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    posted a message on Priest Quest needs a dire rework (NOT A NERF)

    It seems like Priest and Paladin must have have their quests mixed up in the testing phase. Making Mummies would have been great for priest and Activate the Obelisk could have made Paladin healing more viable.

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    posted a message on [LEGEND] 3 Day Grind Domination - HEIL GALAKROND!
    Quote from casaho >>

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     Can’t believe that this guy has made so much money playing this deck, it must be good!

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    posted a message on What if we unerfed some cards?

    I would love for some druid reworks, I feel like too much of current druid power is coming from recently released cards and classic set is very much under-utilised. Wild Growth, Keeper of the Grove, Nourish, Force of Nature could all be reverted and then current cards given slight nerfs (if any) to keep druid at a similar power level. Force of Nature currently is barely even a card, even in treant druid, compared to the options that DH and Hunter have that fill the same role. At least rush (as opposed to the old charge) would be a welcome change.

     Druid reworks would be very welcome. There are too many underwhelming basic and classic cards that don’t have any use in many of the meta decks so Blizzard have to overcompensate and print OP cards. The Problem with Druid’s very contrasting strategies is that there is little to no synergy between them. Force of Nature would never be played in Big/Ramp, and Ancient of Lore wouldn’t be played in a token/treat build, for example, where as other classes have cross archetype cards that can be interchanged. Classes like Rogue, Hunter and the dreaded Demon Hunter all have basic set cards that can be interchangeably used, and very versatile.


    Many of the other classes also need the same treatment. 

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    posted a message on Is ... Big Demon Hunter the Best?!?!
    Quote from RushingMonkey >>
    Quote from Wiggy_HS >>
    Quote from Remus88Romulus >>

    I wanna try a Control DH deck in wild but find no good decks. I hate aggro decks.

    Demon Hunter is like "regular" hunter, in that it is at it's core designed to go face - and little else. Which is why you'll, at most, find some midrange variants lying about in between the aggro iterations. It's also why I find those two classes to be by far the least interesting ones in the game.

    DH was clearly NOT designed to go face, it was in fact clearly designed to be a tempo class with possible control and combo archetypes, you can see that in many cards, like Pit Commander, Coilfang Warlord, Ashtongue Battlelord, Hulking Overfiend, Wrathspike Brute... His AOEs scream "control" too (Chaos Nova, Blade Dance), and you have Flamereaper too which would be an incredible control weapon. The Kaelthas / Twin Slice / Inner Demon combo was also clearly designed to be a thing.

    The problem is the first wave of nerfs were horrible and killed some cards that were key to the early game of those archetypes - in particular Aldrachi Warblades - but also hitting the cost of Skull of Gul'dan (instead of the discounts) basically impacted any archetype but aggro. Aggro doesn't care if he's refilling at 5 or 6 and in fact want to do other plays on turn 5 (discounted Priestess or TwinSlice + Glaivebound) and is the archetype that has the easier time activating Outcast for obvious reason.

    If they weren't so damn quick nerfing the wrong cards and most importantly in the wrong ways, DH would be fine right now, or at least it wouldn't be a purely aggro class or its aggro archetype would be less oppressive. Battlefiend should have been the #1 target from the start, followed by either Priestess or, most importantly, the ability to play her on turn 5. People are still screaming about Altruis, but it's a lategame combo card not different that some other turn 7-8 combo powerplays some other classes have (Warrior with his Skipper combos, Rogue with her Hanar secret christmas-trees or Wand/Gala 0-cost cards BS). What's REALLY losing me the most games against DH is either 1) how quick and versatile their early game is and 2) turn-5 Priestess. Who care about Altruis. I always, aaalways would have a way to deal with a turn 7 Priestess, but turn 5 is just impossible to manage AND it goes too well with what the card does - killing a board of small minions, which is more likely on turn 5 than on turn 7. On turn 7 you're more likely to have something like a a 4/4 or 5/5 or whatever mid-sized minion on the board from a previous turn, and Priestess dropped from behind on that kind of board does jack shit. Raging Felscreamer should be the card to look at.

     Very well put, IMO.

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    posted a message on Would you run Ysera Unleashed in a highlander druid deck?

    I do in my Dragon Highlander Druid. Only because of matchups that require lots of value. She can provide a full board/swing turn and if you have enough draw, you can quite often play your highlander cards from hand after drawing all the portals.

    Admittedly, there have been many times that I would have rather had another card in my hand on turn 1-5.


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    posted a message on OG Alex HOF?

    I like her. Keep her in standard, IMO.

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    posted a message on Is Ramp Druid once again a problem?

    Big Druid is fine. If you find it a problem then build a deck that is designed to beat it with all the many tools available. 

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    posted a message on DH's winrate is a trap!

    It is still very OP. 

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    posted a message on Nature's Champion

    How does one obtain this card!?

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    posted a message on How lucky did I get?

    Someone do the math... Please...

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    posted a message on Big Druid

    Oondasta would be a good one, if you have him.


    I’m surprised that it isn’t in there anyway.

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    posted a message on That One Card That Never Works For You...

    Mind control tech...


    i always get the 1/1

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    posted a message on New Neutral Epic Card - Escaped Manasaber

    Strange that they want to make “ramping”; a Druid class identity, into a neutral. Salt in the wound for Malfurion that it is also a beast!

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    posted a message on New Neutral Legendary Card Revealed - Frizz Kindleroost

    Turn the incubators to eleven

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    posted a message on Galakrond Awakening Expansion Concept

    I really would love to see some sort of hero card equivalent for the LoE.

    It was a bit of a kick in the teeth for myself as a Druid main to not have the third legendary that the Evil crew got. Personally, I think Dragonqueen Alexstrasza should have been for the hero’s only.

    I really have no idea what it could be though.

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