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    posted a message on Renounce Darkness

    Just had to share this screenshot of what happens when you combine Renounce Darkness with 2x Ethereal Peddler. Mix in a Shadowstep because why not? I've been playing Kolento's deck, btw. I should have taken the screenshot on the next turn though, because his 18/18 C'Thun he had been building up was completely absorbed by all these minions. Poor guy couldn't do anything but concede.

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    posted a message on Purified Shadow Priest

    Thank you, deck looks pretty fun! Darkspeaker is a great idea, too. I can't wait for Purify to get some respect around here. :)

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    posted a message on Top100 Legend | Astral Barnes Druid

    Yes! Astral Communion decks are some of my favorite, even if they are a bit inconsistent. Barnes is my favorite card this week and this deck is perfect for him.

    I don't have Deathwing so I replaced him with Deathwing, Dragonlord. This seems like a better choice anyway: same exact stats and it actually has synergy with Barnes and the other 2 dragons! Maybe even scarier to your opponent as a 1/1 vs a 12/12 too.

    Have you thought about putting in a Naga Sea Witch or 2? I always ran 2 Witches in earlier Astral decks, and they almost always worked well. They give you an alternate way to play your heavy cards early, they act as a very unexpected virtual taunt (or your opponent might decide to leave it alive hoping you have low-mana cards), if you get one on turn 10+ you can play her and anything else you want, if Barnes pulls her on turn 4 and she (somehow) survives you can play anything on turn 5. Seems like a pretty good choice. Only problem is what to replace... any ideas? I'm thinking maybe Bite or Feral Rage.

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