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    Mind control tech...


    i always get the 1/1

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    This is the effect that I wish that Gonk had. Better application and more versatility than just building OTK combos.

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    With the release of the first expansion of the year it is always a good time to play wild if you find yourself getting bored of the meta in standard a month or two after release.

    With only 4/6 of the year’s full sets released it can feel quite ‘short’ of a few cards at times. Witchwood definitely had this feel and thus the high Baku/Genn frequency.

    That being said, this will be one of the most fresh feeling meta’s in a while, with hopefully very new mechanics and some sleeper cards coming to light. Watch out for wild though, because quite often new cards can have some absolutely broken interactions with existing wild cards. Star Aligner Druid.


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