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    May I ask why this comment is downvoted so massively? Is it because of people thinking that the statement is untrue, or because people don't like Rush Warrior getting another formidable addition...?

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    I was also confused for a moment; it is currently listed on the 'Hottest Decks for FitB Community under the Wild list for Hunter.
    I wanted to ask why you wouldn't run Emperor Thaurissan in a Lock and Load list, but the fact that it is actually a Standard list explained a lot. Will be trying it out tomorrow, but I gotta say it seems very nice and interesting at first glance! Congrats on getting it to the main page! ^^/

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    I would love for some more classic Beast synergies in Hunter. I must say, I love the direction they've taken on pushing both Highlander and Dragon Hunter, and as of currently, they are both top-Tier decks that are working out very fine (only downside to this being that a lot of other people start playing them too and countering them of course, but that's inevitable with strong decks of course, so I'm not complaining at all). 
    And since many of the powercards of both these decks are remaining in Standard post-rotation, they're probably pretty hesitant on releasing other strong cards for Hunter. Maybe after nerfing some of the chore cards that make the above-mentioned decks so strong, and with that allowing for some other strong cards being released. 
    The cards don't even have to be (too) strong, but just Beast-themed. Something along the lines of Ram Wrangler (preferably with a little less RNG) or just the good ol' Houndmaster. I just wanna let some dogs out again. ;P
    Although since the Twitter post is teasing magic and elements, the chances are probably pretty slim for these wishes to be truth. Guess we'll have to wait and see. :)

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