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    posted a message on Descent of Dragons Balance Changes Announced - Battlegrounds Changes too!

    All the nerfs make sense but not sludge slurper. That one is dumb. Now it’s a 1/1 that gives a lackey and overload. That’s.. kind of bad. 

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    posted a message on Descent of Dragons Balance Changes Coming - Including Shaman Changes
    Quote from tripzplash >>
    Quote from GibreelFury >>

    Quest nerfed. Hero power becomes: next battlecry this turn triggers twice. End of the shaman problem.

     not many play the quest

     Yeah the best version doesn't even use quest lmao

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    posted a message on New Neutral Common Card Revealed - Platebreaker

    I’m really sad they added this. Especially as a common. If anything that effect should have been legendary. 

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    posted a message on New Rogue Rare Card Revealed - Stowaway
    Quote from georevilo >>

    Hello The Darkness My Old Friend
    I've come to play you again.

     I think you should reread what this card does and what the Darkness does bud. 

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    posted a message on Tavern Brawls, Legendary Quests & More before the Tombs of Terror Launches on September 17!
    Quote from Kramnidorach >>

    Since I hated previous adventure I'll probably pass on this. (at least the final wing, with that 12 boss in a row thing, where 8 was already too long imho. too bad, that barman in the middle to change your deck was a  good idea though),

     Wow really? I loved the last. I played it more than anything else in HS. I almost beat every wing with every class. It was good times. I agree the 12 boss one was a bit too brutal though. 

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    posted a message on Saviors of Uldum - Final 48 Cards Revealed!
    Quote from thazud >>
    Quote from user-100186347 >>

    Hopefully the year of the Dragon will end with Cataclysm or something and be filled to the brim with dragons like Blackrock Mountain.

     Yes! Thank God we have all the ravens, mammoths and Krakens to play with. 

    Oh wait... 

     To be fair Warcraft isn’t filled with ravens mammoths and krakens. But it is with dragons. 

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    posted a message on Sn1p-Sn4p need to be fixed ....
    Quote from Dr4i20 >>
    Quote from DiamondDM13 >>

    Can you explain to me how he OTK'ed you by playing the Mech on turn 3, you didn't remove it, and he proceeded to kill you on the second turn?

    You had a turn to remove the Mech, if the Mech wasn't on the board, he couldn't attack that turn from hand and deal 30+ Damage.

    It is not an OTK when you can simply remove the Mech he has on the board to stop him from killing you, OTK's cannot be stopped by removing the minions the opponent has on board, that is why they are OTK's, they kill you from the hand, without the need for specific conditions on the board.

     Dude, u talk like a pro but think like a noob...how this work for you? U're even rank 5 at least?

     And you talk like someone who hasn’t mastered second grade English. No one calls anyone noob anymore either. This isn’t Counter Strike circa 2005. 

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    posted a message on Sn1p-Sn4p need to be fixed ....
    Quote from Murl0c_Slayer >>
    Quote from SilentBlackStorm >>

    No one cares about wild

       Well, I care about Wild more than standard and there are many players do. 

     If by many you mean very few. Wild is wild. Fuck nerfing snipsnap just for wild. You guys play that cancer so it is what it is. 

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    posted a message on New Card Revealed - BEEEES!!!
    Quote from user-24725583 >>
    Quote from Inquixty >>

    Possible worth combos:   

    Half-Time Scavenger : Gain 12 armor, leaves 3/1 body.

    Ironhide Direhorn : Summon 4 5/5 runts. Leaves 7/3 body.

    Linecracker : Makes him 80/6.

    Oondasta : Summon 4 beasts from your hand.

    Gurubashi Berserker : Makes him 12/3.

    +Any lifesteal minions like Zilliax for heal.


     Rank 50 comment

    Hope you dont post again before searching

     Why be such a douchebag dude? Seriously you take this game too seriously if that’s your reply. Now why don’t you just stop posting yourself? 

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    posted a message on Dr. Boom, Mad Genius hero power nerf

    How about no? It’s a hero card that isn’t gonna be around forever. It’s a random power too. It’s fine. 

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    posted a message on A New and Exciting Beginning
    Quote from m2tth >>

    Cool !

    Hope no RegisKillbin anymore.

     Why? What’s wrong with him?

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    Well I’m shocked. I can’t believe you’re closing down. I mean the site isn’t dead. There’s still so much life especially every new expansion! 


    I was here from day one when you guys got posted on MMO-Champion. You always were my go to when I wanted to try new decks out or see the latest news. I’ll miss ya. 

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    posted a message on 5 Great Decks for for the Post-Nerf Meta
    Quote from ZeeVon >>

    That warrior list is a pile of useless junk without any wincondition. Would have saved myself the time of looking through it if I'd first look at who posted it. Rank5 floor clown.

     Or maybe you just suck ass bud. 

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    posted a message on Dalaran Heist Hotfixes Released - Duplatransmogrifier, Elixir of Vigor
    Quote from dgneko >>

    I love the pVe content Blizzard releases for Hearthstone but the AI is so insanely bad, it sometimes really ruins the fun..

    missing an obvious lethal on board. Suiciding... 

    i guess we all have experienced stuff like that.. it’s a shame they haven’t worked on AI performance at all. 

     They have though. This AI is improved vastly. 

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    posted a message on The Dalaran Heist - Adventure Launches May 16
    Quote from Skychee >>

    So there won't be any rewards aside from maybe card backs, right? 

     Honestly this is kinda lame. If they wanted to give us this type of solo content again they should have done like they did with Naxx, BRM, and Kara before and let us get a mini set of new cards. That would be perfect for mixing things up during the boring downtime between new set launches. But whatever at least we get packs. 

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