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    I miss you more and more with each passing day

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    I don't blame people who've dusted this card in the past for doing so. Weapons in hearthstone have historically sucked. Pirates in hearthstone have historically sucked.

    Things have really changed since 2018. Pirates have gotten a massive shot in the arm with each passing expansion, and now weapons are becoming ultra powerful. Things like Kingsbane and Spectral Cutlass have encouraged building decks around weapons, which had been missing from a game design standpoint, and raiding party is really what holds all the glue together (at this point in standard).

    It's a scary aggressive card.  While the stats are average, and adding an extra point of damage is great, it's adding that extra charge to your weapon that really makes this card fantastic. I'm a big fan, and I'm glad that this card is seeing play now.

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    Oh man I'm thinking about this with Corpsetaker in wild. I love it!

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    I would't call it meta defining, since people are gonna be playing 1 mana spells until the end of time, but this card is very good at disrupting opponents that have particular play styles.

    It just rotated from standard, and it makes me kind of sad. In wild, this card will be hard pressed to see play outside of Reno decks, and those decks have been pushed out of the format. It's kind of funny though, sometimes I play against that one guy that's still trying to make Jade Idols work in wild, and I think to myself,

    Damm, I wish I had an answer to Jade Idol.

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    Such an iconic hunter card. Once you realize that you're playing against an aggressive hunter deck, you just have to constantly play around it.  It's truly a terrifying card once you're under 7 hp, but there's nothing quite as satisfying as when your hunter opponents use a kill command to kill a minion instead of your face.

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    Remember, your opponents always have this card in their hand at any given moment

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    Most slept on card of the expansion imo. Basically Master's call for low to the ground/ spell focused druid decks. I've been grinding a lot with druid, and it's a card I always I want to see when I run out of gas.

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    I wish there was better counter play to this fucking thing.

    It got pretty stupid in standard for a while, but this thing is way too efficient in wild. Between cheap pirates, Oil, and raiding parties, the deck has become very efficient and very explosive.

    Hopefully in Rise of Shadows, Blizzard will finally print a card that silences a weapon.

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    Honestly, I'm surprised she didn't get the axe sooner.

    Although I can't believe someone created Psychomelon and didn't think it'd be too powerful.

    Also the Golden version on hearthpwn displays its old mana cost

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    I'm still frustrated at how poorly designed the mage challenge was. I've spent the last hour of my time fishing for specific cards. Not very fun.

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