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    Not defending these people by any means but, u can't report a player because he/she is using all their time on the rope! being a douche(I rarely encounter this types) or not, thinking or BMing its their choice, not yours. Hearthstone like other card games is a game that requires patience, If u dont have, then u r playing the wrong game. Sometimes a match can be done quickly, others not.

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    posted a message on Looking for Hearthstone friends? Post your BattleTag Here 2.0

    Battletag: Merlin#12294

    Region: (US)
    Usual Play Times: (Randomic times)
    Level of Experience: (Advanced)
    Preferred Heroes: (All)
    I’m Looking For: (Friends to play, learn and help someone who needs =) )
    Tell us something about you: Brazilian, 24yo. As I play the game since the launch, all my friends that started with me abandoned the game and the others don't like the genre so much

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