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    Lolwut, how is the background of this post on the main page Dinotamer Brann? I was already scared as fk they'd already touch my big badboy because of crybabies wanking on Hunter being strong again -finally-

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    Quote from RAGEdarky >>

     Finally a card with both great design and art!

     !?!?!?!?!?? Have you actually seen any other card reveal of this particular set, sir? I could, right here and right now, hand you over a list of roughly 50 other Uldum cards that feature both very interesting, fresh and unique design, as well as GREAT art. Let alone the golden animations that are yet to be revealed.

    I'm sry but I rlly can't relate to this post, and am quite curious as to how others can... I mean, from the surface, it looks like you are exclusively happy about this reveal, to which I can quite easily relate, since the card does indeed look great. But the 'Finally' is what kinda triggers me over there. I'm actually very curious whether it was meant as a joke or you were being serious over there?

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    Okay so, this will probably become way too long a story to still be appropriate for this thread, but I just want to have said it: I would really, REALLY love to get the following Legendary, preferably even golden, but that will be a project for the forseeable future. The card I mean is: Dinotamer Brann. There are several arguments to be given for this choice, I have selected some of the best and listed them here:

    Firstly, I love Hunter. I just love the class. Always been my favorite, by far. Only class that ever came close was Priest during the Dragon era. Because Dragons. Well, you've guessed it. The reason I love the so-called 'SMOrc'-class so much is the fact that it resolves around my favorite mechanic in the game, as well as one of my greatest interests outside of it: Beasts. I've always loved animals and nature, and think all species are interesting as hell individually, as well as collectively. But for the sake of this website, I'll leave it with that.

    Secondly, I really, REALLY like the Highlander mechanic. It's literally one of my most favorite mechanics in the game, so you can understand the way I felt when good ol' Reno Jackson left Standard lands. And with me a lot of others, I presume. Although MSOG was a very controversial expansion to many -myself included, *cough* Jades, EVERYWHERE *cough*-, I found it particularly enjoying that Blizzard had decided to continue on with some very strong and build-around Highlander cards. And yes, I've gotta admit, I did abuse the Razakus Minigun Priest. A lot. 

    Lastly, but not leastly (is that even a thing?), I've tried to combine the Hunter class with a Highlander list, with a shitload of different trials and outcomes, and I gotta be honest with y'all, they weren't all too positive. Although one could probably craft a decent Wild Reno Hunter list by now, I ain't playin' no Wild, so I can't relate. 

    But now, with Dinotamer Brann, together with the other Reborn (get it? ;P) members of the mighty League of Explorers, times are changing once more, and Highlander will -hopefully, at least- shine once again! I've been excited as F*CK for this expansion from the start on, because I just really love the arts (I mean, just look at Plague of Flames already and you know what I mean), flavours, and just most of the cards overall (except for that garbage of a new Reno... really R.I.P. Mage 2K19), now, with the introduction of a, IMO, very powerful and flavorful Highlander card exclusive to Hunter, it's time for some great big lot of Theorycrafting and grinding with some VERY exciting new decks and archetypes. I cannot wait to see what Blizzard's got left up their sleeves, whilst hoping very much for another (Neutral, possibly) Highlander support, and am REALLY sorry for such a ridiculously long and inappropriate post in this particular thread with 3K Comments already (!?), but I just really wanted to share a tiny spark of my hype with you guys. Hope you're as hyped as I am, and I'm really looking forward to all Theorycrafted decks from y'all! Cheers!! :)

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    Dinotamer Brann, because of several reasons. Firstly, I love Hunter, and will always love Hunter the most above all else (except for Priest when they had the Dragons). One of the bigget arguments to be made about this affection towards the so-called 'SMOrc'-class, is that I just fucking love animals and nature. So no, I don't play any Mechanical madmen in my Ranked queues as of today, I'm enjoying a decent WR with the beautiful Secret list. Because of Subject 9. And my 2 (self-crafted!!) golden Eaglehorn Bows. 

    Secondly, I love Highlander. I really, REALLY loved to play Reno back in the day, because of the sole fact that, even though you are limited to play only a single copy of each card in your deck, still the Highlander lists managed to differ quite a lot, and keep a lot of space for Theorycrafting, as well as mini-archetypes within the archetype. Also, Razakus-Priest was just awesome.

    Oh, also worth noting, I also tried, as in, tried very intensively, to make Reno Hunter work. I must say very honestly, it did not really work out as planned. Still, it can quite probably be a thing in Wild already, but the situation wills it that I ain't playin' no Wild lately.

    So, long story short, I just really LOVE the fact that Blizzard is trying to bring back Highlander, and, this time, in more classes, and different classes than the ones in the MSOG era. I was very freakin' hyped about the looks and feels of this expansion from the start, but the reveals of these Reborn League of Explorers cards really made me consider prepurching the expansion. Which would make it my first prepurchase. And that says a lot. 

    P.S.: Sry for the long post, was probably not at ALL what you guys intended with this thread, but I really am just hyped as F*CK and wanted to share some of it with you all. ^-^/ Cheers!

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    Recruit 7 Murlocs ...?

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    Just wanted to take a second to point out that I think it's a very nice parallel that they've introduced the new keyword Reborn, exactly when reintroducing the League of Explorers. Now it's as if they've been reborn to fight the uprising E.V.I.L. once again! My hype just really RISES with each day, too! ^^ (Get the reference? ;P) 

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    Quote from Anonlove >>

    These classes for the LoE don't make any sense at all, maybe making new heros would of made more sense flavor wise. Sir Finley being paladin and Reno being Mage make like zero sense. Starseeker being a druid is weak and bronzebeard being hunter is pretty much the only one that holds up.

     I would have made Elise the Mage, because of all those interesting stars she's seeking + summoning (?), then Sir Finley the Druid, since he's half animal-like, and lastly Reno the Paladin, since he's a loyal and honorable man, and HE'S GONNA BE RICH! 

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