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    posted a message on So, what do you think about Duels?

    Not impressed so far. I found it boring.

    i think it does have potential when the hero power and item choices at beginning, and treasure choices Mid game widen, but Ive already found myself not wanting to go back to it after finishing the quests. I also have dusted my older sets which leaves me missing older cards.

    All in all, I think this mode is going to like wild for me. I’ll never ever play it, and largely ignore its existence. I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a marked contrast between my immediate enjoyment and excitement over BGs, and this.



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    posted a message on The current state of Battlegrounds is?

    Game  is very frustrating atm. 

    in my experience there are two primary problems.

    Elementals, obviously. This faction has introduced power levels that inflate way too fast, and way too reliably, to effectively make it a loser’s  game to go anything else, unless you get an insane reason to go into another faction early on. Elementals get so big, so fast, that the only way to deal with it is poison, meaning demons and pirates are almost always non-viable to win. And demons especially feel turgid in the late game where your 3 damage shots are utterly laughable versus the 200 health Garr which is eating your entire board.

    Elementals need nerfed, obviously.

    Some heroes are also just too strong early game, and if you end up chaining against several of them in a row at the start, such as sindragosa, mill house, Rafaam, you have no chance and can be almost dead by turn six which makes the rng feel so acute. You end up  dependent on getting one big turn to stabilise, or you can end up blown out in a way that feels unfair.




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    posted a message on Friend is brand new to the game and facing Demon Hunter in new player ranks

    I feel just like your friend and I’m diamond 5.

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    DH enables terrible players to get legend. Half my friends list are now legend, and most never were before. They’re all spamming DH games with the exact same deck.

    The problem is the consistency and power of the early middle game. Every DH minion needs to be removed immediately or it gets out of control far too fast, particularly satyr. Then if you survive this, you enter into the insane early middle game where DH tools are bigger and scarier than anyone else’s. By far.

    Manage to get a taunt or two up? Doesn’t matter, they will either melt it (and your face) with war glaives or bypass it completely with sunfury or metamorphosis.

    Manage to keep the board under control by turn five? Doesn’t matter as, unless you also put stuff on the board while clearing theirs, priestess will come down, kill anything you have put in place, and force you into paying such a high removal price, that your death is coming anyway. How many times have I been in this exact scenario over the past few weeks? I’ve actually lost count. 

    Priestess by turn five is the most consistent and stupid overpowered play the game has ever seen. And I don’t think it’s even close. Feels bad to face this so regularly.



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    posted a message on Help client keeps crashing

    On iOS I take it? 

    if so it’s a known problem and it’s been there for a month driving everyone completely bananas. Fix coming in next patch, but frankly a month to fix a crash this regular is so bad. I have probably had between 500-1000 crashes since first week of December. Just lucky my iPad is brand new so I can get back in without missing a turn.

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    posted a message on Rogue is absolutely disgusting

    Yeah I have a wide range of decks, 18 of them, and rogue seems to beat all of them. V frustrating as the games are v v similar.  Am rank 5 and it feels completely infested with rogues. Every other game is rogue.

    so strange as I only hit rank 5 last week, and pre 5 it felt v v diverse. Every class was represented. Now there are barely any priests, shamans, mages, or paladins. Just rogues, rogues more rogues, some warlocks, some hunters, the odd Druid then more rogues. And they all play identical rogue decks which all revolves around a ferocious mid game with a flood of free cards from galakrond and the wand.


    would love tips as I think I’ve lost 100% of games and we are talking 30/40 games. Just can’t beat it.


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