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    According to Vicious Syndicate live mages sit at ~ 27% compared to other classes being roughly around 10%. Even priest, which is second highest played class, sits at ~ 14%. I'm sure it's all fine.

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    Flamewaker mage definitely needs a big nerf. As a Wild player it's the most broken deck I've seen so far. It can OTK you through any board you have even by turn 4 and is way above the power level of an aggro deck fighting for the board, which makes it even more busted. Incanter's Flow and Sorcerer's Apprentice should have a limitation of not reducing cost below 1, Conjure Mana Biscuit should refresh only 1 mana, Refreshing Spring Water should refresh 1 mana per card drawn and Flamewaker should probably target minions only. Wild may sit at a high power level, but even so things that are oppressive or not fun to play against should be nerfed.

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    After patch went live have missing cards like Glaivebound Adept.

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    Thank you :)

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    That change was totally undeserved. Giggling Inventor is a defensive card good almost only in control decks. Against fast decks you need to protect yourself in the first few turns or they slaughter you, which is why at 5 mana it was just right. At 6 mana it would still have been playable, however, 7 is way out of line.

    In fast decks the card is good only, when facing other fast decks, because it solidifies your board state. If you are facing a control deck, however, it will not care if you have some annoying trash on the board, because it will have a plethora of board clears, usually, to deal with a wide board and covering your minions with Giggling Inventor does almost nothing.

    The main problem with this card is, when used in a deck like Quest Rogue. You cannot deal with Giggling Inventor, when buffed by the quest, but in that deck the main problem is and always will be the quest itself. If, for example, the quest did not buff summoned minions, but only played ones it would not have been as bad.

    If Blizzard wanted to they could have even banned the card from being used in a deck with the rogue quest in it, but instead they went and nerfed Giggling Inventor to oblivion, lowering the survivability of control decks by a huge margin. I am immensely disappointed.

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    I was thinking whether Mal'Ganis is better, however, adding him means you will have less chance to drop Voidlord against fast decks, which is your primary target. The buff is relevant only in the slower matchups and is pretty redundant in most cases.

    What I mean is, Voidwalkers are enough to block and trade with the enemy's board on their own against fast decks. In slow matchups getting them buffed will not do much. They will either get removed with a board clear or Mal'ganis will be removed, making them harmless again.

    Unless you create a situation against a slow deck, where there are multiple Mal'Ganis on the board, he does not do enough in those matchups. Against fast decks he is not what you are looking to pull off your deck.

    I find Baron Rivendare to be always useful. Against fast decks you can drop Mistress of Mixtures and Plated Beetle and double the health gain with a Baron Rivendare follow up. In slow matchups you can do more with your plays.

    Spiritsinger Umbra triggers after you play a minion, which means more mana, making it a late game option only. In contrast, Baron Rivendare not only has a similar effect in the late game, but offers help early on as well against the fast decks with Mistress of Mixtures and Plated Beetle.

    Having a before and after trigger on a similar effect, which has great synergy in this deck, appeals more to me compared to Mal'Ganis. That is my reasoning for choosing Baron Rivendare. It is a personal choice of mine in the end.

    The reason why I am deciding between the two legendaries is, because I do not see a possibility of removing any other card for Mal'Ganis. All of them are just too important to sacrifice a copy. Also, if the deck plays Spiritsinger Umbra there is no reason to not play Baron Rivendare, given their effects.

    With N'Zoth the Corruptor and Plated Beetle replacing the Mountain Giant style of play, the deck is more of a hybrid between Cube and Control Warlock so I feel like the extra effect of Baron Rivendare is more valuable overall.

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