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    posted a message on Lead Designer Alec Dawson Leaves Hearthstone Team

    Does some of you have switched from Standard/Wild to Battlegrounds thanks to UiS ? 

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    posted a message on 21.3 Patch Notes - Constructed & Battlegrounds Balance Changes, Warlock Quest Banned In Wild & More!

    Disappointing. They definitively don't know why people used to play hearthstone. I guess I will not play standard until the next mini set...

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    posted a message on Mercenaries Gameplay! Inside Look At The New Gamemode by Slysssa, Trump and Kripp

    Same as everyone I guess...

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    posted a message on I made a new Millhouse Manastorm!

    Too slow and confusing because it relies on an interaction with the opponent.

    - Hearthstone 2021 -

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    posted a message on Mercenaries Mode looks like Trouble

    The fact that you have to level up your team is the ultimate proof that this mode will be all about who can grind/pay the most (like a lot of Gatcha) in PvP... If I want to play one, there are a lot of better products already available. Moreover, this mode is clearly designed with the "how much money can we make out of our wonderful fans ?" rather than "How can we tweak HS experience to bring something new and fresh ?" mindset.

    I wouldn't mind if this mode was a separate game from Hearthstone, I don't want a mode unrelated to any of Hearthstone established content, excepted that it needs the same currency to unlock content.

    And... Let's be honest. Team 5 has proven lately that they don't really know how to properly balance their own game so adding a mode with "units" that can grow stats through different ways (level of unit, level of power, x2 damage on a specific type of unit)... It will just be a total mess.

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    posted a message on What tools would you like to see in the next set?

    Celestial Alignment is already quite strong honesty on its own, it just needs a slightly slower meta to be just absurdly busted. Moreover, I think it's a really frustrating card to play against, especially because Druid can cheat the 1 mana cost into a 0 cost with Lady Anaconda or other shenanigans.

    Appart from that, I don't really like your suggestions as it seems to support what I consider frustrating archetypes, but it's just my bias personal preferences. As a control/wacky decks lover, I would love to see some hero cards (maybe some early ones, with less impactful hero power), and also more support for each tribes (murloc, mech, pirates, ect...). I would like also a way to slow down questlines but I can't find anything that is smart and not just a vanilla tech card.


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    posted a message on Hearthstone not fun in this state

    I don't really enjoy it either. I feel design team did a great job creating new archetypes but the balance team totally screwed up everything. And since they are in charge of balancing, I don't expect any major changes in the coming patchnotes. 

    I have played since the launch of 1.0, so I've experienced a lot of different broken metas. But most of them were due to 1/2 problematic decks, and the meta was still way slower than UiS. Now every class have at least one busted deck. I guess for some people it's a good sign, but to me it's just frustrating to have no real space to experiment.

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    posted a message on Stop overreacting about the meta

    Lately, I have introduced the game to my GF. During her climb from 50 to 0 (on the beginner track), I realize how much I dig old school meta, where good trade and knowledge of card was what mattered the most. And how it is madness as soon as you reach real ranking.

    This meta is already just not really fun for me honestly. Warlock and Mage are boring as hell to play against, everything is just about who has the best curve. I feel like either I win because my opponent did not had the perfect draw... Or I loose because of the same reason. It's a shame, I wish the questline were different, and  their reward way less powerful.

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    posted a message on New Warrior Legendary Card Revealed - Lothar

    Nice one. This set is going to be nuuuuts.

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    posted a message on Is shaman main issue... 4-health minions ?

    Hello, longtime reader here, but it's my first time posting :) 

    I've been playing Shaman for a few days (I enjoy playing sub-optimal classes and trying to figure out how to be consistent with them)... And in almost all of my games, I struggled to make clean trades against most of the most-played 3 drops because.... they have 4 health points ! 

    I feel like the major issue with the class right now is the fact that most of Shaman early spells don't deal more than 3 damages (I'm not saying there is none though whereas 3/4 + effect minions are now the new standard for 3 mana.. Where is the list of 1-3 mana spells, and the damages they deal :

    - Lightning Bolt : 3 
    - Chain Lightening : 2 (mult)
    - Landslide : 1+1 (mult)
    - Deathmatch Pavilion : summon a 3/2 (+ a 3/2)
    - Rockbitter Weapon : 3
    - Lightning Storm : 3 (mult)
    - Molten Blast : 2
    - Stormstrike : 3 (+3 atk)

    + Tidal surge : 4
    + Torrent : 8 (but needs setup + it feels bad to use it on early minions)

    ~ Revolve : transform (but leave something + can wiff)
    ~ Devolving missiles : transform (but leave something + can wiff)

    (And I'm not even mentioning that some of them overloads you, and so creating an awkward next turn.)

    To the point I started to think about running early +1 spell damage minions and weapon (Rune Dagger) just to try to be ready when the 3rd turn is coming. 

    This lack of 4 damage removal is probably why they lower the mana cost of Tidal Surge, but I feel shaman would also benefit for having the infamous Wrath of Air Totem come back in the totem pool... 

    Do you feel the same ?

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