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    posted a message on New In-game Shop Released, Tyrande & Sylvanas Tomorrow!

    Yeah please, I wanna buy adventures with gold!!!

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    posted a message on The Haunted Carousel is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    same here, why???

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    posted a message on [Rise of Shadows] What to buy with this budget?

    I think you have enough cash and some golds so 80 packs for the win.  A golden Legendary is very rare to pick up, 3200 dust, equal to 2 normal legendary, so equal to.... 40 packs extra.  Go for it man.

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    posted a message on Twinspell.. Excited or worried?

     Agree that the mechanic is not so new since it is like a mini Echo.

    Guess what is the next new machanic for the next next expansion: TwinMinion!

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    posted a message on Rise of Shadows' pre-order bundles are so tempting

    I'm F2P, I haven't bought any pre-order bundles before, mostly because I can afford to buy packs with gold, only around 80 packs per expansion, which many say is enough from my previous poll.

    But this time, it comes with a Legendary!  That is a huge leg up in my opinion, it is equal to about 20 packs extra on its own, so about $20 there.  Meaning buying 50 packs but you get the value of 70 packs.   

    Before, I wouldn't call buying packs P2W, but in this case, it feels like it, because you get 1 extra legendary for the same amount of packs a F2P player purchase with golds.  And that one extra legendary may give you the edge to rise up the ... shadows faster :P.

    I'm not upset at all, I'm glad for this move for people who pay with cash, more "free" stuffs (compare to past bundles) for players are always welcome.  

    I think this is one of the best marketing move from Blizzard to temp F2P into purchasing bundles with cash even when they have enough golds.



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    posted a message on Free packa from pick a champion

    I received 3 packs, I picked Bloodyface.

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    posted a message on Who play coin into Armor turn 1 ??
    Quote from KingSevault >>

    Maybe he had a bunch of shield slams and he wanted to be prepared? I honestly can never see that as the right path

     May be Reckless Fury turn 3 to clear my .... 1 and 2 cost minions .... if I even have one.  

    Quote from linkblade91 >>

    Someone who has the "Use your Hero Power 20 times" gold-quest?

     That would be the ultimate lets use Arena cash to earn Quest cash :D.  Actually you could be right and that's why he BMing the whole game may be to signal me that "hey hey, I have a quest to finish, so lets just keep me Armouring up" 

    Quote from Fierytear >>

    Maybe he misread a card and tried to coin it, then with 2 mana might aswell. 

     Yeah most likely, and then he is so pissed with himself that he kept BMing the whole game.  

    Quote from DarkJak >>

    Playing around Lorewalker Cho

     he must have some very bad exp with Mr. Cho

    Quote from ominouswing >>

    I dont know, I only coin hero power when I play priest ...

     Turn 1 too? Man, where would the 2 health end up with? the Red Cross :D ?

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    posted a message on 3500 gold to get 15 packs+1 Golden Pack ???

    Dude, and it is worth it that they work their ass to give you to play for free? Give them some credit man, give them some money so they can pay the developer to make games for you.

    If you not going to pay then grind for gold, it is still free for you.

    No greed, period!

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    posted a message on Is there a "Dad Infinite"?
    Quote from Sherman1986 >>

    "Dad Legend"? "Dad Infinite"? LOL, such silly terms... XD Just play the game if you like it, dude, instead of worrying about absurd titles. :P

     Ha ha, no worry man, just thinking it's kinda fun to ask.   

    Quote from Sinti >>

    I agree that these terms r silly, but if i was to give my definition of "dad infinite arena player", its "have enough gold to play arena whenever you like", true infinite is "have enough gold to play arena 24/7". Meaning that you dont have to have the actual 7+ avg overall cause you wont be playing arena all the time, but can sub the lower average with gold from quests and 3-win-gold.

     Fair enough.  It's like 3 wins average :D

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