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    Quote from Wyldcast >>

    I don't see this card seeing much play. It suffers a lot of the dormant problems of other cards in the past, with similar revival conditions, like the one card (don't remember it's name) that revives when you cast four spells in one turn. Now if it revived after five turns, minus one turn if a friendly minion died (example - five start, minion died revives four, two die revives in three turns) or revives after five minions die. It could see more play but might cost one mana more.

     I think you mean that plant. From Rogue. Sherazin or something like that...? Actually did see some play IIRC, I remember playing it at least. With those Flowerpetal 1 Mana deal 1 dmg things. Sortof Rapid Fire.

    But that had actually a lot of natural synergy built in the deck for it, it's just what Rogue does. Now with Hunter, he also summons a lòt of stuff, from Hyenas to just other cheap-ass 1-drops and cheap beasts. But I think the literal single fact that the Trampling Rhino is such a huge thing in Hunter rn, is what's gonna be a huge, huge hurdle for our boy The Rat King to overcome. 

    I hope he manages to do so, maybe with a small nerf for the former, or rather a bit of a different statline for this one, maybe 6 Mana 6/6, or 5 Mana 7/4 or something like that. Will be interesting to see what Blizz will reveal for other synergies apart from the 6 Mana Rat Infestation already, only time will tell.

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    Same, I was also wondering this! Maybe they will still add it, I really hope so.
    I'm always very interested in general predictions and expectations of the community about new cards.

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    Rofl same tho, I even thought of Annoy-o-Tron but that would've been even weirder (and harder) to pull of probably.

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    May I ask what the average game length is on this deck? ^-^"

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    Lolwut, how is the background of this post on the main page Dinotamer Brann? I was already scared as fk they'd already touch my big badboy because of crybabies wanking on Hunter being strong again -finally-

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    Quote from Always_Reno >>

    This is insane in Wild Secret Hunter, because of Cloaked Huntress.

     This is insane in Wild Secret Hunter, because of Cloaked Huntress Standard Secret Hunter, because of Secretkeeper, Sunreaver Spy, Masked Contender, Eaglehorn Bow, Subject 9, and many strong Standard Hunter Secrets. FTFY

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    Quote from RAGEdarky >>

     Finally a card with both great design and art!

     !?!?!?!?!?? Have you actually seen any other card reveal of this particular set, sir? I could, right here and right now, hand you over a list of roughly 50 other Uldum cards that feature both very interesting, fresh and unique design, as well as GREAT art. Let alone the golden animations that are yet to be revealed.

    I'm sry but I rlly can't relate to this post, and am quite curious as to how others can... I mean, from the surface, it looks like you are exclusively happy about this reveal, to which I can quite easily relate, since the card does indeed look great. But the 'Finally' is what kinda triggers me over there. I'm actually very curious whether it was meant as a joke or you were being serious over there?

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     Now the quesion remains: can you stack Reborn on a minion? Just like "Deathrattle: Resummon this minion.", it might be the case that we can double Reborn a strong creep and summon 2 when it faints, doesn't it?

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    Aww, if only it would be a Kindly Grandmummy, Kindly Grandmother would be satisfied with her lineage...

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    Quote from Eggy89 >>

    The effect looks very strong - but - need hunter this kind of cards? I dont know. 

     You mean as in, this kind of Beasts? Hell to the yes. Plus it combines SO well with the Wild Bloodstinger alone already! Can't wait to see what Blizz's got up their sleeves for Hunter, am actually very excited for this card in particular!

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    Quote from jinstronda >>

    you always run this is in a token deck
    druid has a LOT of token decks in standard so the limitation is not that bad

     Token decks are often VERY draw/curve dependant. I don't expect them to be able to survive when cutting ALL duplicates.

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    Quote from NewPlayer >>

    Murloc Mecharoo


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    Quote from Anonlove >>

    These classes for the LoE don't make any sense at all, maybe making new heros would of made more sense flavor wise. Sir Finley being paladin and Reno being Mage make like zero sense. Starseeker being a druid is weak and bronzebeard being hunter is pretty much the only one that holds up.

     I would have made Elise the Mage, because of all those interesting stars she's seeking + summoning (?), then Sir Finley the Druid, since he's half animal-like, and lastly Reno the Paladin, since he's a loyal and honorable man, and HE'S GONNA BE RICH! 

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    Wait wut? How is Headcrack being changed, but cards like Shadow Word: Pain and Shadow Word: Death can remain just as dark & demonic as they are...? Because they're shadow words...? They actually don't exist or...?

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