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    i recently got out of rehab for my foot fetish and cards like this send me back into a downward spiral.

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    the gold card is cool and all but its sort of weird that it is so obviously not the same blade from the original art

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    only good thing about this card is that im into short women

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    posted a message on Screwjank Clunker

    ive taken a good long look at this card art and i just cannot figure it out. is its face the drill? does it not have a face? what practicality does it gain with the drill being placed on its torso rather than its hands?



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    posted a message on Ogre Warmaul

    i just dont get it. how can a weapon be 'forgetful'. its not an ogre!! Garrosh isn't an ogre so he should not be forgetful!

    curse this stupid ogre magic

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    Did u guys know this isnt actually mal'ganis but some other guy that doesnt matter as much?

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    I don't even really have a joke to make i just think this card sucks

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    posted a message on Imp-losion

    What causes the imp-losion? are imps capable of self-combustion? is something else blowing them up? I need answers.


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    that seems like an impractical design for a cannon. wouldn't the energy come seeping out of the side grills and you would end up losing valuable ammunition?



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    posted a message on Grove Tender

    more like LOVE me TENDER you know what im saying

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