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    I miss you more and more with each passing day

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    Kinda crazy that this card is seeing competitive play merely for the fact that Rogue's need an early combo enabler when playing first (aka without the coin).

    I think its says a lot about the power of counting the coin as a spell.

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    I severely misinterpreted the text on this card during spoiler season. I thought it worked exactly like Kel'thuzad, summoning minions that died at the end of the turn. I thought it only resurrected minions that died THAT turn. Imagine my fucking surprise when my opponent doesn't have any minions die  but still gets the Catrina trigger.

    From that moment on, I realized that Catrina is actually a powerhouse.

    Wild Rez Priest is always getting new tools, and I really love the addition of Catrina to the deck. Unlike other rez targets, she lets you continue to gather board control, and an unchecked Catrina just ends game, even if it's the only thing in the rez pool. I'm skeptical about it seeing play in standard, but I wouldn't count it out.

    Definitely my vote for one of the best sleeper cards of the set.

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    I think micro squad is on the same tier list as Zap Cannon in terms of Boom Hero Powers, but I prefer Micro Squad a little bit better. It allows you to divvy up your damage how you choose, and the small mech bodies are perfect magnetic targets.

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    If I could single handily point to one card and say "this is the reason why Hearthstone is worth playing," it's probably this guy right here.

    I remember watching an interview with former HS director Ben Brode, and he explained that they wanted the coin to have this feeling of awe: When you're playing the coin, you get this great feeling knowing that you're getting ahead on tempo. When your opponent plays the coin though, you know shits about to go down.

    I came to Hearthstone after playing Magic: the Gathering for many years. My main gripes with Magic was the frustration of drawing lands when your opponent is drawing threats, and the fact that there was no tactical advantage of going second. Sure you get to draw an extra card, but that's not going to stop your opponent from being able to curve out on you anyways. It forces the second player to play a defensive game to stabilize, or lose the race. In those first crucial turns of an MTG game, one player will always have more mana than the other player, and the coin gives the behind player an opportunity to catch up. I still think giving the second player 4 cards over the first players 3 is still questionable, but the coin giving you a small burst of mana is such a neat mechanic.

    My only complaint is that this card counts as a spell, so Rogue's that go second have a huge advantage in the mirrors.

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    Very powerful in hunter thanks to Master's Call. Oh yeah, and it just so happens to be Odd

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    What was once a pretty shitty card, it is now one of the best cards in Wild.

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    A Hearthstone staple. Silence is just so inherently powerful, that every deck should be considering at least this or the owl. Statwise, Spellbreaker is a much more efficient card, and I think perfectly balanced.

    Easily a card that will continue to see play, and a card that a good player should always be thinking about.

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    As long as it can only kill minions, I'm pretty okay with a mana cost update to this card.

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    I think this card is fairly balanced? It's always used as an activator for combos, but it's pretty fairly stated. 5 mana for the effect is reasonable, and, while it rarely comes up, 3/3 is pretty terrible, so I'm glad it dies easily on it's own.

    I just hate that I know I'm going to die whenever I see it

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    I don't blame people who've dusted this card in the past for doing so. Weapons in hearthstone have historically sucked. Pirates in hearthstone have historically sucked.

    Things have really changed since 2018. Pirates have gotten a massive shot in the arm with each passing expansion, and now weapons are becoming ultra powerful. Things like Kingsbane and Spectral Cutlass have encouraged building decks around weapons, which had been missing from a game design standpoint, and raiding party is really what holds all the glue together (at this point in standard).

    It's a scary aggressive card.  While the stats are average, and adding an extra point of damage is great, it's adding that extra charge to your weapon that really makes this card fantastic. I'm a big fan, and I'm glad that this card is seeing play now.

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    I'm commenting on this card days after Rise of Shadows released, and Druid has the theme of healing life to get huge swing effects, and I've seen this card pop up from time to time on streams. I have no idea how prevalent lifegain druid will be (my guess is not very), so I'm just kind of looking at this card from the perspective of looking back.

    It always seemed weird to me that Blizzard never went back to look at the card, especially since druid has had some outrageous card draw effects in the last year. Power creep has come a long a way (thanks Ultimate Infestation).

    Ever since Blizzard decided to un-nerf molten giant and move it to the hall of fame, I've always wondered if they'd do the same for this card, since they sort of fall under the same parameters: once tier 1 cards that were nerfed a little too awkwardly, and not enough to see play. At least with molten giant they let it be competitive in wild, and giant does see play.

    Which kind of brings me to Rise of Shadows. If lifegain druid eventually does become a tier 1 deck, I'm sure that the deck would be insane with an un-nerfed ancient of lore. And then it would lead us to probably agree that it at least needs a different change.

    Maybe one day, eh?

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    Oh man I'm thinking about this with Corpsetaker in wild. I love it!

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    Remember, your opponents always have this card in their hand at any given moment

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    Most slept on card of the expansion imo. Basically Master's call for low to the ground/ spell focused druid decks. I've been grinding a lot with druid, and it's a card I always I want to see when I run out of gas.

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