a message on 19.4.1 Balance Patch Notes - Changes to Hysteria and Duels

    Why not just prevent the spell from being cast on an immune target?  Seems like a far better change.

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    posted a message on Which Reward Track 50 Portrait
    Quote from tbranson1 >>

    I'm choosing the level 50 skin for a class that I like playing but not near close enough to the 500 or 1000 wins for. I'm still rather new to Hearthstone, and I am finally so close to reaching 1000 wins with Shaman. Immediately I thought about choosing that skin; but I figured it would be a shame to work toward the 1000 win skin only to use a different one in the end. I will most likely choose Druid or Rogue because it looks the coolest (in my opinion). I was also considering Mage but I'm closer to 500 wins with Jaina so.

     Yep me too.  I'll be picking Demon Hunter Priest or Rogue as those are the classes I'm furthest away from 1000 with.

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