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    Quote from Poetro >>

    Whis is this not a Demon? The picture shows a demon.

     That’s a demon hunter. They’re not demons. They use their powers and such but are still humanoid. 

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    This artwork is the best.

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    What on earth? I have never seen an Ashtongue or Broken that ever looked like this. Weird

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    posted a message on New Neutral Common Card Revealed - Supreme Abyssal
    Quote from ridgewater >>

    The art has really went downhill in recent expansions.

     I couldn’t disagree more. This feels like original Hearthstone cards to me. More like WoW and less like a child’s cartoon. I dig it. 

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    posted a message on Year of the Phoenix: The Death of Aggro, Year of Value
    Quote from GibreelFury >>

    We just had a DRAGON-themed expansion (!!!) that ultimately led to an 80% aggro-oriented meta. Are you really that naive? As always, they'll reveal first all the big juicy (and eventually useless) control tools to lure preorders by control players (which are the ones that actually spend big money on the game) and then dump 4-5 cheap, broken supports for aggro archetypes (like some absurd 1cost murloc, or demon for zoolock or board buffer for druid) at the very end of reveal phase. They always did. And always will.

     It is sad that the fucking dragon expansion didn’t give us tons of control dragon decks. 

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    posted a message on New Hunter Rare Card Revealed - Mok'nathal Lion
    Quote from b1ak1ce >>

    What's with the realistic art?

    This isn't magic the gathering

     You know we’ve had multiple cards with this realistic art since day one right? Don’t be hating. 

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    posted a message on New Hunter Common Card Revealed - Imprisoned Felmaw
    Quote from Arucard >>

    Worst part is that the art depicts a green core hound which are actually a beasts in WoW.

     That’s a negative my friend. These are Felmaws (didn’t know the name until now). They’ve been in WoW and are always classified demons. 

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    posted a message on New Mage Legendary Card Revealed - Evocation
    Quote from Baldarich >>

    I hope you all will still have fun in this clown fiesta fuck up of a game. All these released cards are either complete and utter cancer aggro or random bullshit. 

     Hahaha you guys crack me up. You take your video games too seriously dude. Seriously step away from them for awhile. It will do you some good. 

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    posted a message on All Card Changes! - Hall of Fame and Priest - Coming March 26th!
    Quote from Motions >>

    Acolyte and Cleric are gone and shadow word shield lost it's draw. Which means they killed all priest draw mechanics basically. They just disarmed many priest deck options. Another hit in the face of priest IMO.

     I mean it makes sense. It is stupid as hell for these cards to be used every single year since beta. Acolyte has been a staple in decks like control warrior since literally beta Hearthstone. Cleric for priest is the same. The card was too damn good. I do agree though it hurts to have priest lose BOTH shield and cleric at the same time but it is needed. 

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    posted a message on New Druid Card - Rising Winds
    Quote from laadeedaa >>

    Card would be nuts in the old Quest Druid, but currently Quest Druid sucks hard. 


    I will certainly be looking into some Quest Druid with hand size synergy, because even if you don't get the Eagle, this is a nice way to possibly get out some Mountain Giants!

     What? Quest druid has been doing great in the high legend ranks lately. Thijs and co brought it back.

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card - Eye of the Storm

    Way too expensive. The overload doesn't even matter. Even without it, it would not see play.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Sky Gen'ral Kragg

    Makes me sad they nerfed Ancharrr cause this would have been fun to use in pirate warrior. Honestly, I think Pirate Warriors nerf should have been to sending Arcanite Reaper to the hall of fame instead. That IMO would have fixed the issue. Because obviously the pirate spam along with a 5 attack weapon that often ends up buffed to 8 and then goes face is too much face damage. With that type of nerf, it would have slowed pirates damage down without killing the fun new legendary. 

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    posted a message on New Priest Card - Aeon Reaver
    Quote from nyseK >>

    Best case scenario as a 6 mana 4/4 destroy a minion is actually insane. Vilespine slayer saw play in nearly every rogue deck until it rotated and this is comparable to that, this could be the cornerstone to a not resurrect priest deck

     Vilespine had better stats for its mana cost and curved much better. And vile would guarantee kill everything. This doesn’t do that as we are in a meta where many minions you want to kill have more health than attack. Priest also doesn’t lack any cards that destroy minions either. So something like this isn’t going to cut it. If it was five mana I think it might have been good enough, but not at six. Even as dragon tag it lacks. In fact this thing is a nerf to the other dragon generators.

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    posted a message on Balance Changes Coming - More Details Next Week

    I don’t get it. If you nerf the Galakrond decks that entire thing goes away. Are they really too powerful? Seems to me DR rogue and and res priest do amazing. The only Galakronds that still feel amazing are Warrior and Shaman. Rogue and Lock don’t feel overpowered and priest sure as hell isnt. 

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    posted a message on Aggro killed the dragons
    Quote from NLbouncyknight >>

    there are dragon decks viable

    Higlander rogue plays dragons
    Higlander Mage plays dragons
    Handlock plays dragons
    dragon priest Plays dragons
    Quest druid plays dragons

     You should look at HSReplays and I would argue what you consider viable and what actually is, doesn't line up. I think the OP would have liked at least you know maybe 40% of the top decks to use dragons since it's an expansion all about them. It's kind of like having the Lich King expansion and none of the Lich Kings being viable. That would have been absurd.

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