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    I like the fact that if you have 2 of these in your deck, one is never played. It's just there, in your hand, doing nothing except being used to make more copies with the other "dead man's hand". It's just a dead card that can give you infinite value only if you don't use it never.I love the design, can't think in another card like this. Maybe exodia, because you win just drawing the cards, and never using them? (¿?) 

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    we need general vezax: next yogg you play is immune until the end of turn :P 

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    Fal'dore Webspinner

    The idea is to slow down opponent game and keep his hand full for posible mills.

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    Dark Suppresser


    This card it's perfect for the new discard warlock deck.

    If the reveal matches, you counter the spell at the cost of your opponent knowing your next draw. Also, if the opponent plays next another card (with different cost) he can make you discard your revealed topdeck.

    If you fail the match, you have synnergies with fist of jaraxxus, the new 3 mana 3/3, and also the 1/3 demon gives you a card. This discard allows to get a new mana cost card after the lose also, changing your next possible reveal.

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    Hope you like this

    Millstorm Manahouse



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    Myst, the blind spellcaster


    Blind Spellcaster


    Do you like playing a lot of generated spells, but it's too slow and you die at turn 5 vs shamans? Don't worry, Myst is here to help.

     I also thought about making her a 4 mana 3/5, like Fandral, but seems a little bit powerful.

    Synnergises with: Cabalist's tome, Spellslinger, Babbling book, mind vision, thoughsteal, shifthing shade,nexus champion,nefarian, burgle, swashburglar, and much more (yogg saron's spells are generated, so they get +2 spell damage too).


    I see this legendary fun to play with combo/control decks using emperor or malygos, and maybe in tempoish decks with yogg.

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