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    posted a message on Why don't nerf hunter?

    The problem with Hunter is that it has only one play style of consistent damage output, be it targeting face or blasting away the enemy and building strong boards. This is  obviously due to it’s class identity restricting it from having any greater depth due to strong weaknesses such as lack of draw or healing.

    Blizzard really needs to change the way the class is designed so that it can hold it’s on in longer games and enable other strategies to formulate otherwise it’s just going to be the Zerg class that reigns at the top 5 for every meta with only minor alterations to the top ranking decks. The amount of synergy that class has within it’s standard decks is unreal compared to other classes such as Druid, with very different playstyles in each deck and minimal interchangeable card combinations.

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    posted a message on [LEGEND] 3 Day Grind Domination - HEIL GALAKROND!
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     Can’t believe that this guy has made so much money playing this deck, it must be good!

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    posted a message on What if we unerfed some cards?

    I would love for some druid reworks, I feel like too much of current druid power is coming from recently released cards and classic set is very much under-utilised. Wild Growth, Keeper of the Grove, Nourish, Force of Nature could all be reverted and then current cards given slight nerfs (if any) to keep druid at a similar power level. Force of Nature currently is barely even a card, even in treant druid, compared to the options that DH and Hunter have that fill the same role. At least rush (as opposed to the old charge) would be a welcome change.

     Druid reworks would be very welcome. There are too many underwhelming basic and classic cards that don’t have any use in many of the meta decks so Blizzard have to overcompensate and print OP cards. The Problem with Druid’s very contrasting strategies is that there is little to no synergy between them. Force of Nature would never be played in Big/Ramp, and Ancient of Lore wouldn’t be played in a token/treat build, for example, where as other classes have cross archetype cards that can be interchanged. Classes like Rogue, Hunter and the dreaded Demon Hunter all have basic set cards that can be interchangeably used, and very versatile.


    Many of the other classes also need the same treatment. 

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    posted a message on Would you run Ysera Unleashed in a highlander druid deck?

    I do in my Dragon Highlander Druid. Only because of matchups that require lots of value. She can provide a full board/swing turn and if you have enough draw, you can quite often play your highlander cards from hand after drawing all the portals.

    Admittedly, there have been many times that I would have rather had another card in my hand on turn 1-5.


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    I like her. Keep her in standard, IMO.

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    posted a message on DH's winrate is a trap!

    It is still very OP. 

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    Mind control tech...


    i always get the 1/1

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    posted a message on New Card Reveal - Batterhead

    This is the effect that I wish that Gonk had. Better application and more versatility than just building OTK combos.

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    posted a message on Will you play more Wild after the rotation?

    With the release of the first expansion of the year it is always a good time to play wild if you find yourself getting bored of the meta in standard a month or two after release.

    With only 4/6 of the year’s full sets released it can feel quite ‘short’ of a few cards at times. Witchwood definitely had this feel and thus the high Baku/Genn frequency.

    That being said, this will be one of the most fresh feeling meta’s in a while, with hopefully very new mechanics and some sleeper cards coming to light. Watch out for wild though, because quite often new cards can have some absolutely broken interactions with existing wild cards. Star Aligner Druid.


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